November 14, 2013 by Ruth Carter Leave a Comment What Will Jason’s New Last Name Be? We’re given names a birth, but if you’re not happy with it, there’s no reason why you have to be stuck with it. The paperwork to legally change your name in Arizona is available online in the court’s Self-Service Center, and it’s super simple.
Once you complete the forms, you have to file them in a court in your county and pay the $319 filing fee.
Given what celebrities are allowed to name their kids, you have a lot of leeway when it comes to selecting your new name.
Adam West, formerly Adam Armstrong, found it was cheaper for him to legally change his name than fix it on a ticket with the Irish airline. In what sounds far too much like an absurdist farce, one student found that it was cheaper for him to legally change his name than get his name changed on a ticket with Irish airline Ryanair. Adam Armstrong, a 19-year-old from Manchester, was planning a vacation to Ibiza with his girlfriend.
When Armstrong went to get the name on his ticket changed, he was told that it would cost him a cool $336 (a‚¬299) a€“ twice the cost of his ticket a€“ to correct the error.
What to do when your family Pandit asks you to put that one more A or an S or any other alphabet between your name to change your ‘nakshatra and taaro-ki-dasha’? Or when you lately realise that you want to change your name to something else, maybe because that appears more appealing in the profession you are in? Or you get married, and by the virtue of being in a patriarchal family, you need to put your husband’s surname with your name? Or someone having a long tiring day at the work mistyped your name in your matriculation certificate? These are some of the common instances where you may need to have your name changed with a legal seal on it. That my recorded name in school and college is ______________(YOURNAME), but I myself popularly known as _________________(New name).

That by virtue of this affidavit, I changed my name from YOURNAME (old name) to CHOSENNAME (new name) and henceforth I shall be known as the CHOSENNAME (new name) for all purposes.
Certified that the above named deponent being identified by ______________( ADVOCATE NAME), do hereby solemnly affirm his knowledge and belief. The next step is to publish an advertisement in two newspapers- one in the official vernacular language and the other in English. This is done to publically declare the change in the name so that if a conflict arises later, you have an official declaration of your name change. Go to the department that looks after the Gazette publication, the Government Press, in most of the cases. The name changing notification will then be published in the Gazette and you’ll receive its copies in the mentioned address in the Deed Form.
The good news is that your copies of the affidavit, Newspaper publication and the Gazette notification are enough to get these documents changed. On the documentary Trekkies, they featured a Star Trek fan who legally changed his name to James Tiberius Kirk.
You have to provide your current contact information, your birthdate and birth place, whether you’ve been charged or convicted of a felony, what you want your new name to be, and why you want to change your name. There have been some pretty awesome and pretty ridiculous legal name changes allowed by the courts.
With that, the Social Security Office will issue you a new social security card with your new name on it. It does not constitute legal advice, and it does not create an attorney-client relationship with anyone. This document serves as a testimony of your decision and intention to change your name legally.
A proof of Indian citizenship would also be required to be attested along with the affidavit.
From the numerology point of view; I came to a conclusion that the business in my nickname as in the name of NICKNAME will helpful for my endeavours.

Thankfully, it is not mandatory to get your educational documents updated with the new name soyou can make do without them.
Never miss a post from India's most widely read blog on legal issues that affect the common person. Yes, you have to appear before a judge to change your name.  How long you have to wait for a hearing date depends on how busy the court is, so you may want to call the courthouses in your county and file your paperwork at the court that can get you the earliest date.
There are many reasons why you might want to change your name – you got divorced and want your maiden name back, you never liked your birth name, changing your name would give you a professional advantage, etc. You will also need two passport sized attested photographs with the notary and pasted separately on an A4 paper.
Funny enough, when they selected their alter egos, neither one gave themselves a middle name so I had to make them up for when I get frustrated with them. And last year, my friend Jason auctioned off his last name for $45,500 and legally changed his name from Jason Sadler to Jason Headsetsdotcom. If the court suspects you’re changing your name for fraudulent reasons, they may require you to submit a set of fingerprints for a  background check. Since you’re an adult, it’s unlikely that anyone would contest your name change even if they oppose it. You can use your new social security card and driver’s license to update all your other accounts – bank accounts, credit cards, utilities, loans, gym membership, your employee file at work, etc.
As far as I know, Evo and Kade and have no intention of legally changing their names to their alter ego, but how hard would it be if they did?

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