The point being made was that you should never tell anybody your passwords; not even your girlfriend. The issue of password security has implications for an organisation’s business continuity planning. This is certainly something that should be included in your organisation’s IT Security Policy, but the threat is something that should also be considered when developing your business continuity plan. Like lots of us, Mauricio Estrella's work computer was infuriatingly set to demand a new password every 30 days. Yet with the password prompt, all he had in front of him was a "huge waste of time." Then the associate creative directorA remembered a tip from an old boss.

Then,A Estrella says, he continued his project of behavior change by way of password change. Estrella's story,A which we first spotted on Jason Kottke's blog, in instructive for the way that it shows how overlooked details in our lives can help us shape the way we live. If, however, you have told your girlfriend one of your passwords, and you then cease to be friends, make sure you change your password before they get the opportunity to seek virtual revenge. One impact that needs to be considered as what happens if a key member of staff leaves with little or no notice.
My password reminded me that I shouldna€™t let myself be victim of my recent break up, and that Ia€™m strong enough to do something about it.

I personally have seen the chaos that ensues when somebody leaves unexpectedly and it turns out that only they know the password to access some business critical IT system. It's an addition to the pre-work ritual, the kind that rockstar chef Anthony Bourdain celebrates.

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