Go to music player, select the MP3 file that you want to set as ringtone and press a while on the file.
Before we start with the tutorial on how to change the ringtone on iOS 9, though, let us say that the reason why it is oh-so-complicated has a lot to do with Apple's business of selling ringtones on the App Store.
Momentarily, a second track with the same name, but the shorter, 30-second duration will appear. The ringtone is now loaded onto your phone, but you still need to actually select it to use it.
This entry was posted in Apple, Communication, Getting Things Done, How To, iPhone, Mac, Main, Tech, Tips on August 6, 2009 by Richard K Miller. I bought a silent ringtone app and the documentation was so bad I had to turn to you for a clear, simple explanation of how to install and use it. I boughta silent ringtone app and the documentation was so bad I had to turn to you for clear, concise instructions. You can judge a person by their phone, how their home screen look like, and how their ringtone sounds like. To change the ringtone on your Windows 10 mobile phone is very easy, you can choose an existing ringtone or replace it with your own favorite music.
If you managed to change the ringtone on your Windows 10 Mobile, share it to your friends, or if you still encounter difficulty, please let us know.
Via Windows Phone, The duration of your favorite mp3 song needs to be cut so that not too long, perhaps only the reff part you want to use as a ringtone. Popular postshow to change ringtone in windows 10 mobilefix connections to bluetooth audio devices and wireless displays in windows 10csengohang valtoztatasa windows 10 mobileview or delete browsing history in microsoft edgeget help with the xbox app on windows 10fix connections to bluetooth audio devices and wireless displays in windows 10 mobilewhy isnt cortana available on my windows 10 pccheck for updates in windows 10why isn’t cortana in my region or language?why isnt cortana available on my windows 10 pc?
I had some problems on making an MP3 file as my ringtone but I cannot do that without getting help from Google search results. If you want to pay twice for a song and a ringtone, then changing the ringtone is very easy.
Thanks for visiting!Have you ever wished your iPhone would ring only when certain people call?

Works great now, although I unfortunately paid 99 cents for the exact same application I could have downloaded here for free. When a game is moddable, when a computer program can be tailored according to your preferences, and when a gadget allows you to personalize it, those technological products become awesomely engaging.
Phone reflect the personality of the owner, therefore each of Windows Phone user want to change their ringtone to be unique or to simply show their great musical tastes. If you prefer to use a song you already own as a ringtone, though, Apple has decided to overcomplicate things. If you have a gadget and you can personalize it the way you want, you will mostly love it not only because it can be made uniquely yours with all unique modifications that you do to it, but also because you will find it everlastingly fresh and new. Here is how to change ringtone in Windows 10 Mobile, you can also change the ringtone in your phone with your own favorite music.
Besides the aim to change the ringtone is to make a difference with the sound of other phones, if you hear a ringtone from your favorite music, then you will immediately recognize that the phone that is ringing is yours. By using this application you can cut your mp3 file and set it as your ringtone directly without going to the phone settings. Just follow the steps and you'd be able to change the ringtone of an iPhone and use your favorite song as a ringtone.
It will never bore you because whenever you feel that it has become dull, you can renew its appearance by revamping it.Android gadget is always highly customized. This is the reason why it continuously appeals a huge number of fans and also why many mobile gadget manufacturers prefer android to be their products’ operating system. Samsung is the biggest mobile gadget vendor that uses Android as its primary operating system. Unveiled on February 24, 2014 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Galaxy S5 is the latest smartphone that Samsung releases to the market. This smartphone allows its users not only to enjoy the latest features of the widely acclaimed Samsung’s smartphone, including larger 1080p Super AMOLED panel, 4K video recording capability and ISOCELL image sensor, but also to discover many ways to customize it. If you have just purchased this smartphone, the following are several things that you can do to customize your new gadget.1.

You can always use the default font of the smartphone to improve readability; however, if you think that the displayed font is not catchy enough, you can change the font and use other generic fonts of the smartphone. Most fonts are purchasable for $1, but you can also buy a little bit catchier fonts that are also a little bit more expensive.2. Change static iconsFormerly, the static icons that were located on the bottom of the screen were default icons that cannot be changed (if you didn’t use a third-party launcher that supported default icon swapping). Change your favorite folders colorThe good thing about folder is that it makes your smartphone’s screen less overcrowded. By using folder, you can group several icons, preferably with similar theme, and put them in one specific folder.
Simply press and hold the blank are of the screen for one or two seconds and you can change the transition effect by modifying its home screen settings option.5. Close My MagazineMy Magazine is a lovable feature of Samsung smartphones since the Galaxy S3, especially if you can turn it off whenever you want. If you only want to deactivate it temporarily, you can access home screen settings by pressing and holding blank area on the screen or task-switching button to the left of the home button.
Set the screensaverYou can set your smartphone’s screensaver by activating Daydream, which you can access from the display option of the phone’s settings. After you turn on the Daydream option, you can set the screensaver to display photos that you have on Studio editor, Google Photos and camera galleries.7. Let your phone greet youNow that you have become familiar to all customizations that you can do to your phone.
Spend your time with your phone for a while and you can learn more about how to unleash the customization power of those features.

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