There comes a time in life when you have to let go of all the pointless drama and the people who create it.
The following law of attraction quotes from the hit movie, “The Secret”, focus on your thoughts and feelings. Hopefully you are beginning to see the wisdom and power in these famous law of attraction quotes. The law of attraction also states that you attract and manifest the things you think about. Those who might have watched a film called The Secret, or even read the book, will agree with me that everything that comes into our lives is attracted to us, through us, by the desirable quality of the images we hold in our minds.
We all deserve great things in life and all those can happen through our good intensive thoughts. Set out good intentions for the day; picture how beautiful, smooth and flowing your day will be.
All you need is to picture and see it in your mind, and then definitely you will have it in your life. The secret is to be patient, all the wealthy and successful men we see out there are mostly a product of positive thinking.
Jack Canfield one of the speakers on the secret is sharing his top 6 Daily Disciplines for Effortless Success.
Morning Intention, Visualization and Releasing: When you wake up in the morning, take a few minutes to focus your mind on your desires, goals and intentions. Use External Images to Keep you Focused on Your Desires and Goals: To keep yourself focused on what you want to manifest, surrounding yourself with visual images of the things and experiences you want to create in your life.
Think a Better Feeling Thought: Notice the times you have emotional responses throughout the day which are not aligned with your desired manifestations. Have an Attitude of Gratitude It is critical to take time each and every day to focus on what you are grateful for! Acknowledge That it’s Working When you start noticing things changing for the better, acknowledge that your manifestation is happening. VH Compounding VH Pharmacy specializes in compounding medication that work specifically for you, whether it's changing the dosage form, strengths or adding flavor or ingredients.

Patient Ordering ProgramWe are pleased to announce that we now have our own online patient ordering program! If you study these law of attraction quotes and start applying them to your life, you will begin to experience magic in your life like you never imagined!
It doesn’t even matter whether you are aware of it or not, or if you want it to or not – it never stops. The tricky part here is to not think in terms of not having them (as discussed above), but to act and feel as if you had everything you desire right now. So, if happy, joyful, grateful emotions dominate your life, positive things will come your way. The more things you can feel joyful, happy, and grateful about, the more you will attract positive, wonderful things.
No matter what is currently going on in your life today, there is always something for which you can be thankful. Write them down, memorize them, and review these law of attraction quotes several times a day. For instance, people who whine and surrender to the belief that they do not have a life or are stuck in an abusive relationship will probably end up right there. This simply means that when you think positive thoughts and focus on them intently, just like a magnet you will attract positive things in your life. What you think about most, over and over again, and that’s with the greatest amount of personal energy and attention, will indeed grow, manifest and come into your life. Focus on what you want; you can do this by just starting with a list of day to day things to do. Norman Vincent Peale, author of The Power of Positive Thinking said, “Formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself as succeeding. For your life to change for the better, you need to shift your focus and change the way you think. Keep your mind flooded with positive thoughts, and keep giving your desires energy derived from your positive thoughts.
This can be done either in the morning after your visualization or in the evening before bed.

This way it will be in black and white reminding you of how you want to find the silver lining in all.  Soon you will be only focusing on your new 2009 positive thinking focal points. This is why it is so important to learn how to control your thoughts and feelings so you attract positive things into your life. For instance, if you are like many people who often think or say, “I never seem to have enough money”, you will keep attracting “not enough money”.
One of the best ways to create positive feelings is to imagine already living the life of your dreams. Once you start focusing on gratitude, you will be amazed how much you will find that you can “thank about”. As you do this, begin shifting your thoughts and feelings to those which will allow you to attract the things you truly desire! But if you concentrate on where you want to go from there, you’ll start to move forward again and attract helpful events, in an ever-increasing measure, that will help you to gain momentum and improve your prospects.
You can therefore turn your specific and hopeful wishes for money or great relationships into strong magnetic intentions by focusing your thoughts on these desires and nothing else.
For instance, if you focus primarily on the feeling of happiness, you literally experience an expanse of happiness in the moment and you also attract future moments of happiness too.
You can start by imagining yourself enjoying all those you desire as if they are in your possession already. Really get into the feelings of having that life…the more you feel those positive feelings now, the more quickly you will attract that life. With this being done, you will gradually attract the pictures you hold foremost in your mind. Little by little, you will become comfortable working with your thoughts; especially when you understand that most thoughts don’t have instant manifesting power.
When you meet someone who can help you achieve your goal, acknowledge that Law of Attraction is working.

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