Many people create YouTube accounts with a silly or fictional name to later realize that they would like to begin using YouTube with a more representative username. The video tutorial below will show you how to update your YouTube name and nickname but, remember, changing this information for YouTube will also change it for all of your other Google services. Google is also trying to make sure that users are accountable for the information that post or upload using their services so they have been known to ban accounts in which the user does not provide a valid name. Check out the video below for more detailed instructions on how to update or change your YouTube username, name or nickname. Anson specializes in providing software and technology tutorials in both print and video format.
Anson has a degree in International Business and Information Systems from the University of Tampa and also enjoys enjoys traveling and gaming.

With Hallowe’en nearly upon us, many of us think of getting the kids dressed up and bringing them out Trick or Treating… or we just forget the kids and just do it ourselves! When it comes to video marketing, the question is often asked how do I get on the first page of Google with video ranking, or video rankings?
Creating eye catching thumbnails for your YouTube videos is one of the most underused methods of creating free traffic. YouTube does give you the option to select one of three thumbnails it gives you from your video.

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