Walking meditation transforms an everyday activity into one which creates peace and joy in our life. Many people like to make their walking meditation something that they do first thing in the morning. Once you are comfortable with the basic walking meditation move onto co-ordinating your breathing and movement. As with any type of meditation it is naturally that at some point your attention may begin to wander.
Lets end our back stretching exercise routine with one of the most classic yoga techniques: the sun salutation. Walking meditation works best when performed outside, preferably in a quieter environment such as in the park, forest or empty back streets. This may be slightly slower than your are normally used to, if you are usually a brisk walker. Perhaps you will begin thinking of the tasks that you need to complete that day or you will become distracted by something that you observe as you are walking. Without moving them and always facing forwards, try getting as close to the ground as possible with your hands.
In this version, you stretch your arms up to the ceiling, and while still sitting bring your body forwards.
He is one of the most outstanding teachers I have ever met, who introduced me to the fabulous world of meditation and a breathtaking discovery of my inner self. By becoming mindful when walking we learn to become more aware of our breathing and our body. Try to avoid walking up hills as the purpose of the walking meditation isn’t to physically exert yourself. Alternatively, you might like to practice your walking meditation during your lunch break to rebalance and distress during your work day.
When you are walking you want to keep your attention on the internal experience not on those things that are happening around you. You can carry out these exercises even while sitting at your chair; during this routine, you must never stand! He taught me the importance of making time to know my finer qualities,as this is an essential pre-requisite to awakening.What is really uplifting about his courses is that they are full of FUN! We also learn to focus our attention on the present moment, and not thoughts of the future or the past. Relax your pelvis as you would when mounting a horse and really feel the connection between your feet and the earth. Normally when we are walking we spend most of the time observing our surroundings or thinking thoughts about our plans or events that have occurred to us.
Keep moving forward, co-ordinating your inhaling breath with your left foot and your exhaling breath with your right foot.

Remember that the purpose of walking mediation is not the final destination but the journey. Make sure to play some music for relaxation in the background while doing it to fully enjoy it. Behram has an infectious laugh and with his hilarious jokes and stories, has his students rolling on the floor with laughter.
If these thoughts or observations come into your mind, note them and then let them drift away, bringing your attention back to your walking meditation. Notice the way that the foot feels as it makes contact with the ground and what it feels like when it pushes off the ground again. Your gaze should be on the ground just before your feet and you should remain relaxed throughout.
Like little children, we demand and listen to his bedtime stories with rapt attention, which illustrate the teachings for the day.Behram has a very positive and empowering outlook on life, which rubs off on his students, lighting the spark of commitment in their hearts to live more enriching and inspiring lives. He encourages all his students to view all life-situations as a blessing because only then can we see the extraordinary in the ordinary.
Petit High School for GirlsMumbai, India Behram came into my life in early 1995, as a spiritual guide and mentor. Although I was an Architecture student at the time I met Behram, I felt that life was pointing me elsewhere and, therefore, through the classes, I acquired enough clarity and courage to let go of this vocation, and follow my true calling, instead.This led me to explore various courses on mind-body enhancement, such as NLP, Kinesiology and Yoga, as a way of living more authentically. I am now a Yoga teacher and am able to express myself in ways that bring tremendous satisfaction and joy in my life, as I see my students benefit from what I offer.Looking back upon the time before these changes occurred in my life, I see how beautifully and gently, Behram led me out of the dark prison of a suffocating lifestyle, into the brilliance of living life to the fullest, in dedicated service to others.
However, life had other plans for me as I ended up at the Nembutsu Centre, instead, situated in a lovely apple orchard on the outskirts of town.
Until that fateful day when I met Behram, I thought I knew all about life and how it is to be lived.
As my practice unfolded, I found out that I was way off the track in my understanding of life and realized that things were totally contrary to what I had so far envisioned them to be.I also discovered that spirituality was no longer beyond my reach and that it lies within the simplest aspects of living.
I listened to one introductory talk and was instantly intrigued and before long deeply inspired. I found out later that the other students too experience the same relevance and intimacy with the way he presents the teachings.I stayed on at the Centre for three months because I knew there was much more to be discovered about myself and the world I lived in.
I would definitely have stayed on much longer, but the centre was closing for winter and I had to move on, to practice what I had joyfully learned in those magical three months at NC, which was situated in the midst of the beautiful and fascinating Himalayan ranges.It is clear to me that Behram understands the subtle intricacies of life as I observe his behavior through his speech and his actions, which is a rare thing indeed. And even more stirring than this, for me, is that Behram is able to express the teachings of the Buddha in such a profoundly simple manner, that I not only grasp the message intellectually, but also feel deeply motivated to apply what I learn in practical terms, in my everyday actions.I have had teachers and coaches at school and in sport, but I did not have one to guide me through the snakes and ladders of life. From the time we first met, I have attended several retreats under his loving and skilled guidance, the longest being for three months in the lap of the Himalayas, in North India.
So far, every experience I have had of Behram's teachings has been imbued with a beautiful simplicity and a profound depth.
Behram's remarkable clarity and presence brings a fresh and exhilarating perspective to the issues in my life - a perspective that is so pure and integrated, that its truth is self evident.

Just coming into contact with this has brought me an enormous sense of relief, hope and enthusiasm for life.The energy in his classes, while on retreats, is very inspiring and greater than in any other learning environment I have ever been in. The classes are enormous fun, and somehow within the lightness and laughter there is a gentle power, which nurtures me as a student to be intimately involved in the process of true learning, which is not just a matter of simply acquiring information. It is only through Behram's classes and the creative exercises he introduced me to, that I was able to view life from a whole-brain perspective. As such, I chose to listen to my heart and resigned from my career after many years of service, in order to pursue what gave me far more satisfaction.
Therefore, my present career ~ which I love immensely ~ is as a school teacher on the beautiful island of Samsoe, in Denmark.Dear Behram, I thank you and myself for the great effort we both made, to lift me out of my mediocre frequencies into inspirational ones.
And inevitably, the void inside me grew larger each day, because the end of craving is not achieved by feeding the illness.Meeting Behram in 2002 was the turning point in my life.
Thanks to Behram's retreats and interactive style of teaching, I was led ever so skilfully to discover some surprisingly extraordinary answers within myself. I have studied Buddhism at Kopan Monastery in Nepal, I have left my corporate employer of 19 years and I am now discovering what really makes my heart sing. Trust in yourself, open this door to a spectacular discovery of what is finest in you by attending Master B's classes. Having graduated from university with two degrees and established a successful career, I still felt that something was missing. I had no knowledge whatsoever of the Buddha's teachings and my many attempts to meditate up to that point had been frustrating. Coming to a retreat with a beginner's mind was the best thing I did, as I arrived fresh and with no expectations and WOW! He communicates complex ideas in simple and easy to understand terminology without any jargon. In this gifted manner in which he presents the teachings, there is not a single minute where his students feel bored or restless.
I am now much happier, I love what I do, and I feel empowered to be true to myself and others more and more every day.
I had not laughed or had that much fun in years and through this process,I gained a sense of peace, love and understanding that - even today - keeps me balanced and happy a lot more often than ever before. My relationships and my career fell into place, and today I feel fulfilled in a multitude of ways.So, my message to anyone considering going on a retreat?

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