From models to footballers, everyone seems to be raving about the life changing benefits of yoga. Yoga is not considered a particularly powerful tool when it comes to weight loss, but often this is because people are looking at it on a solely calorie-burn level.
September is National Yoga Month and though I do not attend yoga classes regularly anymore (thanks to my mad love affair with The Dailey Method), there are certain aspects, poses and virtues of yoga that I carry with me every day, and that I find particularly helpful with my kids. I can’t tell you how many times I have done oms with my kids before bed to calm them down or to settle down their breathing when they’ve become hysterical over something. I owe my knowledge of kids’ yoga all to Jodi of Next Generation Yoga, whom we lovingly call Jo-Jo.
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - MARCH 23: Sarah Harding seen leaving a gym in Primrose Hill on March 23, 2012 in London, England.
Yoga pants no longer are just “yoga” pants – they have gone public and made their debut out and about while shopping, at school, bars and well…just about anywhere else.
Well here’s the other side to that story: After discussing yoga pants with a few guys I was surprised to hear that they didn’t love them as much as I had thought.
Lastly ladies be aware: While you’re sitting in your yoga pants thinking to yourself how wonderfully comfortable and stretchy yoga pants are your waist is growing without you even knowing.
Superbrain Yoga, introduced by Master Choa Kok Sui, revolves around the idea of acupuncture in the ears, energizing the brain. Now use your left hand to lightly hold your right ear lobe, using thumb (facing front of the lobe) and index finger (behind the ear lobe). It is left your left hand’s turn; use its thumb and index finger to hold your right ear lobe.
Gone are the stereotypical hippy associations with this addictive physical and meditational practice. Strong muscles help protect the joints and body systems from conditions such as arthritis from developing.
Seen as we naturally tend to slump, this helps to engage muscles that we wouldn’t normally call upon and promotes improved posture. This can help prevent degenerative joint conditions such as arthritis because it squeezes and soaks cartilage areas which ordinarily will be neglected. Although it may not torch calories in the same way a high cardio activity like running does, it does serve to sculpt the body and develop tone.
From strengthened immunity to a healthier heart, stronger bones and more controlled weight management… We could go on and on.

Consistent yoga practice is shown to inhibit depression and increase serotonin levels – the happy chemicals in the body. Overall it is widely regarded as a wonderful tool in keeping the body and mind in optimal shape and health. Inverted positions are supposed to help with any number of ailments, especially panic attacks and anxiety. They are are perfect way to stretch after a workout, relieve stress and get out the kinks after a hard day.
Click here to learn more about her Whale Yoga for Kids and click here to read about my mortifying experience at a mommy and me yoga class when my kids were little. Most women love yoga pants because they are comfortable, look decent enough to be paired with sneakers and a cute shirt, and on top of it all are kinda sexy, no? Men told me that they were sick of seeing the same style of black yoga pants on women, and miss seeing us in cute outfits. They often expose too much of the female anatomy – and that’s just disturbing because you’ve got to look if she’s hot or not”, says Patrick – a 32 year old single serial dater. Yep, it’s true – they might be called active wear but if you’re not using them for exercise than all that’s active is your expanding waist and thighs.
If you even slightly care about fashion keep the yoga pants where they belong – the gym or in the privacy of our homes. Moreover, it helps in overcoming some main memory-related issues like emotional instability, lack of concentration and clumsiness etc. You don’t need any instructor to carry out the superbrain yoga as it is super simple that you can do it yourself.
Make sure that your thumb is facing the front side of the right ear lobe and the index finger is behind it. While carrying out this Superbrain Yoga, make sure to inhale oxygen through your nose on your way down exhale carbon dioxide through mouth while coming up. Do it every morning in order to get the desired results in the form of improved and sharp memory.
This is what gives its age defying and career elongating powers for those athletes with a typically short professional span, such as footballers or sprinters. This helps to alleviate back and shoulder pains, knots in the muscles and carries the additional bonus of making us appear taller and leaner!
Cartilage is a bit like a sponge – it is replenished with nutrients only when it is rinsed out to make room for fresh supplies to be delivered.

Through gently developing muscle mass, yoga helps to increase BMI which in turn speeds up the metabolism, as muscle burns more calories simply to function than fat does. The meditation and controlled breathing that play leading roles in yoga practice are credited as filling the body with drops of calm and the mind with drops of clarity. Sign up to a local class, invest in a few DVDs or surf through some free videos online – yoga is a perfect complementary practice to enhance your workout or increase your activity levels. Or did us ladies just get lazy, crawl out of bed, and put on the same pair of stretch pants instead of wearing something cute and different? Now tightly press your tongue into the roof of your mouth and spread your feet about your shoulders’ width. Therefore this simple activity helps in revitalizing and activating the left hemisphere along with the pituitary gland. Your left ear lobe is directly linked to your right brain (right hemisphere), therefore, it helps in boosting and setting off the right hemisphere and pineal gland. While pressing on your ear lobes, keep your back straight and squat down as fully as you can. In fact, international footballer Ryan Giggs credits his inspiring career longevity to his frequent yoga sessions keeping him supple at 40 and far less injury prone. If the cartilage is neglected and under-nourished it will wear thin and expose vulnerable bone underneath.
Also the meditative powers of yoga help to centre thoughts and equip you with a higher sense of self control. Annoyed because yoga pants don’t leave anything to the imagination – and do I really want to look at every man’s crotch before I meet their eyes? This coupled with the satisfaction that yoga bestows upon us helps to reign in cravings and banish the hankering to comfort eat, whilst intensive cardiovascular exercise actually stimulates the appetite.
Just the thought of taking public transportation during rush hour face to face with a sea of crotches and nowhere to turn would be horrific! We faced each other and just talked in that position for 5-10 minutes til she tooted a couple times and was cured (we also always laugh a lot in that position, so it helps take their mind off the pain). Like everybody else I like myself some visual variety, and good fashion sense on men is super sexy.

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