Definitely put a copy of this in your family cookbook as you build one with our cookbook software. Here’s the version you can use to check boxes right from your computer (using Acrobat). If you enjoy this shopping list template, you might also like our free recipe card template. You should be able to click on picture of the chart and it’ll bring up a new browser window with the chart in it.
The Memphis Grizzlies captured the last NBA playoff spot last night with a win over the Phoenix Suns, who were the surprise NBA team this season. With 47 wins, the Phoenix Suns are only the 5th NBA team not to make the playoffs with that many wins. Now that all the NBA playoff seeds determined, it’s time to print out your NBA Playoff brackets for your office pool. Many of the major sports websites, such as ESPN, CBS, and even the NBA hasn’t released or updated their playoff brackets yet, but Interbasket was able to find some websites offering up blank, empty and seeded brackets for the 2014 NBA Playoffs.
OKC Thunder: The Oklahoma City Thunder were expected to struggle when Russell Westbrook went down with an injury, but all that did was allow Kevin Durant to show just how unstoppable he is on the offensive end. Miami Heat: The favorites to come out of the NBA playoff bracket this year are the Miami Heat, who are looking for their third consecutive championship. San Antonio Spurs: Isn’t it every year we talk about the San Antonio Spurs finally losing their polish and have an expected fall from grace?

The 2017 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament schedule is set to get started on March 14th, 2017.
The 2016 NBA Playoff schedule is set to kick off shortly after the regular season concludes on April 16th, 2016.
The First Four is complete, and the March Madness Bracket is now updated with only 64 teams. Depending on the year, the odds of a perfect bracket pick by college basketball fans during March Madness borders on the unlikely. I put together a free, printable grocery shopping list that you can fill out online using Acrobat, or just print out and fill in by hand. If you like it, you might also enjoy my family cookbook software, Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software, published by my company, The Cookbook People. With the elimination Suns exciting backcourt of Goran Dragic, Gerald Green, and Eric Bledsoe from the Western Conference playoff contention, the 2014 NBA Playoffs are all set — no need to talk NBA tiebreakers. Far less popular and far fewer upsets than March Madness bracket-filling, the NBA still provides excitement as the top 16 teams battle in a series of 7 -game battles with the team with the better overall record getting the extra home game. Though it doesn’t have the 2014 playoff teams filled out, it does come in PDF form for it to be printed out.
Interbasket makes their predictions of which teams have the best chance of bringing home the 2014 NBA title.
With Westbrook back, Caron Butler in the mix, Steven Adams throwing his muscle around, Jeremy Lamb finding his niche off the bench, and Reggie Jackson continuing to show he could start for almost any other team, the OKC Thunder are bracket favorites.

Led by LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, the Heat have played to expectations, but have faltered as of late and fighting off injuries. Still, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and a crew of support players ignore the expectations and just keep balling. The Pacers came out of the gate like gangbusters and are still the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference.
My family and I sit down at the computer and make the list so that we get all of things we need in one trip, I am not big on going to the store. The aging Spurs somehow keep it going, and somehow find a way to win 62 games and locked up the #1 seed in the insanely-tough Western Conference. Still, between scoring droughts, inconsistent play from their stars and internal drama, the Pacers have been taken a couple notches down despite their high seeding in the playoff bracket. Also, Patrick Beverly is serviceable, but the Rockets need an upgrade on the point guard side. They also need to add a couple other players other than Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik coming off the bench.

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