Most of the time we used to create table relationship using SQL Query Analyzer by writing the SQL Scripts, but today I thought why not to use Management Studio, guess what it took me more then 30 min to find out how, sounds silly! What is an efficient design for having a field with multiple possible values out of a certain set? I have a button on a form application which is supposed to write an image to a SQL Server database which has been selected using OpenFileDialog.
I've spent a few hours researching this and am pretty stumped, probably due to my in-often use of RegEx expressions. Below is my function in which I execute one dynamic query but I got result of this query in one single column and all values are in comma separated.
What is the smallest number of people in a group, so that it is guaranteed that three of them will have their birthday in the same month? A named query is a virtual view on your data source that allows you to change the data you are mining in SQL Server without making changes to your original data. As a named calculation is a virtual column on a DSV table, a named query is nothing but a virtual view on your data source.
The Named Query editor provides a standard query builder user interface to assist in creating queries which is very useful for complicated joins. Note: Analysis Services issues several queries to the named query, so when using TABLESAMPLE, it is necessary to use the REPEATABLE clause to guarantee Analysis Services retrieves the same rows each time. Enter a comma after Customers.* in the query window, and paste the contents of the clipboard into the second row of the Column column. Your named query can now be explored from the context menu using Explore Data, like any other DSV table. When a named query is created, any relationships that the original table had are not carried over to the new table.

Named queries and named calculations rely on the processing power of your relational server. Click here to return to the complete list of book excerpts from Chapter 3, 'Using SQL Server 2005 data mining,' from the book Data Mining with SQL Server 2005. Capturing and capitalizing on vast amounts of data about customers and products can help a business adapt and even thrive.
Open source data engineering has become a way of life at e-commerce leader eBay, says the company's Debashis Saha.
Cloud vulnerabilities can quickly evolve into security threats; vigilance is a key in identifying weaknesses. Moving to Oracle Fusion Financials has been a mixed blessing for the Evangelical Christian Credit Union.
The latest version of Oracle Enterprise Manager is designed to make life easier for DBAs working in the cloud.
Again, this allows you to change the data you are mining without making any changes to your original data. Also, since there is no efficient method for querying the complement of a sample, this method is useful for reducing the data size, but not for splitting data into training and testing sets. This means that to use those relationships, you have to recreate them by dragging from the foreign key to the primary key for each table relationship. The DSV Designer allows you to create any number of diagrams allowing you to select a subset of DSV tables and arrange them as you see fit. The additional resources required to process the generated queries will have an impact on the initial processing time of your mining models.
If you reside outside of the United States, you consent to having your personal data transferred to and processed in the United States.
Even when modifications to the source are possible, creating Named Queries directly in your DSV is quick and easy and allows you to maintain these views alongside the models where they are used instead of polluting your databases with single-use objects.

When you complete the plethora of crossing relationships in your DSV, it will be very difficult to read and comprehend, as in Figure 3.7.
To create these diagrams, you click the New Diagram button, name the diagram, and drag tables from the list on the left to it. If this increase becomes too severe, and you will be frequently repeating these queries, you should consider materializing these views on the relational server.
Creating a Named Query Based on the Customers Table We want to create a named query based on the Customers table in the DSV that contains only homeowners. You can also add tables to the view by right-clicking a table already in the view and selecting Show Related Tables. Now I want to create the relationship between Person and Address table, where PersonId from Person table will be the FK in Address table and Phone table. Since this table contains a named calculation, we have to manually add the calculation into the query. After adding tables, you can clean up your arrangement by right-clicking in the design area and selecting Arrange Tables. Double-click the Bedrooms Named Calculation in the Customers table to open the Named Calculation dialog and copy the SQL text.
Now Select the Relationship by clicking anywhere in the table design or from the menu 4. Once the Foreign Key Relationship windows open, select Add button to add a new relationship and then select the ellipse button just next to the Tables and Column Specifications button in the right side of the pane. Click the Add Table button, select the Customers table, and close the Add Table dialog box.

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