A pretentious introduction will not set the tone for 2012, so to hell with that, Happy New Year and cheers to all. I'll kick off 2012 with another client update, talk some shit, and we'll see where it ends up.
It's Friday and I've already spent too much time on fiddling with this stuff, really just want to get it done and hit publish.
The reasons are mainly in terms of the limits I see in this field and how everything operates around it.
I could talk about some clients of notoriety and fame, but I can't or won't, whether it's for the sake of discretion, or because I don't think the time is right. 3a. Doesn't everyone tell you that their stuff is better, special, will add mounds of muscle and burn fat like crazy? I don't know what his body weight was for the contest, or how big and important that powerlifting meet really was, because that's not relevant to the point here.
My strength has increased in almost every exercise that you perscribed. Like all of your previous success stories, I tell everyone, that this plan was about as easy as it gets, once you adjust to it and is something that I will follow for life! KS was the best kind of client - well-worded and intelligent, 100% compliant and an astute observer that took note of his results and prior experiences. I know I'm still fat but I'm not done yet and actually I feel like I'm hitting another pretty good stride right now. Once the time line is set click on the "Set the start marker." This will set the starting point at the play line.
Next slide the play reel to the left or right of the play line and click the "Set Stop Marker" to set the ending point. Please note: Video export times may vary depending on computer performance and network speeds.
Same day service available in Riverside, Corona, Fontana, Ontario, Chino, Carlsbad, San Bernardino, San Marcos, Rancho Cucamonga, Pomona, Temecula, Anaheim, Irvine, Tustin, Santa Ana, Fullerton, and Orange. In their videos, they share their combined 15 years of knowledge in automotive sales and purchasing; including their personally learned wisdom from the collision repair and mechanical industry. Paul worked the commercial side of the auto business; buying and selling big trucks, dump trucks, fleets of vans and so on. Remembering her own first-time car buying experience at the age of 19 and how her ignorance around cars was clearly taken advantage of by a salesman at the Honolulu Honda dealership, Tanja gave it some serious thought. I got this 2003 Acura RSX at auction for cheap because it had surface scratches on the hood.
This 2003 Toyota Tacoma SR5 had been in a previous wreck in CA that someone was trying to claim on while we were in possession of it in AZ.
After finding a tiny vacuum leak that caused an unstable idle, I sold this 1988 Honda Accord LX to a little old granny that just loved it.
We bought this 2003 Porsche Boxster with 19,000m and full manufacturer warranty at auction from a rental car company.
After some minor work, I sold this 1995 Toyota Camry XLE to Marty's daughter, who was a first time driver. After replacing the motor mounts and wheel bearings, this 1994 Toyota Camry LE went to an excited teenager as a first car. It took 3 months to sell this 2003 Honda Accord with low miles at a high price for a client. This 2001 BMW 330ciC was Lea's dream car that I bought at the LA auction in pristine condition. This gorgeous golden 1993 Toyota Camry went to a retired couple after replacing both cv joints.
After replacing CV joints, some interior trim along with couple of door handles, we sold this 1993 Toyota Camry XLE to super cool relatives of Bob and Ziggy Marley. After I bought this 1992 Toyota Camry for $2000 at auction, I found out that it had no reverse.
This 1998 Toyota Camry LE was one of four cars I sold for this client and his large family. A we replaced the front axles and tie rod ends, a Happy Teenager bought this 1992 Toyota Camry as his first car, that I originally bought at auction.
This 1996 Honda Accord LX had custom alloys that were difficult to replace or even find the center caps for. This 1998 Ford Mustang was a smoking deal at auction and I passed the savings on down to the buyer. We bought this 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 at auction for a commercial client, sight unseen, until they handed us a check.
We changed the steering rack and front bushings on this 1996 Toyota Camry LE silver edition that I bought at auction. I sold this 1994 Lexus GS300 for a client, who ordered a 2006 IS250 from us that I found at the LA auction.
We couldn't sell this 2003 Mercedes SL500 due to bad reviews about engine design defects, so we returned it to the owner. We took this 2001 Honda Civic LX on trade and had it completely repainted, for it was badly faded. I bought this one owner 1998 Saturn SL2 in great condition from the auction for $1500 on a whim, and turned around and sold it for market value at $3500. It took a year and a half to sell this 1997 BMW 525i for a client, as the sensors with different fixable problems would keep popping up during test drives, scaring people away. A Commercial Client backed out of this 2003 Ford Ranger we had bought at auction, so we sold it to a nice Navaho couple from up north.
Bought this 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid AWD at auction, but it took to long to sell, so we lost $ on it.
This was a rare 1996 Toyota Camry LE 5spd with factory spoiler, moon roof & alloys that sold fast. This 2000 Saturn SL2 had only 62k, sold to guy in Utah who drove it back and forth between AZ 12 times last we heard.

I accidentally deleted half the post without saving, including a bunch of interesting and not-so-interesting stuff, so it can't really get worse than this anyway. So maybe sometime in the future means just that, like I wrote, but then people keep asking anyway. I like the practical get-it-done-stuff, process, what I do with clients, etc, nothing else. Anyway, that's not the most likely thing that'll happen, and I'll stick around for some time still. For exceptional results to become standard, you refine what works, polish and build upon what's successful - and nothing else.
What you get after all this tinkering, are baseline values, variables, and formulas with a very high likelihood to work in a specific context, the context being for this client, his or her goals, limitations, and stats.
Of course, it's a god damn cliche, and words don't really mean shit unless you have enough sense to evaluate them. Consistently striving for improvement, maintaining that drive and burning enthusiasm, that's the point. I think I'm just starting to hit my stride with reverse pyramid training and proper diet adherence.
She has a private practice in Greenwich, CT and specializes in complementary and alternative therapies. Tanja took on the more public side of the business, first specializing in buying and re-furbishing older Toyotas, Hondas and Nissans, some of which you can view on the lower half of this page. Why would anyone make such an important purchase from someone who only cares about squeezing as much money out of them as possible?
Over time, many of her clients and fellow BNI members suggested she make her used car inspecting and buying skills available to the general public. I would drive my cars in the ground, to avoid having to go through the rounds with a dealership. At the dealer auctions, we learned how to take in a car with our eyes and feel it with our fingers, so that within a matter of thirty seconds to a minute, we were able to assess if it was a good buy or not. After we replaced the tie rod ends and wheel bushings on this rare 1992 Toyota Camry DX 4cyl with manual transmission, a courier bought it to run around town in. We had to replace $$$ the entire engine after the dealer could not figure out what was causing the rough idle & loss of power.
After a new set of tires and 20,000 miles (from fun road trips), we broke even after selling it a year and a half later.
He asked us to sell for him with only 2k on it, but asked too high of a price and we had to return it unsold. It needed power window motors, door lock actuators and other odds and ends, but overall it was a very fun car to drive.
After repairing several problems, including the 4x4 engagement, we barely broke even, but found a great transmission mechanic because of it.
We ended up removing the center caps so all the tires would match, and gave them to the new owner, in case they ever wanted to pursue the hunt.
After a lot of clean up, interior work and some $$ on parts, we still made a really good profit!
It ended up selling to a happy young man who focused more on the care it was given by the previous owner. Replaced rear suspension and front tire rods on this beautiful 1994 Toyota Camry LE that sold to newly weds. But it seemed to accelerate as fast as our Porsche Boxster when, alas, we found the hyperspace button while driving it on a road trip to Portland!
It's not like I'm taking a vacation-vacation either, because there's still clients to be maintained, stuff written, etc. Actually, you know what, I'll just copy-paste some stuff from emails and call that testimonials.
It's math and statistics, with a slew of your good sense and intuition thrown in to make it tick. Finally, I heard from him again a few weeks ago - and he's still going strong, staying lean at 213-215 lbs. She is dedicated to the biomedical assessment and treatment of chronic illness—in particular Morgellons. Her interests eventually included the newer imports like BMW, LandRover, Mercedes, Acura, Infiniti and Lexus that were still under full manufacturer warranty. Tanja is outstanding at what she does and I hope she shares this with the general public one day. I have purchased 2 vehicles with Paul and Tanja’s videos and I highly recommend them. It drove as great as it looks and after some minor work and maintenance, it sold quickly for a good profit.
We took it to San Diego for Thanksgiving and then it sold quickly to teenager when we returned. After much cleaning and a tune up, we resold it to Lea's 18 yr old daughter as her first car. Well, after MUCH engine work, new tires and adding this winch, that we bought on Craigslist, it sold for $5000. Clear guidelines which lets you work in the foods that you want to eat and still get great results.
Nancy has helped many patients with Morgellons and has a keen sense of what individuals with this disease are going through. She recommends testing with Great Plains Laboratory and MetaMetrix Lab. She is dedicated to finding that perfectly matched car for her client and has the knowledge necessary to educate and assist her clients in making informed choices. Towards the end of that period, they also managed to create other tools like the Vehicle Crash Tester, their eBook and the Vehicle Inspection Checklist & Rating System, to help people choose the right car for themselves, even if they knew nothing about cars or really how they work.
I've eaten pizza, ice cream and cookies - something which I couldn't do when I tried to lose fat doing a paleo diet.

These labs provide patients access to sophisticated testing and treatment options can be customized to the individual. I've had to buy all new clothes to wear to work which was both cool, and a huge pain in the ass. Morgellons sufferers need to believe and realize that they have to ability to heal given the proper information and support. Nancy works with patients via phone or Skype as well as office visits in Connecticut.
She not only works diligently to find exactly what you want, but she saves EVERYONE time and money. Utilizing her service not only made me look good and feel great, but also extended my resources dramatically. As well as her interviews on blogtalk radio. Nancy Guberti is mentioned in Jenny McCarthy’s Mother Warriors book as a practitioner providing interventions for ASD individuals. She is affiliated with NTS – Navigating the Spectrum, 85Broads, Holistic Moms Organization, and Clayton College of Natural Science.'Flower' is organic and holistic too.
She takes probiotics and enzymes but spirulina does not agree with her.           Ayla's two centsWhen I started on my journey back to health, I did not understand the work of a nutritionist. Nutritionists are medical professionals who seek to understand the cause of disease and address those systems in need of support through diet, nutrition, herbs and neutraceuticals.
It's not just "Lose the sugar, lose the pizza."Nancy's work may be more specific then other nutritionists because she utilizes the testing done in Functional Medicine. She entered the field by necessity because her young son became ill with a serious liver disease. In an effort to save his life, she went back to school to study nutrition and eventually was led to the testing she has since introduced to the Morgellons community.
Not every nutritionist uses these tests, but for Nancy, who was digging as deeply as possible for answers, they became the most important tool in her kit, not only to help her child, but to help others.She continues to study and work with specialty labs and fashions her tests so that the client gets the most bang for their buck. For the Morgellons community she has always recommended the Organic Acids (OATS) test from Metametrix and Great Plains Lab as well as the DNA stool test from Metametrix. Specific to Lyme testing, there is a lab that offers guaranteed balanced billing—which many practitioners may not even offer as an option.
The ProcessIt's important to recognize the work that Nancy does behind-the-scene on behalf of her clients. Those with serious health issues often attach additional information and tests from other healthcare practitioners.
The intake is usually 90 minutes long as Nancy goes over the forms with the client, probing to gain a greater understanding of their health situation. The client has a copy of the test results in front of them and together they go over each piece of information. Again, more than an hour is spent on this process.Nancy then rolls up her sleeves and sits down to create a customized regimen that is a specific to the individual. Nancy has stressed that these algorithms know nothing about the person's current health issues or past medical history, so this is just a 'range' of supplement recommendations.
If the practitioner reading the tests does not understand, or cannot interpret the results enough to make recommendations that fit the unique needs of the client, then it can create issues that exacerbate current health problems.
So while Nancy takes note of the labs recommendations, she is looking at the whole picture both past and current and formulates a protocol that she feels would be the most effective approach to helping the client heal. The body is a very specialized 'machine,' as such, the protocol created is set up in stages to prepare and aclimate the body for the work ahead so that when new supplements are introduced, they have the greatest chance to be effectively absorbed.
When Nancy delivers the final package to her client, it contains the spreadsheet with back-up supporting health information. The protocol is broken down for the client in terms of what products to take throughout the day from awakening, breakfast, lunch, dinner and before bed. Nancy researches the products and their contents and gives a list of suppliers to purchase them from. She makes no commission from these suppliers.Last, Nancy provides email support to stay in touch with the client. She suggests checking in at least once a week to let her know what is going on and how they are doing. When I went looking for help, the only guidance I could find was to work with a Lyme specialist (even though I'm pretty sure I do not have Lyme). These specialists plus the other doctors of integrative medicine and infectious disease that I contacted, wanted between $600-900 just to walk into their door for a first visit. From all my research on the internet, I realized that seeing a physician was a shot in the dark, that I could easily blow my money and get no help from a first visit. For what Nancy is offering, one receives her expertise and comes away with something solid to approach their healing.As Nancy knows, I am extremely grateful to have her on my team. I do not know of anyone out there that puts this sort of effort into helping their clients.
Besides the work she does on her clients behalf, she has done numerous blogtalk radio interviews and recorded conference calls with Pamela Crane in an effort to help the Morgellons community help themselves.
I receive no monetary compensation for recommending her, I just feel that her effort on my behalf and her dedication to research and compassionate guidance to our group has been a real gift to all of us. The ProcessIt's important to recognize the work that Nancy does behind-the-scene on behalf of her clients. When I went looking for help, the only guidance I could find was to work with a Lyme specialist (even though I'm pretty sure I do not have Lyme).
Her son is now a young adult doing wonderfully.Copyright 2011 Morgellons Disease Awareness.

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