Most of us have been in situations where our fearlessness waned just as we were about to realize an important accomplishment.
If you’re in a place where you can do some deep-breathing exercises or stretching without attracting undue attention, do that, he says.
Sometimes, we choose to interpret situations in ways that undermine ourselves, says self-confidence expert Joe Rubino, CEO of The Center for Personal Reinvention in Boxford, Massachusetts. When you look at your value and how you’re working to serve a need, you see yourself and your work in a different way. In situations where your confidence wanes because of what someone has said, empathy can go a long way to helping you detach from the situation and regain your composure, Rubino says.
Sometimes, we psych ourselves out because we’re so focused on a particular outcome, which is often beyond our control.
What you can control is focusing on your track record and the evidence that you’re up for the job. No matter how many years you are in business, you will experience a crisis of confidence from time to time. As Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs, it’s important to remember that these minor setbacks are part of the game.
If you are experiencing a crisis of confidence, try taking these steps to get back on track. In the scheme of things, whatever happened will soon give way to the next business challenge. Khloé Kardashian has spoken candidly about how she worked to get her confidence back after being body shamed by the media. However, the Keeping up with the Kardashians star revealed she decided to try and focus on her own happiness rather than listening to others. Nowadays, she's become somewhat of a fitness guru to her legions of fans, sharing her workout and diet tips on her eponymous app and website. The victory photo has become a tradition for the Panthers (15-1) this season, although some opposing teams have taken exception to the celebration and called it excessive and disrespectful.

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is no stranger to celebrations — and offers no apologies.
When he pretended to rip open his shirt like Superman early in his career athletes around the country began mimicking his celebration.
Olsen, who took some slack on social media for not participating in some of the recent sideline celebration photos, was right in the mix after the Panthers wrapped up the NFC’s No. Rivera said he felt his team lost some of its swagger following the 20-13 loss to Atlanta in Week 16. That setback cost Carolina a shot to match the 1972 Miami Dolphins as the only unbeaten NFL teams.
When players reported to work the following day Rivera was concerned because everyone was so down. Linebacker Thomas Davis said it was vital not only that the Panthers capture home-field advantage, but also to build some momentum heading into the postseason. When you’re in those minutes before a presentation or up against an important deadline, what can you do to get your confidence back? Otherwise, sit up straight or stand, take a few deep breaths, and focus on letting go of the negative feelings. You literally want to do that to yourself, either in your own mind or verbally out loud, which can make it even more powerful," he says.
Whether it’s negative feedback on social media, a snide remark at a show, or honest (but brutal) critique from a prospective wholesale buyer, things will happen that will cause you to second guess your ability to confidently lead your business. They may cause temporary grief, but that grief is quickly followed by progress when you recognize it as an opportunity for you to improve and grow.
Where do you turn to restore the feeling that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to?
Donna Maria teaches Makers and Creative Entrepreneurs how to use technology and community to build a profitable, sustainable business. Khloé recently caused a stir in the world of healthy eating when she shared the lifestyle change she made that resulted in her losing 11 pounds.

But he said my midweek players had responded and battled back and rediscovered its personality. 27 in the divisional playoffs against one of three teams — Seattle, Washington or Green Bay. Then, without warning, all of your hard-won faith in yourself evaporates, and you’re facing a crisis of confidence at the worst possible moment. When you look at your value and how you’re working to serve a need, you see yourself and your work in a different way, he says.
Shift your focus to doing the best you can in the moment and stop dwelling on how it will turn out. If you internalized a remark that you should have ignored, resolve not to allow that to happen again. I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback in the comments below, or share on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
You have a track record of success—or, at least the training, knowledge, and commitment to tackle it. When you focus on those questions, you see the bigger picture that is less about you and your goals and more about furthering a greater cause, which can give you courage, he says.
He says using your own name, even though it might feel odd, makes the practice more effective. Suddenly you see the situation is more about that person’s beliefs and has little to do with you.

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