Before we announce the winners of the BLOXtober Costume Contest, let’s step back and look at just how it shook out. The top five, on the other hand, were selected from the most highly-voted submissions by a panel of ROBLOX judges. The top three entrants will also have their costumes integrated into the recently released Halloween 2013: The Witching Hour game in the near future! Free Pattern: Beginner Right Angle Weave Bracelet - This bead weaving pattern is the perfect project to practice right angle weave stitch. Regency Cuff pattern - That Bead Lady Regency Cuff is a heavy wide cuff with lots of glamour! Steam Punk Nails - How to DVD If you're ready to take NAILS to the next level and be the HOTTEST nail tech in your area then I am ready to teach you!  Get BOOKED weeks in advance and make what you're worth! Right Angle Weave to stitch this substantial bracelet with a combination of Swarovski Crystals and seed beads.
If you are an Instagram user, you are most probably familiar with the ‘Explore tab’ also called The Popular page.

To conclude on how to get on the popular page, you must take into consideration the means to get more likes on your photo. In total, we received 17,000 costume submissions over the course of a roughly three-day entry window. Once familiar with netting and some of the variations, patterns that fly by start to look much easier. Created in double rows of Right Angle Weave with large 6mm pearls and Firepolished beads, edged and embellished with seed beads and Swarovski crystals.
The Tatiana bracelet is made of three strips of cubic right angle weave (CRAW) joined with CRAW embellished columns which are both decorative as well as serve to hold the strips in place.
The probability is that if your account is some weeks old, it will not have the same chance compared to an older account even in a situation of a newer accounts having more likes than the older one.
They are great if you would like some opening engagement, but the responses you get from these hashtags tend to be a bit machine-like and at all times not genuine. It beats logic having over ten thousand followings and you only have less than one thousand followers.

The respective owners are still possessors of their property, namely the trademarks and copyrights. We then launched into the weekend voting period, where you all worked incredibly hard on the forums and social media – just look at the #BLOXtober tweet stream for evidence – to get your entry noticed. You find that many people have thousands of likes but only less than five hundred are active.
As mentioned earlier, the most vital thing you can do is frequently posting photos that people will sincerely love to look at it all the time. Remember your competitors are also aware of this too, thus you should be more creative to beat them all.
The Instagram popular page only looks at what is lately trending, so the sooner you gain likes or even comments on the photo, the higher the chances of getting there.

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