When we talk about meditation folks are quick to list all the reasons they simply don't have time. Those who are health conscious manage to wake a half hour earlier to be sure they get in their daily exercise, so what if Meditation was exercise for the soul? Setting aside 10-15 minutes before you begin you day will energize and refresh as much as the walk in the park you might take later for your physical body. You can begin with brief prayers and affirmations, perhaps requests for guidance throughout your day. Some people do find a mantra helpful, to keep their attention focused and the mind from wondering. Do you sometimes feel that meditation is just an old Asian torture method, designed for those who live in caves with wild tigers, snakes and have 30 hours in their day?
You however, live in a fast, modern world with cars, mortgage, family, work, pets and you can barely find time to relax.
Instead of forcing yourself to meditate, you can allow your hands to communicate with your mind directly.

Sit up straight and put your hands in front of your forehead with the base of your palms, pinkies and thumbs touching as if you are holding a precious bowl. You will either find it hard to think or you'll think about things that are calming and refreshing. If you feel that in order for you to move forward in life, you need to go within and learn more about yourself and the ancient techniques that can help you, I'm offering free 20-min consultations.
Admittedly we have outrageously busy schedules but just as we take time each day to brush our teeth, talk to friends on the phone and check our email, do we take the same time to meditate?
Meditation at the beginning of the day sets the stage for how the rest of your day will go. This is the time when suddenly you realize you are putting your briefcase together in you thoughts, or thinking of the shopping list, what's for dinner.
Sitting in fact as quietly as you can affords the opportunity to really listen for the still small voice within. It is asking you to calm the spinning thoughts in your mind and wants you to find the joy in just BEING you.

If "pretzel legs" as the pre-schoolers call them are not your thing, just find a comfortable place and position. If you do like mantras there are many that work nicely: Peace be still, ohm mani padri hom , (repeating the name of an Avatar) Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha.
It does not have to involve any complicated outfits, poses or paraphernalia, just you a quiet space and the God of your being.
In Buddhist tradition one would simply label this "thinking" and go back to the silence or mantra.

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