We are told that in order to be healthy we must eat a well-balanced nutritious diet and exercise daily. Enlightenment, or oneness, is nothing new; Moses, Buddha, Jesus, Krishna and Mohammad were all enlightened beings. Most people equate it to God, religion or have an image of a monk sitting on a mountain while meditating. Their teachings all contain the same message of love and balance and provide a path of truth where we are all part of the same whole.

The truth is that enlightenment has less to do with God and meditation and more to do with the oneness of all living things, loving our fellow man and connecting with universal consciousness. Once we truly realize and actualize our connection, we can become and create anything we choose. However, what we are never told is how to take care of our mind and soul and the subsequent power in doing so. Enlightenment is all about becoming aware of your true power as the creator of reality, both your own and the world itself.

The truth is that modern society doesn’t encourage or teach the average person to walk the path of enlightenment because if they did, it would not be very easy to control us and keep us in the dark.

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