Gentner: We are only thinking about the round of 16 match against Eintracht Braunschweig, and then the important Bundesliga match against Wolfsburg. Gentner: We have the opportunity, because of the mid-week cup match, to regain our confidence. Then tell us, what’s more difficult, staying in the Bundesliga or winning the DFB Cup?
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Taylor, a second grade student at the time, suffered from a brain aneurism which left her bald, and although she was well enough to return to school, she worried about being teased. Moved by what she heard, James, a minister from Jamaica, felt as though she needed to do something to help Taylor regain her self confidence and feel comfortable about going back to school.
Excited by her creation, James and her daughter visited Taylor in the hospital with the headpiece in hand and wrapped it around her head.
And before she had known it, James had paved the way to the start of Where There’s A Need – a nonprofit that seeks to provide support and encouragement to women and children with cancer and other diseases that result in hair loss and baldness.

The nonprofit creates scarves, hats, baseball caps and turbans with hair, giving women and girls suffering from medical conditions such as cancer, alopecia, discoid lupus, scalp eczema and female baldness the appearance of having hair. Since it was founded, Where There’s A Need has given away hundreds of headpieces and hundreds of wigs to children, women and seniors who would not normally be able to afford them on their own. Things are not going well presently, but you will see in coming days that I have improved' - Saeed Ajmal.
But the cup has showed previously that underdogs are more than capable of getting something from games.
The 30-year-old has appeared in 305 Bundesliga games in total, and last season avoided relegation with VfB Stuttgart right at the death.
Today (19:00 CET) he has the opportunity to book his place in the quarterfinals with Stuttgart. In 2007 against Nurnberg we had a lot of good chances, and in 2013 against Bayern we did too – even if it didn’t seem like that at the time. We look forward to the cup night, and want to use the chance to present ourselves well as a team.

If we perform well, and don’t make any silly mistakes, then we will progress to the next round. Cheryl James overheard that fateful conversation between her daughter and a classmate, Taylor. Cheryl James started Where There’s A Need – a nonprofit that helps children and women from diseases that result in hair loss. Second division side Eintracht Braunschweig stand in the way, and will be hoping for a win against the side which is currently 18th in the Bundesliga. Braunschweig know they have a chance, and will come to Stuttgart with confidence on the back of their win last weekend.

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