Welcome to BleepingComputer, a free community where people like yourself come together to discuss and learn how to use their computers. While you type a wrong password, the password hint will pop up below the password hint box.
But the preconsideration is that you have set up password hint for user account password, when you are creating Windows system account and password. When you forgot your local account password in the login page, sign-in options is provided for you to choose. Note that many Dell owners are having issues with Windows 8.1 upgrades, Usually over a minor detail, but nevertheless, it happens often. As well, your reluctance to help with just this issue is very sad for those of us who just want to fix our property, HOWEVER I have full sympathy with bleeps philosophy, that it might help someone do a wrong against a innocent person. I read about a guy who became a tow truck driver, he somehow could, from his truck make a key if you where locked out from a on board net linked key machine. Note that the only difference in the OEM version is the packaging, it won't be a boxed version. Too bad you missed out on the Emsisoft Anti Malware promo, which ended in late June, it's a yearly subscription, but the first year was less than $10. CAT I ripped so much dell junk out of there it is sad to think of the money wasted by them. But it is still  way over built, wish i could just get a password page-then to start page, but start page won't auto home page for reason beyond my mind.
Though I don't care for Windows 8 in the least, I have to admit, that is one of the better features of the OS.
I said i keep it up to date on GF's mechine, i will quick scan with it after a update then its in the red badge..
I am glad you brought butting bug firewall heads up tho, I have often thought or wondered what runing 2 programs together might do. When i go to adobe they say they can't down load (yes i did tell this before) my idea is to get adobe to see them pull this stuff, then let adobe show their dark side   and maybe go after them. CAT I will try to have these duckers name and phone number tomarrow night, i know a great truck stop in selinias texas to leave it at. One notable thing here, being a Windows 8 computer, you cannot install a newer Flash player for IE, it ships with your monthly updates. And while I'm here, am going to advice that you run the Free Emsisoft Emergency Kit, it's my "go to" app for disinfecting computers. Do Not use any of the other tools that's listed unless you have guidance, I haven't used the other options, just the Emsisoft Emergency Kit scan, the Deep Scan may take 2-3 hours to complete. I called and they said it was in the c-drive and with woman on phone we looked and it was not there.
If you familiar with the net user command, reset password through command prompt if very simply for you. Note: Normally your locked PC boots from Windows, so reboot it and set BIOS by pressing “F2” or “Delete” or “F10”. Should you still don’t know which technique is right for you, just make use of the Windows Password Key.

Windows 8 has been around for quite a while now and ever since its release, there’s been a lot of discussion regarding its new features, UI overhaul and what not.
Now the process isn’t as simple as a few mouse clicks but as long as you can follow the instructions carefully, you should have no trouble resetting your Windows password. Insert the blank disc or USB into the Windows 8 machine, go to Control Panel and click ‘Create a system repair disc’ in the top-left region. Next, inset the repair disk or USB drive into your own machine and boot from the computer from it, and select Troubleshoot.
You will see a list of your disk partitions, from which you can easily find your Windows installation partition.
These commands will prepare the tools necessary for resetting your password, and restart your computer. These commands will restore the files to the way they initially were, and restart your computer normally.
AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems. If you have ever created one, this may be the simplest and most effective method for Windows 8 password reset. Be sure to create a Full drive image & have the recovery media (the set of 3 to 5 DVD's that's supposed to be created when new).
Many are still using IE (may have to for work), so if you reinstall & sign in, all of your IE bookmarks are there for you. I don't have anything on there not backed up elsewhere, but do have a lot of basic things, that I can grab on access as needed.
When you get the message “The command completed successfully” it means you have reset or remove the password successfully. Boot your locked PC from the newly created disk to recover your forgotten password and restart your computer.
It’s quite simple to use, a computer newbie may use it to totally recover forgotten windows 8.1 password inside a couple of minutes.
As with any modern multi-user operating system, Windows 8 lets you create user profiles and specify passwords to protect user accounts. If you have any encrypted files in your user account, using this or any other method to reset the account’s password will mean losing those files permanently, unless you saved a copy of your encryption certificates when encrypting your files. First, you will need to create a System Repair Disk from a Windows 8 PC that you can access. Usually it is the C drive but if it is a different one, make sure to use that throughout the rest of the tutorial. Once booted to the login screen, click the Ease of Access button at the bottom left corner. When you type the password, the curser will not move and no characters will appear, which means you won’t see the password being typed. Boot into the Repair disk again using the same process and bring up the Command Prompt window as before.
After the computer reboots, you will notice that you can now open the original Ease of Access menu on the login screen.

I tried your method and everything worked fine until it got to the part where you click the Ease of Access menu. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. As a guest, you can browse and view the various discussions in the forums, but can not create a new topic or reply to an existing one unless you are logged in. The most important thing is that it couldn't like password, but has to be related to password.
Because I still remember passwords for email accounts that I log into once every 3-4 months just to keep them from being closed or locked down due to inactivity & have like 7 of these "dummy" accounts active.
If it's several hundred MB's (or a 4GB SDHC card nearly full of photos), no sweat, the first time, leave the computer on all night if needed, your router will do the work. You can download it to a folder on the computer, in Downloads or Documents & run it from there (this is a zipped app), a folder will be created for it upon opening.
It is usual to forget windows log on password after a long time do not use the password to log into the computer.
This feature let multiple users share the same PC while keeping each user’s settings intact.
Based on the commands that we used in the previous step, this will open a Command Prompt window instead of the Ease of Access menu. We will be using the exact name of your user account in the next commands, so note it carefully. Other benefits of registering an account are subscribing to topics and forums, creating a blog, and having no ads shown anywhere on the site. Like for when registering for a free piece of software, sometimes if it's going to be on more than one computer, another email address is needed.
If you are the only user with full administrator access on your computer and forget your password, you would be locked out of your computer. The repair disk can be created on the a blank CD or DVD, though you can even use a USB flash drive for the purpose as almost all modern PCs are capable of booting via USB drives. After you enter it, you will be asked to confirm it again; simply type the same password again. But in fact, most of the people did not create a password reset disk before they forgot the password. If that happens, your usual bet is starting over with a fresh Windows partition, or using some complex third-party tools to reset your password.
Don’t worry, there are still several methods to recover windows 8.1 password efficiently and safely. In what follows, we will guide you through the process of resetting your forgotten Windows password without using any third-party tools.

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