You don’t always need to partake in massive life altering experiences, around the world adventures or make drastic lifestyle changes to your routine to make a significant difference to your life.
What I like about the whole 30 day challenge project is that you can make a massive difference to your life without having to spend loads of money, relocate or wait until the time is right. If you enjoyed this article, please share it and support ThoughtBrick by liking my Facebook page.
Thank you for reading and I wish you all the best of luck with whatever challenge you choose to take on. I came across your list today while I was looking for some way to get out of the rut I’ve become stuck in. When you turn your heart and your life over to Christ, when you accept Christ as the savior, it changes.. When you turn your heart and your life over to Christ, when you accept Christ as the savior, it changes your heart. Sri Chinmoy Quote“If failure has the strength to turn your life into bitterness itself, then patience has the strength to turn your life into the sweetest joy. We are a group of enthusiasts and free-fall fans who enjoy a good book as well as a good laugh. Our site is the largest covers site on the internet and we have many Turn Your Life Around facebook profile covers for you to use on your facebook timeline profile..
Although I’ll never say no to an adventure, I’d like to think that long term change comes from your outlook on life. The majority of the 30 day challenge ideas I’ve listed here can be done anywhere — some of them for as little as five minutes a day.

Take time out each day to watch your thoughts play out like a film — observing without judgement.
Before you go to sleep, think about the best thing that happened to you that day for five minutes. Take a photograph of your food every day — it might force you to prepare nicer looking meals. Write loads of cool ideas for things to do in a hat and pull out a different thing each day. Text, write, message…people you care about and tell them why they’re important to you. Learn to draw the human face — record your progress in a sketchbook and be a mazed at the results.
Create a postcard sized piece of art each day and have a work of art to display at the end of the month.
If you live in a city, try to spend some time each day in nature whether it’s your garden, a park or the countryside. Write down something you love about your partner every day and give them the list after your month is up. Sell 30 things you don’t need, use or wear anymore and see how much money you make at the end of the month. Spend each day being as ‘present’ as possible and making the most of simple acts and routine tasks. If you’ve got any more ideas or you’d like to share your experiences, please post a comment below.

I like the fact that it covers absolutely everything and I’ve used it as a starting point to create my own series of 30 day challenges focusing on those things I need to work on personally.
We update our Turn Your Life Around covers on a daily basis so make sure to check backn for new FB covers!. A few of my blogging friends are doing various different challenges but none of them were really what I was looking for. It’s not often what we’ve got or where we are, but our attitude to what life throws our way. I’ve even started another blog purely to check my progress and give myself some sort of accountability, which is one of the areas I think I fallen down on before.
Although, a similar Hindu proverb was found in the book "Catholic Morality: Selected Sayings and Some Account of Various Religions" (1915), p. God is at once poor and rich, sick and healthy, young and old, for He exists inside each and every individual.
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