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I am figuratively looking for pure whiskey and everywhere I look I see the world littered with second hand expressions of diluted humans.I am looking for burning eyes. Mostly what I see around is pettiness, deceptions, fears, masks, and nothing original in the way most choose to use their time on Earth. And with that love you enter into warrior-ship, you enter into facing challenges, you enter into creating new expressions, you create new works of art and you begin to move into life responding to every thing life is bringing.It all comes from the originality of your essence, the purity of your soul and burning eyes with which you begin to start looking inside your own depth. You'll learn to tap into your deepest, most personal resources, to become all that you truly desire and deserve.
It's a path to seek burning intensity of originality in your work and in every expression of yours.

And when you begin to claim the abundant rewards your future has in store, you'll not only make a remarkable improvement in your life-but consequently, in our world.

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