Painting colored lines on your arm to support the depressed and suicidal is like trying to help abused children by painting fake bruises all over your face and telling them "Hey kid, see these?
Only tomorrow, when the fun rainbow bruise cause day is over, you get to go back to your life where you don't get beat for existing, and they get to swap over from rainbow bruises back to real bruises.
The first is through education, both on what depression comprises and how to handle someone who has it. By coating your arm in rainbow stripes, you've made a mockery of the fourth thing, by proving you've not done any of the first three. Your colorful public "getting it" doesn't stop the belt or the fist or the yelling for that kid, and it doesn't stop the worthlessness, despair and pain of depression. And if you need or want to do something publicly, you can spread the word on actual methods and steps to help those with depression.
Joe Peacock is an author, journalist, CrossFit enthusiast and world-class balloon animal maker.

I have recently bought a house which we will rent out but we will live in a granny flat which will be made by converting the garage. It means I totally get what it's like to be you."  And since they're RAINBOW bruises, you can help them in a fun and festive way!
It's through genuine concern for their safety -- not pity, not sympathy, but honest concern.
His latest book, Everyone Deserves To Know What I Think, is super excellent, go buy it for your loved ones for Christmas. If you are supporting this cause than do this on your right wrist the lines stand for millions of lives lost because of suicide.
It's through paying attention to the signs, of which there are some universal and some highly individual (which means you're going to have to pay attention to the person and understand them). Creating an environment where someone who feels no one is listening and no one cares can feel safe enough to admit they need help is paramount.

And good point to put in laundry to avoid the disaster of sharing. The pictures don't show it but there is a sliding door cupboard that i have along the left side wall as you enter the bedroom - how could i make a built in cupboard work? There is loft space - I had not even thought of using it, but that's a brilliant idea!
Will definitely look into using that space. Will rework things to do some of the suggestions.
You can let them know you're there for them, even if you can't do anything about the situations in life that have them down, you can be an ear when they need one.

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