Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Harvard happiness expert Daniel Gilbert identified this as one of the biggest sources of happiness in our lives.
According to the Mental Health Foundation (MHF), work related stress costs Britain 10.4 million working days a year.
When we feel pulled in all directions, it can feel like everybody gets a say in what you do apart from you.
Much like a car which is never serviced, unbalanced lives have a habit of leading to breakdown. As someone who has always struggled to maintain a sensible weight, I know from bitter experience that starting a diet is really hard. The holiday season is over, and now it’s time to focus our energy to start 2015 off with a bang. While technology continues to facilitate the activities in our daily lives, it also breeds unrealistic expectations of accessibility. For the people pleasers in life, it is often easier to sacrifice our own needs and wants to satisfy the demands of others – but continuing on this path has the potential to hurt your relationships, health and overall happiness. Perfectionists can often find it difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance in their efforts to perform well at everything. These days our lives are incredibly busy and we often fall into a routine of ‘work-eat-sleep’, with little time for things we love to do the most. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance can be stressful, and relieving the tension associated with stress is so important. What are some of the ways that you maintain a healthy work-life balance, or can you suggest other tips to help? This article was written by Tina Beatrice on behalf of the Australian Institute of Business.
AUSTRALIA'S FASTEST, MOST AFFORDABLE & FLEXIBLE MBAThe 12 Month MBA by Distance Learning delivered by the Australian Institute of Business is the next evolution in MBA degrees.
About AIBAIB is ‘The Practical Business School’, offering courses which are work-applied, accelerated, accessible, affordable and fully accredited. CIM certificates and DMI diplomas are both excellent ways of learning the fundamentals of marketing, with practical applications and case studies to help you apply your new-found knowledge. As many CIM and DMI courses are online, ita€™s a common misconception that theya€™re largely solo ventures, requiring little or no interaction with others.
Ita€™s likely that any marketing career youa€™ll have in the future will require some team work skills. Marketing is all about communication a€“ both communicating an idea to a target audience and communicating with your fellow team members.
Communication is a fundamental life-skill too a€“ and a marketing qualification will help you to gain confidence when presenting ideas to others.
There are plenty of excellent places to study marketing, and a CIM certificate or DMI diploma provides you with extensive understanding of the fundamentals of marketing.

If youa€™d like to find out more about learning with the London School of Marketing, you can explore our range of courses here. Relationships are worth more than you think (approximately an extra $131,232 a year.) Not feeling socially connected can make you stupider and kill you.
As employees, we have a responsibility to our organisation and can’t take time off whenever we want it.
And even if you work for yourself, with the Holy Grail of flexibility that can bring, then you still need to work hard to keep your customers happy and continue with business as usual. It’s easy to forget that you have a right – and it’s a necessity – to think about what YOU want. Gradually you start getting less and less effective and eventually things just go very wrong. Perhaps you are so busy that you just don’t make enough time to see or speak to important people in your life. Or if you were lucky enough to only score low in one area, find a second action for the same area that will push your score even higher.
Many of us utilize the start of a new year as a fresh beginning and time to create a healthier and happier version of ourselves. Today, employees are often required to respond to business matters well past the close of business via their smart phones, tablets and other devices, but it is important to resist the urge to check work notifications in order to maintain some level of work-life balance. Learning to reflect on what you truly want and using your power to sometimes say ‘no’ may be the key to developing a healthier work-life balance. As you develop in your career, if your family expands or if you are taking on more responsibilities, attaining perfection is often a near impossible feat. While some of us are privileged enough to exercise our passion though our work, many don’t.
AIB is a well-respected Australian business school with 30 years of history and alumni from over 70 countries.Our innovative approach is accelerated, flexible, affordable and work applied. Unlike many other types of qualification, they have almost universal appeal a€“ after all, therea€™s very few businesses that dona€™t require marketing expertise in some form or another.
However, these types of courses are also fairly rigorous to undertake, and successful completion requires you to be organised, dedicated and self-motivated.
Future employees like to see evidence that you can work independently and that youa€™re able to organise your workload effectively. When completing a CIM or DMI qualification, you wona€™t just be reading through literature and making endless lecture notes. As you know, marketing cannot exist in isolation, and youa€™ll often be called upon to work with other professionals, such as PR experts, copywriters, brand managers and graphic designers. DMI and CIM courses provide an excellent framework within which you can develop communication skills a€“ with clients, with fellow students, and with your tutor. It will also provide you with a chance to explore effective ways of a€?people managinga€™ and getting results through communication.
According to a recent MHF survey, the more hours a week you work, the more hours outside work you are likely to spend thinking or worrying about it.

If we lead others, we need to balance our own needs with the demands of every team member – tricky if everyone wants time off at the same moment. Many of us spend much of our lives trying to be superhuman, and to do everything brilliantly.
In this case, you can make one phone call to someone you haven’t spoken to this year, or make one visit to a parent or other relative that you wouldn’t otherwise see. Do you need to make that overdue appointment to see the doctor, dentist, chiropractor, massage therapist …? However, with workplace pressure rising and job security fears blurring the lines between work and life, it’s the perfect opportunity to consider new approaches to maintaining a healthier work-life balance to ensure 2015 is better than ever. Know your limits and when to switch off your phone or laptop to enjoy the life that is right in front of you. In reality, life isn’t perfect and it’s often our own expectations which causes us to become burnt out and unsuccessful. This is why booking time away from work to actualize those passions is crucial to recharging our energy, refreshing our perspective and reducing stress levels.
Exercise not only contributes to meditative frame of mind, but helps to release endorphins to lift your mood.
Youa€™ll be encouraged to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to tricky marketing problems. It means youa€™ll be able to come up with innovative solutions that will deliver far better results. Thanks to the possibilities offered by the internet, students can participate in online webinars, talk one-to-one with tutors, and share ideas with other students on an online forum. Being able to manage your finances effectively means youa€™ll be far less likely to run into debt, and more likely to spend your money wisely! Ita€™s also an excellent opportunity to learn some valuable life skills, which can be used not only in your career, but in your day-to-day life.
The longest living people on the planet all place a strong emphasis on social engagement, and good relationships are more important to a long life than even exercise. While everyone has a different perspective as to what creates a healthy work-life balance, always ensure that you are prioritising what really matters to you in the long run.
Embracing mistakes and allowing them to form part of your life will help bring a new perspective to achieving a realistic equilibrium between work and life.
Youa€™ll need to think about how to enhance customer experience and how to show a brand off to its best. Team work is also an essential skill in life too a€“ and plays a vital role in society as a whole. Share good news and enthusiatically respond when others share good news with you to improve your relationships.

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