If you don’t think you need mindset training, just look at your results, that is the true indicator of your level of mindset. The below video is from my Periscope channel, feel free to follow me here to get on them LIVE.
The biggest thing that I would suggest that you monitor is the amount of time that you spend down.
It’s a feeling I know all too well, from going through the mental marathon that is law school into the crashing legal job market and then embarking on a new path in the startup world.
It turns out that’s exactly the type of attitude that keeps you from climbing the mountain. Whenever I beat myself up at the end of a fruitless day, thinking “well maybe this just means I suck,” I know I’ve fallen into the unproductive “fixed mindset”, the view that ability is fixed or limited in quantity.
This kind of thinking creates a world in which you have that special something or you’re don’t. Believing in that myth makes it much more difficult to develop and improve your abilities, because it feeds all sorts of unhealthy emotions such as insecurity, anxiety, and jealousy. In contrast, the growth mindset frames your skills on a continuum, so that even if you’re just starting out or aren’t that good yet, you can always get better if you put in the work and look to learn. With a growth mindset, your focus isn’t on some fairytale happily-ever-after ending where you’re the smartest, best, most talented person in all the land. Bumps in the road become part of your journey that you’re bound to encounter if you want to get anywhere.
Changing how you think about success and failure doesn’t happen quickly and takes a bit of practice itself. Janet Choi is the Chief Creative Officer atiDoneThis, the easiest progress management tool around that helps you track, share, and celebrate your accomplishments. This entry was posted in Personal Happiness and tagged delivering happiness, focus, happiness, idonethis, janet choi, mindset, success.
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Dealing with email creates a sense of accomplishment and there’s a pleasurable surge of dopamine every time the phone rings or our email pings. Just as endurance athletes understand the importance of alternating between hard bouts of work and periods of lesser activity or rest, Chapman says it’s possible to interval train the brain. Or do you welcome money into your life with gratitude as the exchange of energy that it is? If you’re looking to create a healthier relationship with money, here are 10 tips on how to do just that! My most favourite money mindset course is Denise Duffield-Thomas’s Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp.
If you want to improve your money mindset, you need to tackle it from every angle possible. EFT, or Tapping, is a powerful tool for getting rid of our money blocks by releasing negative thoughts and behaviours which have become stored in our bodies on a cellular level.

The best thing with EFT is that it is safe, simple and easy to do and no special equipment is required.
If you look through your bank or credit card statement and you feel tension about an expense, you’re probably not spending money in line with your values.
Like me!  My desire is to educate people in dealing with their money in both their personal and business life, and to support them in breaking through their money blocks. It takes time and consistency in applying these techniques, but the results are more than worth it!
Yes Ellie – that is quite true – life is a constant journey, there is always more we can learn!
This is a great list and I see a few things I need to work on, which hubby and I have discussed (#8 and #9, especially). Thanks for this – I think a lot of us that run businesses focussed on our passions struggle with the receiving of money. Yes Lottie, it is a common problem – and it comes back to believing that we deserve it.
Everyone wants to know what to say, where to find people, what marketing strategies work but the truth is NONE of that matters unless you have your mind right. They’re great people to be around, but they show up very differently to the rest of the world.
It’s pretty easy to be upbeat and positive in this kind of environment, or in a network marketing company convention, or at a workshop, or at a seminar, or on a webinar.
I was constantly frustrated, feeling like I never had a handle on what I was doing, always standing at the bottom of a mountain looking up at a depressingly steep learning curve. According to social psychologist Carol Dweck, it’s much more constructive to adopt what’s called a “growth mindset” and embrace struggle as part of the path toward improvement. You’re either a creative genius, an amazing athlete, a great writer, an inspirational leader — or you’re not. In fact, they can have three times as powerful an impact on your motivation than making progress. Instead, the focus is on the story and the process, because the goal isn’t an external status or measure but improvement itself.
Instead of being debilitated by failures and mistakes, you become better informed and equipped to do better next time. When you face a challenge, experience a setback, or just feel discouraged that you haven’t “made it” — turn to the word “yet”. Many assume multitasking and the constant digital chatter is a desirable part of the new workplace.
That’s no coincidence, says Chapman, who suggests that the idea that multitasking makes you more productive is a myth. Unfortunately, Chapman says, it takes the brain at least 15 minutes to refocus on a task after taking a time out to deal with email. This isn't about meditation, necessarily, but rather turning off digital distractions in the car, including the radio.

So it makes sense that if you want more money, you’d best start appreciating what you do have in your life. Would love to hear from you in the comments below and feel free to share this with someone who deserves to have a stronger mindset. The fixed mindset subscribes to the not uncommon view that superstars are simply born, not made, as if successful people don’t struggle and fight to reach their heights. When you have a fixed mindset, mistakes are terrible because they appear to you as signals of unworthiness, sap your motivation to try, and hold you back from taking risks. The growth mindset simply helps make you stronger, more resilient, and tenacious — even when the going gets tough. Instead of praising or getting down on yourself for qualities like “I’m so smart” or “Maybe I’m just not good at this”, turn your attention on the process of what worked, what didn’t, and how you can build on that.
It magically transforms the outlook from bleakness and disappointment into hope and possibility. Please enter your details, and find out how Delivering Happiness helps organizations create their own unique and sustainable work cultures to unleash happiness, human potential and business success. It’s preferable to deal with issues via a quick phone call or in-person conversation rather than a lengthy email exchange. We need to become more consciously aware of it so that we can be more conscious of our spending and creating value in our lives. It brings about a sense of peace and calmness, which allows us to make better decisions in life.
Someone who is willing to question your beliefs and current paradigms to give you the impetus for change. Money can fund lots of good, wholesome things, as well as bad things – but when people love money too much and put too much emphasis on it, they often become greedy and lose focus of the people and causes that money could help. At work, make it a point to take a walk or get up frequently to stimulate your mind as well as your body. By taking time out to visualise and see (and feel, and smell and hear) our new life, we can create our new reality.
The real world is when you open up the fridge and something falls out and breaks on the floor. If that’s not possible, Chapman suggests using the last 10 minutes of every hour on email and focus for the first 50 minutes.
By visualising our new behaviour with money, we can create a new mindset for our money relationship.
You would think that more information is better, but our brains can’t go too deep on multiple things. It’s the length of time you spend down that is the most important thing for your life.

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