Yes that’s right, you can make just about anything on the menu animal style, even the Flying Dutchman!
A Veggie Burger from In N Out is not your ordinary something that looks like meat but is made out of tofu veggie burger. Until a few years ago, there were no restrictions on the number of patties and cheese you could order, but when some college kids in 2004 in Las Vegas ordered a 100 by 100 (and got it, I have the picture), the powers-that-be put on a restriction. Then there are variations to the above, all of which will be happily accommodated by your server (or intercom connection) without question.
My deep research has resulted in some super-secret options which even most regulars don't know about.
I would be negligent if I did not mention some other reasons why I am a huge fan of this product and company. So, for a salty, sweet, savory, soft, crispy, massively popular signature treat, stop by the next yellow, red and white In-N-Out Burger you see and remember some of the secret treats I've told you about here.
After tasting one of their hamburgers, I made a pilgrimage to Baldwin Hills, their home base and location of the first such outlet, in a vain attempt to interview founders Harry and Esther Snyder for an article. Animal style is the most popular other secret offering, where the meat is cooked and fried with mustard and then pickles, with extra spread and grilled onions added. Have a Double-Double Animal Style with Well-Done Fries and a Neapolitan Shake and you will be forever in my debt. I had been told that Harry Snyder loved a movie called It's A Mad, Mad, Mad World for which I had been the Cinerama publicist, but he still would not sit for an interview with me, saying he didn't want any publicity. When I go to my local In-N-Out Burger outlet on Gayley in Westwood, at least once a week, I either park and go inside to eat or speak (shriek) into the two-way intercom: "Ordering a 3x3, medium rare, well-toasted bun, animal style, cut in half, with a side order of peppers.

The animal style fries are potatoes with cheese, spread, grilled onions and pickles if you ask for them (I don't).
After they cook the first side, the 'chef' will squirt some mustard on it before flipping it over so it sizzles into the meat on the grill. Over the years since, I have become a devoted fan of their fresh, delicious, fast-food burgers, and delighted to see them expand to some 268 outlets as of now. The second-most popular secret menu offering is protein style, which means your burger or double-double is wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun. The Double-Double on the menu is a bun with two beef patties, lettuce, tomato, spread, two slices of cheese, with or without onions.
But there are intricacies to this secret menu which may not be well-known even to regulars, so here are some of the exciting details. For pure flavor of meat-and-cheese, this is the ultimate taste treat, especially if eaten with your fingers.
Some years ago I developed a movie at Universal called Hamburger U (never made) which, quite frankly, was copied from their actual In-N-Out Burger University, where managers are trained and their formula for success is reinforced.
Every outlet must be within one day's drive of their own distribution center so all ingredients can be made and delivered fresh daily. My 3x3 is three meat patties and three slices of cheese, though if I am really hungry I will occasionally order a 4x4. A top-secret hint: if you order your Flying Dutchman animal style, they will add a scoop of diced onions to the cheese. You can actually get a burger with the exact number of meat patties and cheese slices you want, up to the 4x4.

I pressed my luck yesterday and asked for the spread and pickles also, and got them on the side. This month the In-N-Out Foundation will donate 3-for-1 up to $250,000 for the "Help Us Prevent Child Abuse" Campaign. I know a bit about their family history and some of the tragedies encountered, including a private plane crash at John Wayne Airport in '93 which took one son, Richard. Today the Snyder niece, Lynsi Martinez, is guiding their careful expansion from Irvine headquarters, and I am told they intend to remain a private company for awhile. My friend, Chef Thomas Keller, is such a fan that when he celebrated the 12th anniversary of his multi-star The French Laundry in Napa, he shipped in 300 burgers and a mountain of fries for the celebration.
Julia Child's assistant once told me that Julia knew where every In-N-Out was between Santa Barbara and San Francisco, and when she was in the hospital she craved and got a bag of burgers. The wonderfully friendly employees of In-N-Out Burger will take your secret menu order without question and you will be amused to find that the receipt will list each item just as you ordered it. For an added fillip, ask for a paper In-N-Out hat (worn by all the employees); it will come without question, and you can even ask for stickers for the kids.

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