Sri Chinmoy elucidates the higher truths that drive the quest for world harmony, and expresses in a modern context the connection between inner and outer peace. Sign up to receive your free ebook, and learn how to use the art of tantra to enhance your relationships, your creative life, your sex life, and more. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. He is the author of Empowering Your Soul through Meditation, Spark of the Divine, Meditation as Medication for the Soul, Silken Thread of the Divine, and Spiritual Pearls for Enlightened Living.
He lifts the issue of peace above purely political and historical considerations, with his spiritual understanding of the inner principle of oneness.

He has taught his meditation technique to millions of people throughout the world through meditation seminars, conferences, books, CDs, DVDs, magazine articles, and appearances on television, radio, and Internet broadcasts. This outstanding meditation handbook is by one of the world's greatest spiritual teachers, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj.
His deep wisdom and sympathetic advice, together with the simple exercise techniques he teaches, have brought spiritual benefits to millions.
Whether you are already meditating or a complete beginner, young or old, Sant Rajinder Singh's easy-to-read manual will help you achieve personal transformation. It is an inspiring and informative source that speaks to both beginner and experienced travellers on the path of life.

I was uplifted as I read this book, and re-dedicate myself to honoring my inner work."--Steven Halper, recording artist and educatorSant Rajinder Singh is an internationally recognized expert teacher of meditation.

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