I Googled around and found that changing the MAC under Windows involved changing certain registry values and resetting the network adapter. This application was written out of personal necessity and if it is useful to other people, well and good. The Situation is the following: when users would want to attach a notebook via a docking station where both devices have a MAC address, it's a manual user interaction we would like to avoid and integrate this command line during startup.
Puisque la plupart des ISP ne vous attribue pas une adresse IP statique, cela veut dire que votre adresse IP changera automatiquement de temps en temps.
Si vous voulez changer votre adresse IP maintenant, sans redemarrer votre ordinateur, sans debrancher le router ou modifier quoi que ce soit, vous avez besoin d’une connexion VPN. La solution avec le proxy est tres instable et vous ne saurez jamais si elle fonctionnera ou pas.
Avant de commencer a changer votre adresse IP, verifiez ce qu’est votre adresse IP actuelle pour pouvoir verifier si votre operation d’en acquerir une nouvelle a ete reussie. Changing your computer's default MAC address is not an operation that can or should be managed by everyone. We've seen multiple applications supposed to perform the same task and most of them are pretty easy to use, with just a basic interface and designed with a single goal in mind.
Well, Technitium MAC Address Changer is a bit different, as it provides multiple tools besides the main feature supposed to help you change the MAC address. The well-organized interface sports a total of three tabs, all of which are meant to give you full control not only over the MAC address of your network adapter, but also over IP addresses and other network settings.
The bottom of the window can be used to change the MAC address with one of your own or a randomly-generated one, while Technitium MAC Address Changer also shows the manufacturer it belongs to. Overall, this is one of the most efficient MAC spoofing tools on the market, as it provides not only an easy to use interface to serve its purpose, but also several other utilities to give more control to its users. Update network card vendors list feature allows you to download latest vendor data (OUI) from When my dad visits me, this is most inconvenient as he cannot plug his laptop into the internet and I don't have a LAN at home he can plug into.

I barely trust my dad with his laptop, so you can imagine how I felt about trusting him to modify the registry and reset network adapters. Sometimes though, with some network adapters, programmatic reset of the adapters will fail. Some network administrators might have forbidden the practice of changing MAC addresses, so you might want to check with your sys-admin before you use this program.
He has over 16 years of software industry experience in various roles including Lead Software Architect, Principal Software Engineer, and Product Manager. Nish is vastly experienced in team management, mentoring teams, and directing all stages of software development. That said, I don't see why a command line version would not be possible - but there isn't one available currently.
For example some web sites only allow access to users who live in a certain area or country.
Si, par hasard, vous utilisez un modem du 20eme siecle, vous allez avoir une nouvelle adresse IP chaque fois que vous vous connectez avec votre modem.
C’est aussi la raison pour laquelle on ne peut pas avoir un serveur a la maison : c’est que votre adresse IP change constamment, parce que vous avez une adresse IP dynamique. Il y en a un tas qui sont accessibles, et vous pouvez lire des revues sur des outils VPN les plus populaires dans notre Guide Adresse IP. Une fois que vous en avez trouve, ouvrez Firefox, Opera, Chrome ou Internet Explorer et ouvrez Options. Donc, si vous avez une affaire importante a faire ou avez besoin d’une solution stable et sure, ne tentez pas l’option proxy. You can automatically restart network connection to apply changes and make the new MAC address persistent. A Linuxian friend of mine suggested that I change the MAC ID, which is apparently a one-command operation on Linux-based machines. I am not particularly crazy about coding; I do it for a living as well as an off-work hobby, but I thought it'd be a prudent idea to write a GUI application for my dad in my spare time.

In that case, you'll get a message box telling you that you'll need to manually reset the adapter. All the textual UI is taken from the resource, so it should be pretty easy to have versions for other languages, say German or French for instance. Nish is a recipient of the annual Microsoft Visual C++ MVP Award since 2002 (14 consecutive awards as of 2015).
Apres cinq minutes, rebrancher le cable, le router redemarre et vous allez avoir une nouvelle adresse IP. Encore une fois, procedez a la demarche decrite en 1) et cela peut vous aidez a acquerir une nouvelle adresse IP de maniere plus rapide. Ces services coutent un peu d’argent, mais sont faciles d’usage, ainsi qu’ils fournissent non seulement une nouvelle adresse IP, mais cryptent egalement votre connexion Internet, en la cachant des gens curieux. En general, vous allez trouver les configurations du proxy sous Configurations avancees et la ou vous pouvez regler comment le navigateur se connecte a Internet.
With a pretty self-explanatory name, Technitium MAC Address Changer is one of the tools especially developed to help you change the MAC address of your network adapter. If anyone modifies the source code, I request that my original copyright comment headers be left intact. Si cela ne marche pas, vous pouvez l’eteindre quand vous allez au lit et rallumer huit heures plus tard le matin.
Ajoutez le HTTP Proxy et Port convenables, puis vous devrez pouvoir surfer le net avec votre nouvelle adresse IP.

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