Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, created by Pete Browngardt and produced at Cartoon Network Studios, centers on a gang of freaky monsters living deep underground: underwear-clad leader Festro, pet-like Dingle, furry Slog, exfoliation-challenged Gweelok and (self descriptive) Fart. In the first episode, “Monster Cops,” the gang discovers the power of the mustache as their facial hair makes people think they’re police officers.
Shunned by humanity for their gross appearance and radical behavior, they are forced to bunk at Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, from which they launch their crazy stunts—say, stealing the sun, or fighting a heavy-metal tooth fair, or bathing with CG sharks. You will now darken the shape you just drew and be sure to add some puff on the left side to convey the texture of this creature. For the last step, all you need to do is draw out the hands and be sure to sketch in the nails, as well as the finger wrinkles.
Here is the finished line art when you are all done, now you can color in this beast and be on your way. Draw out the small stubby arms and be sure to add in that definition to add some shape to his arms. Draw in the full lips in the middle of each squeezed in cheek, and then draw a chin, and the almond shaped eyes.

When that is done, draw each puss filled blister all over the surface of Gweelok's body and or face. The next figure from Secret Mountain Fort Awesome is going to be simple and disturbing to tackle.
Sketch some definition lines on the lips, and then draw in some rough looking hair on the body and arms.
Just by looking at the image you know that as you learn "how to draw Fart", step by step, it will also be one of the first times that you can draw an a** without getting in trouble. He is a disgusting looking green ball like creature that has a pair of arms for legs that are covered in nasty hair. When you are done, you can start erasing the messy lines that you made as well as the guides you drew in step one. His face or cheeks seem to be pinched together giving him the appearance that he is about to burst.
As far as complexity level goes, he should be pretty basic to drawing because all you will be doing is making a circle and adding arms on it as well as a face.

Eww, I would rather drink a cup of milk that has been sitting on the kitchen counter for a week. Whats weird about this character is the fact that he is the grossest one, but he also happens to be the smartest of the group.
According to a basic character description, Fart is a mass that is made up of a whole bunch of butts. Yeah I may have barfed in my mouth as I made this tutorial that will teach you guys to "draw Gweelok", but I think it was worth tasting puke in my mouth for a second or two. Other than that, Fart is a pretty cool looking character, and he should, or is going to be easy to replicate.

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