While most were excited to see the duo of Mike and Sulley (Billy Crystal and John Goodman) reunited on screen together during their college days, others were probably more excited with the thrills of the hidden gems in any Pixar flick. Pixar is notorious for hiding a few iconic symbols in each of its films along with a hint at its next movie. Check them out below along with a few others we've compiled from around the Web and with our own eagle eyes.
The ball from Pixar's first computer animated short film "Luxo Jr" in 1986 appears in graffiti on the wall behind two characters, Claire Wheeler and Brock Pearson, while they're introduced during the Scare Games' first challenge.
A113 is a former classroom of Pixar minds John Lasseter, Brad Bird, Pete Docter, and Andrew Stanton at California Institute of the Arts.

In "Monsters Inc." Pixar teased Finding Nemo in similar fashion by placing a Nemo doll in the little girl Boo's room. Celia is Mike's girlfriend from "Monsters Inc." According to Reddit user kaigenji you can spot some notes from her in Mike's locker. The image is very different from the previous one, dropping its text dominated logo for a more graphic driven design. The code has popped up on everything from a license plate in the "Toy Story" series to a freight train in "Cars." In "Monsters U," the number shows up on the doorA to the School of Scaring classroom.
During the last event of the Scare Games, there's a dinosaur that looks just like the one in concept art for Pixar's next film.

Top Secret has now followed up its logo reveal with a look at its all new branding, which is in fact a lot more different than expected. You can get a good look at a handful of Top Secret’s rebranded supplements in the image above, with a number of its popular products updated like Pump and Cardio Igniter.

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