The 6- by 3-foot mirrors incorporate built-in cameras that capture shoppers’ body dimensions and positioning. Some of the individuals posting to this site, including the moderators, work for Cisco Systems. Previously I have blogged about No SSID Outage and No Client Reauthentication whereby even if your Cisco Wireless Controllers were to fail due to any reason, the clients will NOT experience any downtime due to Stateful Failover functionality to a Standby Controller. Thanks to Brian Wollak, Senior Wireless Consulting Engineer at CDW, David Flinn the Solution Architect and Jeremy Hardy, Supervisor, Network and Telecommunications and to Rey Garces Network Engineer at John Muir Health for sharing this awesome story! John Muir Health is a 267-licensed bed hospital that serves Contra Costa County and Concord California. With that thought in mind, yours truly will "update this blog on a daily basis" regarding the whereabouts of the private jet used for business purposes by Cisco CEO John Chambers, all made possible of course by easy access to information that is publicly available to anyone on the Internet.
This week, Cisco CEO John Chambers' private jet still remains at its maintenance hangar (Aurora State Airport, which is just south of Portland, Oregon).
Cisco unified computing: Gold's gym for buff CIOs or an assisted living center for CIOs to be taken care of? Cisco unified computing: Gold's gym for buff CIOs or an assisted living center for CIOs to be taken care of? Acting Senior Director for Cyberspace for the National Security and Homeland Security Councils Melissa Hathaway delivers an address during the RSA Conference April 22, 2009 in San Francisco, California. Cisco announced results of the Cisco Customer Experience Report focused on automobile buying and driving experience. Cisco surveyed more than 1,500 consumers across 10 countries and examined consumer preferences of technology used when buying and driving an automobile. Consumers demonstrated in the survey how information and technology are crucial throughout the car experience. Results show that roughly half (47%) of global consumers’ value the technology adoption reputation of a brand when selecting a vehicle. Globally, consumers are eager to see more transportation changes in customization, safety, time, and cost savings, with those in Brazil, China and India showing significantly more willingness to provide information on driving habits in exchange for cost and time efficiencies.

The majority of consumers (61%) use automakers’ websites when researching to purchase a car and 78% of consumers trust their online research.
52% of consumers want to track gas prices from a vehicle compared with 46% of consumers who want to track recall information.
Consumers are willing to trade personal information for customization, security and savings. More than half of global consumers (57%) said they would be likely to ride in a car controlled entirely by technology that does not require a human driver. Consumer trust dropped to 46% when asked if they would let their kids ride in driverless automobiles. This paper describes an approach to vehicle system design that uses standardized, hierarchical functions as a single level to describe electrical, electronic, and software content. Using artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and gesture-recognition technology, the mirrors then superimpose clothing items over customers’ on-screen images. This makes the shopping experience easier and more enjoyable by letting customers see how they look in new outfits without getting undressed. Shoppers can share their new look with friends and family via social networking sites such as Facebook and receive feedback before making their purchases. To earn points and badges for participating in the conversation, join Cisco Social Rewards. Opinions expressed here and in any corresponding comments are the personal opinions of the original authors, not of Cisco. As you can see the above the WEBGUI on a 5508 series wireless controller shows that, it is running 7.0 code which was an MD release, has been operational for over a thousand days or over three years! The hospital has repeatedly received many awards for providing the best patient care as well as for best facilities for various services.
The Annual RSA conference features keynote speakers and seminars on the topic of cyber security runs through April 24. From the car purchasing experiences to service maintenance, consumers are using more advanced communication technologies such as mobile, text, telephone, websites, and embedded communications devices to engage with manufacturers and car dealerships.

83% of global consumers prefer to research online for information on a car, versus only 17% of consumers that prefer to call or go to dealership. 62% of consumers say they would purchase a device designed to keep them on track with their monthly budget for gas and auto maintenance. 74% would allow their driving habits to be monitored in order to save on insurance or service maintenance or costs. The most trusting consumers in this regard were in Brazil with 96%, India with 86%, and China with 70%.
Consumers least likely in this regard were in Japan, France, and Germany, where only 6% would allow their kids ride in a driverless automobile. The mirrors were developed by the Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG), with partners C In-store, AITech, and The Team.
The content is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant to be an endorsement or representation by Cisco or any other party.
Similar to most hospitals, John Muir Health has an enterprise SSID for the staff, a second critical SSID dedicated for Voice-over Wi-Fi for nurses, a third mission-critical SSID to ensure that their pumps are always connected to provide patient care and two others focused on providing free Wi-Fi connectivity for guests and patients.
In addition to the various patient care services, the hospital also provides Wi-Fi access to guests so they always stay connected. 60% would provide biometric information such as fingerprints and DNA samples in return for personalized security or car security. By posting you agree to be solely responsible for the content of all information you contribute, link to, or otherwise upload to the Website and release Cisco from any liability related to your use of the Website. You also grant to Cisco a worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free and fully-paid, transferable (including rights to sublicense) right to exercise all copyright, publicity, and moral rights with respect to any original content you provide.

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