An imaginative pianist, versatile vocalist, and brutally honest songwriter, Amos has a rapturous following. First published in 1752, Excerpt from the Doctrine of Reason [Auszug aus der Vernunftlehre] was written as a textbook and widely adopted by many 18th-century German instructors, but most notably by Immanuel Kant. For scholars of Kant, Locke and the German Enlightenment, this valuable translation and its accompanying material presents the richest source of information available on Meier and his 18th-century work. Her music falls between the orchestrated meditations of Kate Bush and the stripped-down poetics of Joni Mitchell. For forty years Kant used the Excerpts as the basis of his lectures on logic making extensive notes on his copy of the text. More than a text on formal logic, Excerpt from the Doctrine of Reason covers epistemology and the elements of thought and language Meier believed made human understanding possible.

An Introduction to Excerpts from the Doctrine of Reason, Riccardo Pozzo Part II: The Translation 3. With her 1992 album [roviLink="MW"]Little Earthquakes, Amos built a dedicated following that continued to expand with subsequent albums. Working across the two dominant intellectual forces in modern philosophy, the rationalist and the empiricist traditions, Meier's work was also instrumental to the introduction of English philosophy into Germany; he was among the first German philosophers to study John Locke's philosophy in depth.
This translation, along with the accompanying materials, will serve as an indispensable resource for scholars and students looking to understand Kant's views on logic with an eye to their historical context.
The daughter of a Methodist preacher, Amos began writing her own songs as a child and studied at Baltimore's Peabody Conservatory.
This complete English translation of Meier's influential textbook is introduced by Riccardo Pozzo and enhanced by a glossary and a concordance correlating Meier's arguments to Kant's logic lectures, the related Reflexionen and the Jasche Logic of 1800 - the text considered of fundamental importance to Kant's philosophy.

Moreover, as the first complete English translation of one of Meier's philosophical works, Bunch's translation should serve to draw deserved scholarly attention to the work of an important but overlooked figure of the German Enlightenment. After becoming infatuated by rock & roll, particularly the music of Led Zeppelin, she began performing in local bars and later moved to Los Angeles. Signed to Atlantic in 1987, Amos debuted with an uninspired pop-metal album called [roviLink="MW"]Y Kant Tori Read. By 1990, Amos had adopted a new approach, singing spare, haunting semiconfessional piano ballads.

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