Based upon the acclaimed comic book and directed by Matthew Vaughn, Kingsman: The Secret Service tells the story of a super-secret spy organization that recruits an unrefined but promising street kid into the agency's ultra-competitive training program just as a global threat emerges from a twisted tech genius.
To obtain MULTIBUY DISCOUNT 30 CZK off the price of this product must be purchased at least five products labeled MULTIBUY+. Seventeen years later in a chalet in Argentina, Professor James Arnold (Mark Hamill), an expert on climate change, is being held captive by a group of thugs.
Eggsy returns home, and Dean violently confronts him over what Eggsy did with his mate's car.
The Kingsmen notice that Professor Arnold is no longer missing, so Harry finds him in a lecture hall and tries to make him say who held him captive. Meanwhile, Valentine and Gazelle meet with Scandinavian Crown Princess Tilde (Hanna Alstrom) and the Scandinavian Prime Minister (Bjørn Floberg) over dinner, where Valentine proposes his plan for controlling climate change. Eggsy meets Harry at the Kingsman tailor shop, where Eggsy will be fitted for a bespoke (custom-tailored) suit. On their next assignment, Eggsy, Roxy, and Charlie are sent to seduce a young woman at a nightclub.
As part of their last test, Arthur and Merlin take Eggsy and Roxy into separate rooms and tell them to shoot their dogs.
Roxy gets within range of the satellite, but one balloon bursts as she is at a very high altitude. To obtain MULTIBUY DISCOUNT 50 CZK off the price of this product must be purchased at least five products labeled MULTIBUY+. You are now on the page of a Kingsman: The Secret Service, which includes such genres as Thriller, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime. Two-disc Blu-ray editions with a bonus disc, represented by a collectible SteelBook limited edition.
Everyone but Eggsy swims to the toilets to run shower hoses down them -- there's air in every toilet on the other side of the drain trap. Their next assignment involves jumping out of a plane and landing as close as possible to a target on the ground. Arthur mentions that Harry recorded Valentine's confession, which has been passed along to the authorities. Roxy is sent into the atmosphere, lifted by two giant balloons, to launch a missile at one of Valentine's satellites, while Merlin and Eggsy infiltrate his mountain base as he hosts a party for everyone involved in his plan.
She manages to launch the missile before the other balloon bursts, sending her plummeting back to the ground, though she gets her chute out and lands safely.
Merlin estimated this would buy them an hour or two, but, Valentine gets control of another satellite within a few minutes and activates the signal with a biometric scanner, which Merlin is unable to get past. He shoots at them, momentarily taking Valentine's hand off the scanner and stopping the signal.
At a virtual meeting of all the Kingsmen (eight plus Arthur), they toast Lancelot and each member is tasked with proposing a new member to replace him. Allowed one phone call, he takes out the medal he wears around his neck and calls the number on the back.
Two goons enter the building, forcing Harry to detonate a hand grenade before jumping out the window.
The dog doesn't properly listen to him at first, but he becomes attached to it and names it JB (after the 24 TV series character Jack Bauer).

Eggsy, wearing the bespoke suit Harry had made for him, poses as Arthur and uses his invitation to get inside.
He tells Michelle that his new job has given him benefits, including a house; he invites Michelle, and pointedly not Dean, to live there with him. I didn't have the chance to take a deep look at it, but from what I saw (briefly) there are no hardcoded subtitles!
Lancelot shoots the thug before the thug can shoot him and dramatically fights and kills the rest of the thugs before helping himself to a drink.
Arthur tells Harry that those involved in Lancelot's death also had ties to incidents in Uganda and Chechnya.
Harry speaks into it and tells Dean to let Eggsy go or he will report Dean's various crimes to the authorities. On the way down, Harry explains that the Kingsmen are an independent secret service, beholden to no government and thus above politics. He then swims to the mirror and smashes it, releasing the water into the next room where Merlin was overseeing them.
After they leave the plane, Merlin announces that one of them has no parachute and they need to figure out what to do.
The interrogator tries to get Eggsy to tell him about the Kingsmen and Harry, but Eggsy refuses to talk. The signal goes live and causes everyone, including Harry, to go into a berserk rage and attack each other. Roxy calls Michelle and tells her to lock her daughter in the bathroom and throw away the key. Harry refers to what is evidently an old disagreement with Arthur about the type of person they want to recruit; Harry says the world is changing and calls Arthur a snob. They were founded after World War I, when many rich families whose heirs died in the trenches looked for a cause to leave their fortunes to and found it in the Kingsmen.
Valentine learns of Arnold's death and decides to investigate who is looking into them. Although he commends Roxy and Charlie for getting to the air in the pipes and Eggsy for the mirror, Merlin says everyone failed because they didn't use proper teamwork and lost a recruit.
Eggsy comments that Valentine is a genius, and he shows Harry and Merlin a video of Valentine's latest announcement.
Harry shoots several people in the head, as well as violently stabbing, bludgeoning, impaling, and blowing up anyone who comes near him, until he is the only survivor.
Gazelle attempts to cut Eggsy with her legs, but Eggsy poisons Gazelle by cutting her with the blade in his shoe.
Ale proe hodnotit zvlas? video a zvlas? audio?Audio  Dost doboe nechapu dotaz na audio. Harry's comrade Lee (Jonno Davies) jumps on the terrorist and covers the explosion, sacrificing himself to save his partners.
When he opens it, Lancelot is sliced down the middle by a woman with bladed prosthetic legs, Gazelle (Sofia Boutella).
They take his shiny new yellow sports car, do some donuts when he runs out and yells at them, and drive off, only to come across the police. Harry and Eggsy board a small shuttle that takes them to meet the other recruits, who are gathered in the stately home that serves as the Kingsmen's center of operations and development.

The camera cuts back to the barracks where the drenched body of Amelia (Fiona Hampton) lies on a bed. That drastic action, Valentine says, is to cull the earth's population, and he has a plan. Harry's other two partners, Merlin (Mark Strong) and Lancelot (Jack Davenport), remove their masks. In the ensuing car chase, Eggsy drives the car backwards through heavy traffic while his friends taunt the coppers until he hits another car. Eggsy calls Harry a snob in his turn, pointing out that people make decisions for good reasons -- he left the marines because his mum freaked out at the thought of losing him the way she lost his father -- and jobs aren't easy to come by. When only he and Roxy are left, they pull Roxy's chute at 300 feet (very late) while Eggsy holds on for dear life. They watch Charlie taking his test, but he refuses to die for the Kingsmen and he is sent home. Eggsy electrocutes Charlie with the ring on his finger then runs back to the plane while evading and shooting through Valentine's gunmen, who are all wearing winter camo. Merlin triggers the implants, which explode like fireworks (in time to music), killing almost everyone (the gunmen, world leaders, and Valentine's other guests). Ale proe hodnotit zvlas? audioa zvlas? video?Bonuses  Ani si nepamatuji, jestli nijake na DVD byly.
He is disappointed with Eggsy for failing his test (not to mention stealing Arthur's car), and reveals that the gun had a blank in it. Valentine explains that the signal from the SIM cards triggers aggression and represses inhibitions. Arthur takes out his pen to activate the poison that he put in Eggsy's drink, only to find himself dying.
He gets teased by a boy named Charlie (Edward Holcroft) and his buddies, who are quick to notice and remark, insultingly, on the class difference between Eggsy and all the others. He says that in the kind of old movie they both used to love, this would be the point where the villain explains his evil plan and the hero makes a clever escape.
Eggsy switched the drinks by distracting Arthur moments earlier by asking him if the paintings on the wall were of former Kingsmen. He grabs a bottle of champagne with two glasses, and goes to Tilde's cell to have anal sex with her, which prompts Merlin to turn off his video monitor.
Eggsy complains to Merlin about being singled out to be the sacrificial lamb, asking if he's more expendable than the others. He says this isn't that kind of movie, then he then takes out a gun and shoots Harry in the head, killing him. Then he makes short work of the others, and even makes some of them beat each other, to Eggsy's surprise. Merlin tells him to get rid of the chip on his shoulder and releases Eggsy's parachute -- it turns out Merlin was fibbing about the missing parachute.

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