The story of how perpetrators of World War II were treated as spoils of war, brought to light with new information in this diligent report. Hey Goodreaders,So I had wanted to have my outline for Earthman Jack 3 completed by the end of January, but unfortunately, that didn't happen.
I can’t remember what made me finally pick it up, but I can tell you that once I got going I plowed through it.  I hadn’t had that much fun reading in, I don’t know, maybe EVER! I Immediately went back to the beginning and started again, this time reading out loud to my kids—and they loved it as much as I did. That was early last year, and since then I’ve been anxious to get my hands on the second installment, Earthman Jack vs. After his heroic battle against the Deathlords on the Ghost Planet, Jack Finnegan is looking forward to arriving at Omnicron Prime, the capitol planet of the Galactic Regalus Empire – the largest and most advanced civilization in the universe.
But things get complicated when he arrives at Omnicron.  Not only is Jack uncomfortable being thrust into the spotlight for his courageous actions to save the universe, but he soon finds life in the Empire isn’t everything he’d dreamed it would be.
But beneath all that lies a new and terrifying threat from the Deathlords.  A threat that grows in secret, slowly spreading throughout the Regalus Empire like a plague, and it threatens to destroy from within the only thing powerful enough to stop the Deathlords and their malicious rampage throughout the galaxy – the Empire itself.
Worst of all – Jack is the only one who knows about this new threat, and no one will believe his warnings. Suddenly, the Empire is no longer safe for Jack and his friends.  Even the people they’ve come to rely on the most can no longer be trusted.  As those he’s sworn to protect turn against him, how can Jack hope to save the day?
Fighting the Deathlords was one thing.  Fighting the “good guys” is quite another.  Will Jack be able to find the strength to be the hero the universe needs?
No, they didnt fail when the targets ran amok and murdered thousands very graphically; that was the goal all along. Has anyone noticed how the US has been on a serious militarized expansionist drive in the mideast and africa, while risking global nuclear war with bit russia and china; 10-20 million displaced in what were formerly self sustaining regions. Weapons of mass destruction were born at war’s end, and in Europe, scientists were victors’ prizes, reparations for conquerors who coveted their special talents.
So dont fret, its all about achieving those goals and ignoring rational requests to stop thieving and otherwise ruin peoples lives because it advertises your "power" to do so. Right now I'm pushing for a mid-February deadline on the outline.Bit by bit, piece by piece, I'm getting the story together.
The Secret Army is off to a good start!Let me know what you think of the review in the comments.The post The First Official Review Of Earthman Jack vs.

They were Luftwaffe doctors, rocket scientists, managers and chemists working on all sorts of bad science for bad ends. This book has a LOT of things going on in it, so I have to work out ways to fit all the various storylines with one another. The Secret Army."So far, the response to the second Earthman Jack book has been extremely positive, which is very encouraging. Japan was still to be defeated, and national security required their services; it was important for business.
Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Search This Site: Let's Connect! When you're dealing with epic space opera, that is harder than it sounds.I think one of the things I'm learning from this endeavor is that it's important to stay focused and keep things simple (well, as simple as possible).
Joe comic books, in addition to doing a great web comic of his own creation called William the Last (which was what actually first attracted me to his booth).I commissioned Brian to do ten original illustrations for Earthman Jack vs. However, the primary reason posited as the Cold War developed was: If we don’t get those wizard warriors, Russia will.
I'm writing a story that takes place in a HUGE universe, filled with entire planets and species.
You guys rock!The biggest question I'm getting from readers is: When is the next book coming out?Well, after taking a bit of a break to decompress from the release of book 2, I've started working "in earnest" on book 3, which will be titled "Earthman Jack vs. As such, the once–high-ranking Nazis who used slave labor to fabricate V2 rockets, who killed concentration camp prisoners in cruel experiments and who sought to weaponize bubonic plague became the property of the United States. It can get overwhelming at times, so I'm having to constantly take a step back and try to regain my focus.Writing is such an interesting endeavor, because it really tests the boundaries of your imagination and creativity. I have a lot of fun writing, but 90% of my time is spent thinking about what to write, so at the end of the day, I feel as though I've done a lot of work and have very little to show for it.Hopefully once the outline is done, I'll have an easier time. For those of you who don't know my process, I like to make detailed outlines before I start writing just so I know exactly what I need to write. Former enemies became American citizens; rewarded for their work, they lived the American dream.
Some authors can just "wing it," but when dealing with an epic space opera with so many different characters, worlds, and technology, "winging it" is a recipe for disaster.Book 2 introduced a lot of new characters and new aspects to the "Jackverse," and I plan on carrying those over into book three.

The operation took paperwork, and Jacobsen, in her research of the documents, found countless instances of mendacity.
The Secret Army, the scenes just flowed and I was able to complete the book in 2 months of non-stop writing. Every major character will have their own storyline in the next book, and new characters and places will be introduced, giving us new insight into other aspects of the Earthman Jack universe.Because this series is a Space Opera, it can get overwhelming at times, juggling so many different aspects of this universe while trying to also tell a fun, exciting, cohesive story. She provides snapshots of the scores of villains and the few heroes involved in collusion of the Nazis and U.S. After all, all the hard work is done in the outlining process.As always, if any of you have questions about the next book, feel free to contact me and ask.
Throughout, the author delivers harrowing passages of immorality, duplicity and deception, as well as some decency and lots of high drama. I'm hoping I can have a rough outline done by the end of January and begin writing the actual book sometime in February, with the aim of having a rough draft ready before summer.
Because these books are so big, they take a long time to edit, but if the book gets done early, I'll release it early. But for now, I'm aiming for the 2016 holiday season.So to answer anyone's question of when book 3 will be available, I'm going to say "later this year," and hope that will satisfy all of you.
Please be sure to keep track of me on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon, Instagram, and my website as I'll be posting updates about my progress as time goes on.And as a side note, I want to let everyone know I will be focusing on getting the Earthman Jack series finished in as timely a fashion as possible. I originally had just planned to release a new installment once a year, but I've heard from many of you that you don't like to start a series that isn't finished, so I plan to jump into book 4 as soon as the rough draft for 3 is done, and hopefully continue that trend so you all won't have to wait 7 years for the series to be completed. Whether or not I'll achieve that goal is anyone's guess, but for now, that's the plan.As always, your feedback and support really helps to keep me motivated, so keep it coming! Also, feel free to use Goodread's "Ask the Author" feature if you have any questions about the books.

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