Mindful Knitting & RetreatIn 2009, Jane was asked whether she would be willing to lead a retreat for women who wanted to engage a practice of contemplative knitting. New started pieces in progress: hat, shawl, baby blanket, scarf for son’s girlfriend, sweaters, bed throw, baby blankets, a 3 year project scarf (finished by Sunday), washcloths, etc.
Crafting Retreat and Events CalendarIf there is contact information by the date, this means the group may have space available for you to join their retreat. Weekday & Weekend RetreatsA typical retreat weekend begins on Friday at noon and ends on Sunday at 3pm. Rates and promotions are subject to change, and will be effective on date stated on website for all retreats scheduled after date stated, regardless of when the reservations were made.  We try very hard to notify our customers of any changes at least 3 months in advance. This 6-day retreat will take us to the beautiful West of Iceland where the enchanting landscape, the first flowers of spring, the green moss, the utterly cute lambs and kids, the busy bird life, will inspire us as much as the knitting artifacts in the Textile Museum in Blonduos that we will have the chance to visit.
The fee per person for the weekend is $190 (plus 6% hotel tax) – which includes complimentary meals beginning with Friday night dinner, Saturday and Sunday ala cart breakfasts, Saturday lunch and dinner, and Sunday brunch.

Helene will tell us about the Icelandic knitting traditions with a focus on the famous Icelandic lopi yoke sweater. It has a steady group of continuing participants, so that registration for newcomers is very, very limited.
Weekday retreats are also available starting on Mondays at noon and ending by Thursday at 3pm.
We will meet with many local crafters, spinners, dyers, tanners for an unforgettable insight into the Icelandic culture and knitting heritage. But some of the material from the retreats is included here, as an offering for your own contemplative practice of mindful knitting. This trip does not include hiking but participants will be have the opportunity of exploring and taking walks where we will be staying, enjoy some bird watching or even go seal watching on sea. Accommodation in comfortable guesthouses with an outdoor hot tub. See pictures from our previous tours.

We can extend your weekend on either end – Thursday or Monday – and will require 5 people in order to do that. We are also available for weekday retreats, tailored to meet your needs at the same given prices. If we have multiple groups, we guarantee you will not share a bedroom with someone you don’t know.

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