Shiva Kriya Yoga is the master instruction for the Realization of the Self, given to Humanity for the fulfillment of the Plan of Evolution on Earth.
Bestowed through the guidance of the Spheres of Light, it contains primordial codes of ascension and Unification of the Cosmic Consciousness.
It is said, with certainty, that the Science of Kriya Yoga is the Science of Self, the wisdom destined to fulfill the Divine purpose within the evolutionary experiment of the Homo sapiens sapiens.
It is an integral wisdom, composed by techniques of control and activation of the internal currents of Prana that were kept secret until very recent. It is founded on the secret of Creation of the Universe through Sound, and the harmonization of the Sound with Prana, the photonic charge present in the etheric plane. In this manner, the Science of Kriya is the secret knowledge of modulation of the DNA codons through Sound and Prana as catalysts of the reactivation of the Vehicle of Light, the attainment of the Cosmic Love and Enlightenment.
Shiva Kriya Yoga can be considered the supreme Initiation of the Yoga philosophy, Tantra and Universal Spirituality.
Seminarul are multe exercitii noi; chiar daca l-ati facut in 2013 merita facut din nou, are o alta energie si ajuta foarte mult la schimbarile energetice din corpul uman care se produc in 2015 si 2016! Kriya Yoga sau Respiratia Spinala este un sistem Yoga stravechi, readus in actualitatea vremurilor moderne de  Mahavatar Babaji, prin intermediul discipolului sau Lahiri Mahasaya.

Kriya Yoga este stiinta de a controla energia vitala – Prana, aceasta tehnica activand centrii cerebrospinali astrali. Kriya Yoga este o “cale mistica” ce utilizeaza cele mai bune instrumente folosite de mistici in toate religiile. Daca traducerea nu apare, va rugam sa apasati in dreapta jos la CC si subtitrarea in limba romana va porni imediat. Weitere Lehrer außer den oben genannten wurden von Paramapadma Dhiranandaji nicht autorisiert. Paramapadma Dhiranandaji hat einige seiner fortgeschrittenen Schüler zu Kriya-Yoga Gruppenleitern ernannt, welche befugt sind, Kriya-Yoga-Gruppenmeditionen zu leiten.
Im Laufe der Zeit, seit Mahavatar Babaji den Kriya-Yoga 1861 den Kriya Yoga seinem Schüler Lahiri Mahasaya gelehrt hat, haben sich in Indien viele andere Kriya-Yoga Traditionslinien gebildet. It is the exact knowledge of Realization and Immortality, revealing the secrets of the most powerful cosmic evolution for the elevation of the human race’s consciousness. It is the most important wisdom that exists and is available on this Planet, considering it speaks about the Self and how to attain it. This elevated system of Spiritual Knowledge has been restored at the beginning of the Era of Transformation with the purpose of reactivating the human DNA helices, affected by the arduous evolutionary process experimented in the planet.

These facilitate the capturing of photons at a cellular level and the reactivation of the dormant DNA. Any person, regardless of religion, creed or culture can also receive Shiva Kriya Yoga because it is a Knowledge that sustains the Human Being in its reconnection with the universal currents of evolution, beyond any confusion or human distortion present in religion, cults or restricting dogmas. Kriya a fost adusa in constiinta de masa de Paramahansa Yogananda , prin cartea sa – Autobiografia unui yoghin, introducand  aceasta practica in Vest incepand cu anul 1920 si in India din 1917. Se compune din controlul respiratiei (Kriya Pranayama), rugaciune (Japa, Mantra)si efort sustinut pentru acordarea la Realitatea Omkar.
Although it has been known under other names, it is the same Science of activation of the Body of Light and the attainment of Enlightenment. Sistemul este impartit in mai multe nivele ale Respiratiei Spinale, bazat pe o serie de tehnici care sunt destinate sa accelereze  dezvoltarea spirituala si sa genereze o profunda stare de liniste si de comuniune cu Dumnezeu. Es gibt viele andere authentische Kriya-Yoga Traditionslinien (siehe unten stehender Stammbaum).

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