West End Buddhist Centre and its controlling body, the Halton Peel Buddhist Society came into being in 1992 December out of a burning desire on the part of like minded monks and a few unusual lay people of Sri Lankan origin in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to establish a Buddhist Institution focused on spreading the most pure Dhamma of Lord Buddha without any serious attachment to ‘vadas’ or ‘isms' or affiliations to established Nikayas (Sectarian Congregations of the Sangha) in Sri Lanka which are engaged in promoting a Buddhist Faith Tradition steeped in Culture peculiar to Sinhala Buddhists in Sri Lanka.
Today, visitors to the Vihara can see a poster in the inner lobby of the temple which reads, "West End Buddhist Vihara Where Friendships Begin and Never End!"Indeed an apt description! A veritable dynamo of activity at his Mississauga Buddhist Monastery, he is the Principal of its Sunday Dhamma School and the Director of its Youth Forum that conducts a Soup Kitchen Project, now in its 18th year, in collaboration with the Toronto Downtown’s Good Shepherd Centre. Acclaimed as a Buddhist monk for the modern times by a growing band of admirers, Bhante Saranapala has earned an enviable reputation as a preacher and a meditation teacher par excellence. The Halton Peel Buddhist Cultural Society publishes periodic newsletters, discourses of Dhamma, handbooks and guides on Meditation, Sutthas, and various spiritual and cultural publications. That was at least what the pioneering Buddhist monks, Venerable Kulugammana Dhammawasa Thera, Venerable Madawela Punnaji Maha Thera and Venerable Brahmanagama Muditha, The “trimurthi” or The Trinity of the West End, as they are popularly known, had in mind when they stepped into an un-chartered territory. Halton Peel Buddhist Society became incorporated as a Public Charity in the Province of Ontario in 1993.In 1994 April, the temporary monks' residence in an apartment building was given up for a worthier residence at a respectable address at 1569 Cormack Crescent in the City of Mississauga, in a turn of the century quaint, old house with ample space, a one acre piece of prime real estate adorned by gnarling old weeping willows, tall maples, flowering groves, thickets and glades that pleased the eye.  A veritable temple in a homely setting!

Madawela Punnaji Maha Thera is an internationally renowned Buddhist Scholar and Meditation Master and has authored many books and publications on Buddhism and the Practice of Meditation.
Within a short period of time, his scholarly lectures expounding the Teaching of the Buddha began to attract the attention of the university academic circles and the Inter-faith community of Canada. Bhante Buddhananda is another young monk, hailing from Bangladesh, who has taken up residence as well as a heavy load of temple duties upon himself. Still, the venerable monks were ever mindful of the Sri Lankan Buddhist community's felt need to practice and promote the religion of their forefathers and the traditions of Sinhala culture and language thoughtfully provided for the same within the temple setup.
He is the Religious Superior Emeritusof the West End Vihara and Monastery and presently lives in L.A. Under the guidance of Venerable Dhammawasa Thera youthful Bhikkhu Saranaapala was enrolled at the University of Torornto to do a degree in Comparative Religious Studies and Western Philosophy.
The venerable Thera serves as the administrative Assistant to the venerable Abbot Incumbent.

His self effacing humility and his devotedness to monk-hood have won him a host of admirers in the community. In 2005, he was accorded the honor of officiating on behalf of all religious denominations at the induction ceremonies connected with the Order of Ontario Awards in the Ontario Legislature. He has conducted meditation retreats to the City Counselors in Brampton, the Peel Region and the Toronto District School Board Principals. His inspiring lectures at the Peel Region’s District and Catholic Schools Boards’ Secondary Schools have won him much praise making him one of the most sought after speakers on Buddhism.
He conducts a free meditation class on Wednesdays, now in its 18th year, at the West End Buddhist Monastery.

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