Wikipedia says that it doesn't have anything that exactly matches "maharishi_vedic_city,_iowa". Gary did an excellent job in explaining the subconscious mind and how to clear patterns we don’t want from it.
Tracey taught us about the power of affirmation and the key ingredients behind making an affirmation successful. Peter guided us in how to develop our will and gave 3 clear methods on how we can implement this in our daily life. We are certainly well settled in Darjeeling now and in the comforts of our beautiful hotel. After our morning class today part of the group headed to a sari shop in town to purchase some saris plus visit a tailor to get the appropriate blouses stitched for the saris they purchased.
We spend our first full day in Darjeeling in quiet retreat diving into our study and practice of meditation. Note: Though our spiritual adventure concluded on Nov 1st I will continue to post photos from the journey over the next 2 to 3 weeks. After lunch we said goodbye to this lovely resort and Nepal as we made our way to the airport to board our flight to New Delhi, India’s capital.
Over the weekend of September 11th, Yoga off Broadway saw its beautiful studio filled with eager yogis keen on studying more about meditation, relationships, the yamas and niyamas, and the basic laws of transmutation.
Kelly Western, owner and lead instructor of Yoga off Broadway, is one of the best asana teachers I’ve ever met.

He shared about the topic in a beautiful poem he composed overnight leaving the class speechless. After the recent days of travel we are happy to be here in this mountain town sipping the world’s finest teas and working hard at doing nothing. And when I return to the US I’ll be uploading videos as well so please continue to follow along. It was a clear morning and the Himalayan range was visible again revealing snow capped mountains that changed color as the sun made its way gracefully across the sky. We arrived in Delhi late evening and made our way through its busy streets arriving a kilometer shy of our hotel. I gave a brief overview of the workings of the mind, then described the steps that we would take in our guided meditation then lead the group through a 30-min meditation. Her approach to the practice of asana is welcoming to everyone, gentle and true to the principles of raja yoga. Each person was given a topic yesterday and it was left to them to teach the group everything they knew about it.
Our main excursion for today was to head out to Tiger Hill to watch the sun rise over the Himalayas.
Our classes covered further the subject of meditation as I shared an outline of simple meditation steps that everyone could practice.
So, we got the group into cycle-rickshaws and everyone enjoyed this ride through narrow streets and lanes (inaccessible by a bus) to our hotel in old Delhi.

Here she experiments with a camera feature that highlights one color and leaves the rest of the image in black and white.
There were also a lot of questions and answers clarifying doubts on the subject making sure everyone had a clear intellectual understanding of the mind. Today, the group learnt about the subconscious mind – how it works, how to clear it and how to impress it with positive patterns. Our spiritual adventurers spent the remaining hours exploring old Delhi on their first night in India. The classes were filled with smiles, laughter and applause as each teacher elucidated their topic as best they could. Surrounded by beautiful gardens and the Himalayas in the background with crisp mountain air, it was the perfect setting for meditation. On the way back we stopped at a Tibetan monastery just in time for their morning ceremonies. In order to access our superconscious mind we need to start by clearing our subconscious first of unresolved emotional experiences.

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