Learning how to meditate for beginners is more about learning how to focus and concentrate the mind than anything else.
Learning how to meditate, for beginners and for experienced meditators alike, is largely a matter of developing the ability to ignore the mind. Another mind control technique for those setting out to learn meditation is what may be called the 'stone technique'.
These simple mind control techniques are great introductory steps into the world of meditation.
Whatever we hang onto that is more important than loving the Lord our God with all of our heart, mind, and soul is idolatry.
Shame is the feeling that we’ve radically disappointed ourselves, our friends, and God. Self-deception: taking what God has said and redefining it so that we can live out the sinful desires of our hearts. We are called to provide a biblical voice to the challenges we all encounter en route to the finish line of life. ?DonateThe Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings® is funded through the donations of users like you!
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Becoming acquainted with a few simple and effective mind control techniques is one of the best ways to start your journey into meditation.

This may sound familiar to you, although I would ask you to temporarily put aside any previous understanding and open yourself up to seeing this technique in a new light.The counting meditation technique is simple, yet profound. You can sit on the edge of a bed, on a chair, on the floor - in whatever position you find suitable.
The 'stone technique' is a great supplementary method to the counting meditation technique outlined above and can be used effectively in conjunction with it.This meditation method employs the use of the imagination.
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As you are using the counting meditation technique, imagine a stone that has just been thrown into the ocean. They are powerful methods to develop presence, focus and concentration that will carry over into all areas of your life.Having said that, be creative in making your way. To finish registering, please verify your email address by clicking the link provided in a Registration Confirmation message from The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings®. I often use counting when I first sit down to meditate in order to get me into the right frame of mind and to help me leave my everyday mind and thinking behind.Here's how this concentration technique works. Meditation is very personal and is about the relationship that you develop between you and your mind. There may be spelling or transliteration errors and we are grateful to know about them, so we can correct them.
With each out-breath and as you count - onnnnnnnnea€¦ imagine yourself as this stone - sinking into the sea. Methods that work for others may not work for you.Feel free to adapt a technique or use it in a slightly different way than recommended. Check your email address for an email from The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings® (should be sent momentarily), and click the link provided in that email.?Report an IssuePlease give us some information about the issue you've found below.

As you begin to practice counting you will quickly discover that it's not enough to tell yourself that you are going to count from 1 to 10. Twwwwwwwoa€¦you continue to sinka€¦threeeeeeeeea€¦deeper and deeper you go.As the stone sinks, it cuts through the currents and turbulence it encounters on the way.
This is not only allowed, it's encouraged, on one condition - that you give the methods and yourself a fair chance to experience the effects before you pass judgement.Let your own experience be the ultimate guide in what to accept and what to reject. You'll find that your out-breath naturally lengthens as you relax and slip into deeper concentration.
Beginners who are new to meditation may be subconsciously attracted to its practice as a means of bring more choice into their lives. The key to beginners meditation is to methodically build-up your powers of concentration and focus. In learning how to meditate for beginners this is all you really need to do as well.Just let the mind go and sink deeper and deeper into yourself. Once you are able to complete one such cycle, work on completing two in a row; then threea€¦foura€¦five, etc.
Completing five continuous cycles of one to ten counts is usually a good point to jump off into pure meditation. Five cycles is an arbitrary number of course and it is important to know that you can 'jump off' into pure meditation at any time.
If you try, and see that you are getting distracted, simply return to the counting meditation technique to regain your ground.The number of counting cycles to complete before entering a 'meditative state' will differ from person to person and even from one sitting to the next. You will lose track of your counting and find yourself drifting off into the world of the mind. Once you feel that your mind has settled somewhat, and that you aren't constantly being pulled off on tangents, it may be time to simply stop counting and just let yourself be. This is not unusual - this is the practice!When you realize that you have lost count and that you have become distracted, you return to counting from the beginning - starting again from number one.
The aim is to be able to complete a full cycle from one to ten without distraction.Remember, what we are doing here is training the mind to focus and concentrate. Or maybe you'll even be tempted to think that this meditation stuff 'just doesn't work for me'.

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