If I must take meds at night either at home or in the hospital, I have found that taking a few bites of a banana will keep the stomach calm. Sometimes when the bleeding becomes heavy—using a Tampax in the nasal passage will help collect the blood until it stops.  (Probably not something you want to do in public, but is useful).
Maxi pads are very absorbant and can be used for profuse bleeding until the person gets medical help.  Children, particularily teens, aren’t crazy about this idea, but it is better than a wad of kleenex at absorbing blood. A woman’s breasts get bigger during pregnancy because they are getting ready to make milk for the baby. During the last months of pregnancy, a watery, yellowish fluid may leak out of the nipples.
Swelling in the feet may improve if the woman puts her feet up for a few minutes at least 2 or 3 times a day, eats fewer packaged foods that are very salty, and drinks more water or fruit juices. Swollen blue veins that appear in the legs or on the woman’s genitals are called varicose veins. If the swollen veins are around the genitals, they can cause bleeding problems if they tear during birth.
Home or plant remedies that soften the stool or make it slippery (like remedies made from psillium seed or certain fruits or fiber plants) may also help. If you have heard of other remedies, ask an experienced health worker whether they are safe. Needing to urinate (pee) often is normal, especially in the first and last months of pregnancy. If urinating hurts, itches, or burns, the woman may have a bladder infection or a vaginal infection.
Changes in the discharge can be a sign of an infection if the discharge is gray, green, lumpy, or has a bad smell, or if the vagina itches or burns. But if a woman is also weak and tired, or if she is short of breath all of the time, she should be checked for signs of sickness, heart problems, anemia, or poor diet. Feeling hot is very common, and as long as there are no other warning signs (such as signs of bladder infection), the woman should not worry. The mask of pregnancy is a name for dark-colored areas that may appear on the face, breasts, and belly of some pregnant women.

A pregnant woman’s body gets soft and loose so the baby can get bigger, and so she can give birth. It is normal to have mild cramps (like mild monthly bleeding cramps) at times during the first 3 months of pregnancy. Cramps that are regular (come and go in a pattern) or constant (always there), are very strong or painful, or come with spotting or bleeding are warning signs. Encourage husbands, children, other family members, or friends to massage the woman’s back. A woman can also do an exercise — called the angry cat exercise — to reduce lower back pain. To prevent more cramps, a woman should not point her toes (even when stretching), and she should eat more foods high in calcium and potassium.
Headaches late in pregnancy are a warning sign of pre-eclampsia, especially if there is also high blood pressure or swelling of the face or hands. Swelling of the feet is usually not dangerous, but severe swelling when the mother wakes up in the morning, or swelling of the hands and face anytime, can be signs of pre-eclampsia.
This happens because the growing womb presses against the bladder (the place where the body stores urine).
Be sure to treat these infections right away — they can cause early labor and other problems. When a woman is on her back, the weight of the womb presses on the big blood vessels that bring food and oxygen to the baby. This is because the growing baby crowds the mother’s lungs and she has less room to breathe.
She can dress in cool clothes, bathe frequently, and drink plenty of water and other fluids. The weight of the baby, the womb, and the waters puts a strain on the woman’s bones and muscles.
Headaches may stop if the mother rests and relaxes more, drinks more juice or water, or gently massages her temples.
If the swollen veins are in the legs, they may feel better if the mother puts her feet up often.

These work by making the bowels tighten or contract — and they may cause labor to start too soon.
Some women say it helps to soak a clove of garlic in vegetable oil and then insert it into the anus.
It is so common that some midwives joke: “A man who cannot find his pregnant wife should wait near the place where she urinates. If the mother wants to be on her back, she should put something behind her so she is not lying completely flat. And sometimes the baby’s head bounces against the mother’s back or bladder during the last weeks of pregnancy. Her family can also help by doing some of the heavy work (carrying small children, washing clothes, farming, and milling grain) for her. To stop the cramp: flex the foot (point it upward) and then gently stroke the leg to help it relax (do not stroke hard).
It is better for a pregnant woman with migraines to take 500 to 1000 milligrams paracetamol, and rest in a dark room. The woman should try to avoid getting constipated by eating a lot of fruit and vegetables and drinking plenty of fluids. A woman may be able to avoid dark areas on her face by wearing a hat when she goes out in the sun.
But if the mother feels no movement for more than a day and a night, there may be a problem. Although coffee and black tea are usually not healthy in pregnancy, they are OK occasionally and they may help cure a migraine.

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