Recall that positively charged ions retain the element name in compounds, while negatively charged elemental ions are given the -ide ending. A Periodic Table is provided with Hi (red), Lo (gray) and Intermediate (green) Electronegativities indicated to aid in prediting ionic vs. The -ide ending indicates phosphide is the elemental anion (negatively charged ion) for phosphorous, so we will have to add electrons. Looking at the Periodic Table, P is in Group 5, so valence electrons on P = 5, so will add 3 electrons to get the phosphide ion with a -3 charge (alternately, we can determine the charge by subtrating 8 from the group number, 5 - 8 = -3).
The -ide ending indicates bromide is the elemental anion (negatively charged ion) for bromine, so we will have to add electrons.

Rubidium keeps its elemental name so it is the elemental cation (positively charged ion), while fluoride is the elemental anion for fluorine. Recall we must show an octet (or duet for Period I) in the outer-most shell (valence electrons). If S e- = 6y + 2 where y = # atoms other than H, then octet rule is followed with single bonds only. In addition to these exercises you should familiarize yourself with the materials in your text and lab manual. For covalent compounds the more positive (less electronegative) element is usually given the element name, while the more electronegative element is given the -ide ending.

When this does not occur with single electron pairs (bonds) between atoms can sometimes make it happen with multiple bonds.

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