I bring much to my Gold Coast life coaching this includes my work as both a Gold Coast Chiropractor and Kinesiologist. A certified life coach helps you to focus, identify your goals, track your progress and stay motivated along the way.  A life coach helps you stay on track – not just with your long-range goals, but with your monthly, weekly and daily goals. When you have a professionally trained life coach working with you, you have a trained support coach – someone who knows what to do, knows how to guide you and who stays with you, helping you get through the obstacles and reach your goals. Every life coaching session is carefully structured to make the session easy and enjoyable while guiding you, step by step toward the practical achievement of each of your goals.
Tammy has been coming along side children, youth and families offering motivation, inspiration, and education for the last 12 years. Tammy’s life’s purpose of helping people find their greatness within by teaching effective strategies and tools to make effective change has been extremely rewarding. Geared 4 More Derek Scott is the co-founder and CEO of Geared 4 More Life Coaching and is committed to utilizing his life’s experiences to serve those that are ready for a positive shift in their life.
As a certified life coach, I help people identify goals in their personal and professional lives.
As a trained Life SHIFT Coach, I can help you identify, create, and set off on the journey you need to achieve a more fulfilling life. After using this information to bring about changes in my own life, I’ve become incredibly passionate about helping others do the same!
Marie Padgett, In-TAC Life CoachingCongratulations on taking the first step at looking at a life coach--you ARE worth it! Before I became a Life Coach, I spent 25 years working as a Registered Nurse and I noticed that people’s attitudes and outlooks had a huge impact on their health and quality of life. I decided to make use of my observations and become a Life Coach, helping people create a life they love to live – a healthier, happier, dream-fulfilling life.

Whatever stage you are at in your life, Life Coaching can help you to Live the Life You Imagine. I coach a range of people from their 20’s just finding their feet to baby boomers stepping out into a new phase in their lives.
Feedback From The Clients11 Apr 2013 1:29 PMWhat a Spectacular ReadAfter many many years of unhappiness the door opened for me in understanding myself in relationships in all areas of my life.
She’s been featured in social media such as television, newspaper, and radio for her passion in early education, family services, and programs. Her passion to live life on purpose and come along side all people to find a solution, make a decision, and get into action is her main focus for starting her Geared 4 More Certified Life Coaching practice. Through life coaching, Derek assists individuals to live life on purpose by finding solutions to their problems and encouraging them into action. By asking the right questions, we will find the solution, make a decision and form a plan of action to achieve those goals and dreams! I’m a normal person, just like you, who has personally struggled with many of the same issues my clients face. I firmly believe that ANYONE can achieve the results they desire, once they learn a few simple things and make the shift.
I’ve noticed that during their pregnancy many women become unhappy with their body and their careers. It is empowering to have someone who believes in you; who comes along side you and pushes you to see yourself differently. I am an active learner and believe that on-going training will help me maintain the highest standards possible for my client’s benefit.
As co-founder, Tammy shares her passion with her husband of 16 years, Derek, in their hometown.

In addition to his passion for life coaching, he is currently leading an effort to form a non-profit organization that is geared towards helping youths.
By working on myself over the years, I’ve stumbled across the most effective ways to create powerful, permanent change in myself and others.
Almost every success story has a coach, advisor, or counsellor behind them, helping, guiding, cheering or just holding them accountable.
My job as an I-thrive life coach is to help you unlock the potential that you already have in order to achieve the things you have always wanted but haven't yet achieved.
Together they believe that our ability to find security in the crises of our lives comes down to the amount of FAITH we have. Derek has been in Law Enforcement since 1997 and is now a Sergeant with the Sheriff’s Office. Together we can solve these issues by overcoming your fears, learning to enjoy physical exercise, and understanding the importance of nutrition for you and your child. While in Law Enforcement he has dealt with and led programs relating to gangs, child abuse, homicides, rapes, and sexual abuse. We work on setting realistic goals and always keeping a positive mental attitude which is necessary for emotional health. Derek is a true leader, which is why you will always find him creating movements in whatever he has his hands on.

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