At My Life’s Work, our foremost goal is to support you in both your design of a career path and, ultimately, your identification of a  “job” (or jobs for some) that is purposeful and capitalizes on your areas of competence and confidence. This final point is a most important one.  Sometimes we are our own worst enemies when it comes to creating the optimal conditions for a career change. The length of a coaching engagement depends on your goals and your needs for coaching before, during, and after your transition.  We work to design a coaching plan that suits you!
You can also check out an August 8, 2011 article (A New Game Plan) in the Washington Post Express about Mimi’s career coaching work. In his teenage years, Peter played both Basketball and Baseball for Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church CYO. Upon his High School Graduation he was awarded an Athletic Scholarship for X-Country and Track to Murray State University in Kentucky. The most significant event at this point in his life was the birth of his son in August, 1967. He accepted a physical education teaching position at Apponequet Regional High School in Lakeville, MA for school year 1967-1968. In the fall of 1967 he convinced the Athletic Director to add a Mena€™s X-Country team to Apponequet Regional High School. Before the next school began, in August, Peter experienced another life changing event, the birth of his second child, a beautiful daughter. The beginning of the 1968 school year at Apponequet Peter expanded his coaching ability and became Head Coach Mena€™s Track & Field. In November of 1969 he and his family moved to a new home in East Freetown, MA only a few miles from Apponequet Regional High School. Summer vacations were spent as Director of Clear Pond in Lakeville, MA from 1969-1987 where he introduced an annual Flea Market, Blooper Ball, which is still played today, and swimming lessons just to name a few. In late 1974 he developed stress related ulcers due to juggling multiple positions and family responsibilities. In the fall of 1982 he became Head Coach of Womena€™s Field Hockey at Apponequet and earned league championship in 1983 with an overall record 32-12-9. In 1982 he became Assistant Pitching Coach for University of Connecticut Womena€™s Fastpitch Softball Team. During his tenure at Apponequet he continued his education and became Director of Physical Education, Athletic Director and served as Acting Assistant Principal. David and Nathan are all over the place in this week’s episode as they discuss the Kentucky Derby, the hot starts from the Cubs and White Sox and Bartolo Colon, 42, who hit his first home run this past weekend. David and Nathan are all over the place in this week's episode as they discuss the Kentucky Derby, the hot starts from the Cubs and White Sox and Bartolo Colon, 42, who hit his first home run this past weekend. Even without catcher Miguel Montero, outfielder Jason Heyward and later Matt Szczur, the Chicago Cubs’ depth came through in their three-game division showdown in Pittsburgh.
Coach Joe Maddon kept the clubhouse loose on their latest road trip by sporting a goofy dress code. Baez’s batting average rose to .341 after going 5 for 12 with 3 RBIs- two of them coming in Wednesday’s finale. Lester and Hammel’s excellence has been outshined by Arrieta,- 6-0 record, 0.84 ERA and a no-hitter- to say the least. In Wednesday’s victory, Lester experienced deja vu when the ball got stuck in the webbing of his glove while fielding a comebacker for the second year in a row. Bryant went 5 for 12 with one RBI in the series, extending the 2015 Rookie of the Year’s hitting streak to 10 games. In the absence of Montero, David Ross and Tim Federowicz, who was recently called up, took his place. Good news for Chicago, as Maddon is optimistic Heyward, sore right wrist, will return to action for a pivotal series at home vs. At the moment, the Cubs, 20-6, lead the NL Central by six games, they’ve won seven of their last eight and are off to their best start since 1907. There are so many great story lines to follow with this Cubs team right now – Dexter Fowler’s hot start, Anthony Rizzo’s improving numbers, the way the Cubs are (already) running away from the rest of the NL Central – but before we get too far ahead of ourselves, I want to take a step back to smell the proverbial roses. That’s something I’ve made a promise to myself to do this season – to simply enjoy the ride. Arrieta is the first Cubs pitcher since Mordecai “Three-Finger” Brown in 1908 to start his season 6-0.
Arrieta is currently riding the fourth-longest winning streak for a pitcher in MLB history at 17.
The Cubs are currently scoring 6.12 runs per game – just shy of a half-run more than the next-closest team (St. The Cubs are leading the majors in walks with 139, which is 21 more than the next-closes team (Pittsburgh).
The Cubs are currently – based on who has played this season – the second-youngest team in the NL at 27.8 years. The Cubs currently lead the league in defensive efficiency (percentage of balls put in play converted to outs) at .734. The Cubs have the third-best strikeout-to-walk ratio (for pitchers) in all of baseball at 3.44. The Cubs currently have a run differential of +93 through 26 games, meaning they out-score their opponents by an average of 3.5 runs per game. With a record of 20-6 over the first 26 games, the Cubs are on pace for a season record of 125-37. Dexter Fowler’s .470 OBP leads the league by a margin of 16 points over Odubel Herrera of Philadelphia.
The Cubs lead all of baseball in run-scoring percentage (the percentage of the time a baserunner eventually comes around to score) at 37 percent. It’s unfortunate that injuries exist—that some of the top teams have to go into the playoffs not at full strength.
The Golden State Warriors were the favorites to win the championship coming into the playoffs. The Blazers were ranked as one of the bottom five teams during the preseason by many media outlets.
The Los Angeles Clippers held a 2-1 lead against Portland during Round 1, and seemed to be firing on all cylinders.
Golden State still has the superior team, and it showed it by protecting homecourt through its first two games. The playoffs have certainly been changed due to injury, and let’s not mention some of the officiating debacles we’ve seen in the past few game nights. Still, the favorites to come out of the Western Conference are the Spurs and Warriors, despite the Curry injury. If Oklahoma City advances, though, there will be no shortage of star power and high-powered offenses running back and forth. Injuries are impossible to predict, so let’s just hope and cross our fingers that no more major losses occur for the remaining eight teams.
As we anxiously await yet another outing from Jake Arrieta tonight in Pittsburgh, let’s take a moment to dive into a topic that I’ve been watching closely early this year: Jorge Soler.
After Kyle Schwarber’s injury, Soler was presented with a golden opportunity to really earn himself a regular starting gig (or, at least, as regular as a player can be on a Joe Maddon-coached team) in left field. The primary question, especially this early in the season, is whether those bad numbers are the result of some form of bad luck or whether he’s actually just struggling out there. That’s because if you look at the rest of his batted ball numbers, they’re really promising. So, if he’s swinging at better pitches, is better utilizing all fields and lifting the ball better than he ever has, why is he struggling so badly? David and Nathan talk about a very exciting 2016 NFL Draft,  Chris Sale and a pivotal week ahead for the North Siders. Northwestern football is determined to become a program that doesn’t just shell out student athletes with outstanding academic credentials. This year, coming off their best regular season record since 2012 and best conference record since 2000, the Wildcats had two guys drawing a lot of attention from NFL scouts in Dean Lowry and Dan Vitale, this year’s duo who were fortunate enough to hear their names called on draft day – Lowry in the 4th round, 137th overall, by the Green Bay Packers, and Vitale in the 6th round, 197th overall, by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Lowry, a native of Rockford, IL and a Bears fan, should have no problem changing allegiances as a member of one of the elite franchises in the NFL.
In the case of Vitale it was unclear where he would fit in the pro game despite his size, athleticism and skill set – but if any franchise would be able to find a way to get the most out of the former “superback”, it is Tampa Bay. The physical similarities are there – Alstott was 6’1”, 248lbs, Vitale comes in at 6’1”, 239lbs. Minutes after the draft concluded on Saturday, a couple other members of last season’s great defensive unit found homes with NFL teams via free agency.
With multiple players drafted in back-to-back drafts now, Northwestern is certainly on the path toward becoming a place to look for NFL talent again.
For our final installment of Northwestern basketball player grades for the 2015-2016 season we look to the Centers, where the Wildcats will see the most turnover of any of the position groups.
Olah’s Senior season didn’t go exactly as planned – he missed six games during conference play with a foot injury – but he still showed why he was one of Northwestern’s most valuable players in his four years. The injury to Olah forced Northwestern to burn Pardon’s red shirt ahead of schedule, and the youngster showed what he was capable of right away. Van Zegeren came to Northwestern as a fifth year transfer and some much needed depth behind Olah, but he was rarely able to produce they way they needed him to. The Chicago Bears came into Thursday night’s festivities with the 11th overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. Before they were on the clock, the Bears traded with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to move up to ninth in the draft. While some pundits say there were a lot better players to choose from, the duo is convinced they did no wrong. Still, he has quite an appealing resume and a nice set of attributes to bring to the table.
For what has been an offseason full of risks, it’s only fitting that Chicago is back at it again- this time with the NFL Draft.
While the Chicago Cubs own the Windy City spotlight, the ballclub on the other side of town is being overlooked. Remember when fans expressed concern over how the Adam LaRoche fiasco would affect the outcome of the team’s 2016 season? General Manager Rick Hahn is ecstatic as the organization is off to their best start since 2005- does that year ring a bell? Let’s start with newcomer Todd Frazier, who the franchise was fortunate to acquire in a three-team trade last December. And let’s not forget the fact that the White Sox have, at long last, developed a stable pitching staff.
Aside from Sale’s dominance, the heavily underrated Jose Quintana, 3-1 record and a 1.47 ERA, finally has run support. In the runs per game column, the ballclub has averaged only 3.73, which ranks 21st in the majors.
Former White Sox pitcher Jake Peavy said it best during spring training: Don’t sleep on the White Sox.
But now, as we near the end of April, the White Sox have garnered some attention not only in the city of Chicago, but in the Major League Baseball world as well.
While 22 games is certainly too small of a sample size to evaluate the additions and subtractions from a year ago, the Rick Hahn seems to have made a lot of the correct decisions this offseason.
I was surprised by how much suspicion and pessimism the Mat Latos signing stirred up during the offseason. After years of disappointments in the playoffs of not being able to get past the Western Conference Semifinals in the last four seasons, St. With that being said, the Blackhawks should hang their heads high for clawing their way back against the Blues.
Unfortunately, it just didn’t happen, and now the Blackhawks have the opportunity to spend the rest of the playoffs resting for next season, something they have not done in the last three years.
So after three consecutive years of making it far into the playoffs, this team could use some rest. Marian Hossa had an up and down season dealing with injuries and could use some rest, along with Corey Crawford who dealt with a concussion at the end of the season.
With that rest, the Blackhawks should be ready and refreshed by training camp to make another Stanley Cup run. But one key player who might not be back next season to make another Stanley Cup run is Andrew Shaw. Going into next season, Shaw could be wearing a different team’s sweater with the chance to sign with another team if they offer him a better deal than Chicago.
Shaw is one of those players who you hate if he is not on your team and a player who you love if he is on your team, and losing Shaw to another team could be a huge blow to this team, considering his veteran leadership. It’s disappointing that the Blackhawks got knocked out of the first round this season, but they will be back and fully rested next season as they look to add another Stanley Cup. David and Nathan Souhrada share their thoughts on the Blackhawks rallying from a 3-1 series deficit, a great start to the year for the Cubs and White Sox and another trade before the NFL Draft gets underway on Thursday.
Take a look down the list of the 295 no-nos in MLB history and you’ll find a lot of entries from pitchers who are spectacularly average for much – or all – of their careers. Even Arrieta’s Thursday night no-no is a great example of that: Arrieta is undoubtedly among the best – if not the best – pitchers in baseball, but his “stuff” last night looked pretty mediocre by his standards. His pitch count was pretty high by the fifth or sixth inning and he didn’t seem to have the control we’ve come to expect from him. None of this is intended to take anything away from his accomplishment, but rather point to the fact that while the no –hitter was a blast to watch and absolutely a great achievement, it alone does not even begin to speak to the phenomenal stretch that Arrieta is experiencing right now. Arrieta has now tossed an utterly ridiculous 24 consecutive quality starts (6 IP+, >3ER).
What Arrieta is doing right now, and has been doing since the middle of June last year, has quite literally – without exaggeration – never been done before in the history of Major League Baseball. The Chicago Blackhawks’ core players need to rise to the occasion if they hope to surmount a comeback down 3-1 in their first-round playoff series versus a St. Let’s start with the man who caught the NHL by storm during the regular season: point leader and Art Ross Trophy Winner Patrick Kane.
Throughout the series to-date, #88 has registered four points on four assists and has nothing to show for in the goals column. The Russian winger led all first-year players in points (77), goals (30) and assists (47) during the regular season campaign. Next, despite placing second in ice time among Blackhawks’ forwards, Captain Jonathan Toews has been virtually nonexistent. Plus, remember when fans were ecstatic after the Blackhawks reunited with former Winnipeg Jets captain Andrew Ladd at the deadline? Regardless of playing on the first line the whole series, Ladd has been a liability on the ice. Concerning the blue line, Trevor van Riesmdyk has been playing a bigger role this series and he has harmed the Blackhawks. One positive, however, is the impact defenseman Duncan Keith has made since returning from a six-game suspension.
With one game separating the Blackhawks from the offseason, now is the time for the primary players to show up. Wouldn’t you like to be that male role model that boys and young men aspire to be like? Being a great male role model will bring enormous personal rewards and, sometimes, external accolades. You’ve probably noticed that some people you know seem to have more positivity in their lives than others. You might have thought the people who seem to have so much spiritually, physically, and emotionally are just lucky. You may be surprised to learn that in order to invite abundance into your life, you can follow some fairly simple steps. As you begin to truly cherish your possessions and take care of your home, you’ll find yourself loving your world and your circumstances more than ever. Do you dream of being self-employed, but feel like you don’t have the money, knowledge, or skills to get a business going? Even when you commit to limiting your wasted time, it’s likely that curiosity becomes your downfall: Do I have a text message?
As human beings, we are almost universally less than stellar at evaluating risk and reward. Are you ever willing to bet $10 on a roulette wheel or the slot machine even though the odds are better than 50% that a loss will occur?
On the other hand, how willing are you to take social risks, like going up to an attractive member of the opposite sex and saying hello? For any big decision you’re currently facing, try walking through the quick exercise below and see if it gives you new perspective.
If you can learn to laugh at yourself and not take these types of things too seriously, you’ll be much better off.
So the next time you’re faced with a decision that involves your ego, think about the real risk involved rather than an imagined risk. The ability to compromise makes our lives and relationships run more smoothly, even if the concept sometimes seems challenging to implement. If you ever get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, you know how out of touch you can get with the things that really matter.
Each person has their own unique list of things that bring simple pleasure, feelings of pure joy, or just a sense of comfort each day. You can be grateful for physical blessings like where you live, the climate you reside in, or even your residence. The most important function of thankfulness is that it allows you to open your heart, mind, and soul to goodness, gratitude, and light. Each time you consciously decide to experience your thankfulness, you’ll feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Today, we’re focusing on the emotional aspects of trauma and what you can do to expedite your recovery. Focus on all the benefits you’ll receive and the ways in which your life will improve.
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I once again find myself spending a significant amount of time both reading and commenting. The Side Hustle Show is the podcast for part-time entrepreneurs who are looking for business ideas, actionable tips to start a business, and killer strategies on how to turn their side hustle dreams into a growing business.
Guests include Jon Acuff, Chris Ducker, Brian Clark, John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, and many Tim Ferriss and Gary Vaynerchuk proteges.
Carey Green had spent the last 20 years as a pastor, before making the leap into entrepreneurship.

Today Carey helps other aspiring mortgage brokers pass their certification exam, a test he says was the hardest he ever took. Then, as he studied to become a licensed mortgage broker, an idea took hold to put his study notes online. In this episode you’ll hear how Carey hustled to make it happen and the steps YOU can replicate in your own industry or niche. You may know Jason as the IWearYourShirt guy, where he earned over $1,000,000 wearing t-shirts for various companies. In this episode, he shares his tips for getting sponsors for your work, even if you're just starting out. Since then, I’ve experimented with several other sponsorship projects, including sponsored posts on this site and more recently, paid advertising on The Side Hustle Show.
You may know Jason as the IWearYourShirt guy, where he earned over $1,000,000 wearing t-shirts for various companies. In this episode, he shares his tips for getting sponsors for your work, even if you’re just starting out. In my recent annual member survey, one of the biggest challenges named was coming up with the right side hustle idea. We actually recorded this a live Blab hangout (my first ever!), and may try and do similar sessions in the future. This is the second in what will (at least) be a 2-part series on side hustlers earning income from their land investment endeavors. In addition, Chris does the occasional cash flip and also has more than $70,000 worth of land payments under contract.
In episode 108 of The Side Hustle Show last year, we met Mark Podolsky, a real estate investor specializing in raw land. Tune in to hear Chris’ tactics for sourcing deals, finding buyers, and setting up his land business for recurring passive income. How to use public information to find leads (and how Chris has trained a virtual assistant to do much of this legwork for him). In episode 108 of The Side Hustle Show last year, we met Mark Podolsky, a real estate investor specializing in raw land. Josh has actually been investing in real estate for over 10 years, but accelerated his land-investing efforts after hearing Mark on the show last year. Tune in to hear Josh’s tactics for sourcing deals, finding buyers, and setting up his land business for recurring passive income. I know it’s a good episode when I hang up the call buzzing like I should totally start this! The time commitment needed to run this business as a side hustle to his Army job and Enduring Charity work. We've talked about Uber and Airbnb before, but there are literally hundreds of different platforms where you can put your buy buttons.
These app-powered peer-to-peer transactions are unlocking an estimated $300 billion in economic activity by 2025. We’ve talked about Uber and Airbnb before, but there are literally hundreds of different platforms where you can put your buy buttons.
Tune in to hear about several promising platforms and Glenn’s top tips for side hustlers getting started down this path. We chat content, traffic, and monetization strategies, as well as how he manages the business in his spare time. How he added a forum to the site to address questions one-to-many instead of one-to-one (and build an archive of user-generated content in the process).
Kenny Azama has worked with massive global brands like Nike, Samsung, Apple, Chevrolet, and Coca Cola, but he's not an ad agency or a top secret marketing mogul. Kenny Azama has worked with massive global brands like Nike, Samsung, Apple, Chevrolet, and Coca Cola, but he’s not an ad agency or a top secret marketing mogul. When we caught up, Kenny was in the middle of a cross-country RV tour for a pet care brand, earning $2k a week! But not every brand ambassador gig requires this kind of full-time commitment, and many can be done on your schedule part-time, nights and weekends. Kenny is so in love with this income stream he’s actually built an online platform dedicated to helping people learn more about the opportunity. Gina Horkey has come highly recommended by a number of listeners, and I’ve seen her work what seems like “all over the Internet” for the past couple years so I’m excited to finally connect and bring her on the show. She’s a freelance writer extraordinaire, but also a virtual assistant, and someone who now helps others follow in her footsteps. Gina successfully built her freelance writing and virtual assistant business to be earning several thousand dollars a month; enough to quit her day job and go full-time. In this call, we chat pinpointing a service you can offer, finding your first clients, pricing your services, and growing the business and expanding into more time-leveraged income streams. Jon is a former attorney turned full-time entrepreneur, and he's the master of building high quality niche blogs and monetizing them to $10k-20k per month in record time. We've covered niche sites in the past, but the type of sites Jon focuses on are a different animal. Jon is a former attorney turned full-time entrepreneur, and he’s the master of building high quality niche blogs and monetizing them to $10k-20k per month in record time.
On the call, we use the example of a snow sports site, which in years past may have been considered too broad.
Parenthood has got me thinking, every BIG victory is built on the back of a ton of mini victories. We all want the BIG win; quit our jobs, passive income, early retirement, location-independence, whatever it is. Phil's built up a HUGE library of more than 50 online courses and teaches more than 130,000 students. In this episode we chat about how he comes up with course ideas, how he structures his content, and he markets his material, along of course with the tech he uses to get it all done. Teaching online is a fantastic way to earn money from your experience, skills, and expertise - Phil's built up a HUGE library of more than 50 online courses and teaches more than 130,000 students. His own ecommerce empire has grown to $400k per month in revenue -- yes, per month -- and he's the founder of the popular Jungle Scout software tool that helps make the product research process faster and easier.
In this call we dive into his specific sales criteria and next steps in evaluating a product's profit potential and how to bring it to market on Amazon. In April, he mentioned he'd also started selling products on Amazon FBA using the clearance arbitrage model Travis Scott shared on the show. While at Clear Pond a tragic accident took the life of Roy Caliri, a lifeguard for Clear Pond. He found himself managing coaches and student athletes and not having much to do with the students themselves. After leaving Stoughton Public School System he continued private Softball pitching lessons in his attached garage. Throughout his diagnosis and treatment, Peter wanted to ensure that his experience would, somehow, contribute to the advancement of research, and eventual cure, for this deadly form of cancer. Maddon told the crew, “If you think you look hot, you wear it.” Evidently, his unconventional leadership paid off. And they did it in dominating fashion, outscoring Pittsburgh 20-5 and allowing only five runs on 15 hits. Rizzo leads the majors in RBIs, 27, and is enjoying a eight-game hitting streak- which in large part is thanks to opening up his batting stance. So, before we get too far ahead of ourselves and start worrying about division standings, potential additions at the trade deadline or any number of other regular-season anxieties, let’s take a moment to just soak in the awesomeness that has been the first 26 games of the 2016 season.
The all-time leader is Carl Hubbell, who won 24 straight between July 17, 1936-May 27, 1937.
That puts them on pace to finish the year with a run differential of 579, which would be the best in the history of baseball by a margin of 168 (!!) runs. That’s better – in each of those categories – than these players (and many, many more): Dee Gordon, Ryan Zimmerman, Freddie Freeman, Jason Kipnis, Carlos Beltran, Josh Reddick, Jose Abreu, Yasiel Puig, David Wright and Justin Upton.
Stephen Curry suffered an MCL sprain that has held him out of action since the first half of Game 1. Losing four of their starters, including All-Star forward LaMarcus Aldridge, wasn’t going to be easy to overcome.
Chris Paul would’ve been a much tougher matchup for Shaun Livingston than Houston’s Patrick Beverly, and Griffin and DeAndre Jordan would cause the same problems they cause for everyone else in the league. However, there is a likelihood Curry misses the entire series despite his desire to return as soon as Game 3, per ESPN. The Blazers can make a competitive push in this series, especially if Lillard and McCollum are firing on all cylinders.
The NBA’s Officiating Report revealed there were eight incorrect non-calls in the final two minutes—five in the last 13 seconds—of Game 2 between the San Antonio Spurs and the Oklahoma City Thunder. The emergence of Matt Sczcur as a legit big league hitter early this season has taken some playing time away from Soler, but thus far the young Cuban outfielder has yet to really produce. Going into the season, one of the things we knew about Soler was that among his primary issues was his propensity to hit ground balls. Going into Tuesday night, his line drive percentage is right around league average (20%), while his ground ball rate has reduced drastically from last season (down to 33.3 percent). That tells me that a lot of those positive strides he’s made are being overshadowed by what is some downright rotten luck.
Last season was the first time since 2012 that Northwestern had players taken in the NFL Draft, when the Cleveland Browns took Ibraheim Campbell in the 4th round and the Denver Broncos took Trevor Siemian in the 7th round. The Packers are an organization that values and develops their draft picks, with roughly 70% of their roster last season coming from their own pool of draft picks.
After all, this is the franchise that revolutionized the fullback position for a decade when they drafted Mike Alstott in 1996. And while Vitale wasn’t used much out of the backfield as a rusher at Northwestern, his ability to pick up yards after the catch showed us he has the ability to both find holes and break tackles.
His size and hands should make him a valuable asset for Jameis Winston, a big target out of the backfield to hit when he’s forced outside of the pocket and nothing is available downfield, as well as a big back to spell Doug Martin in short yardage situations. Traveon Henry will join his fellow Wildcat Vitale as a member of the Buccaneers, while Deonte Gibson will have a chance to face-off with former teammate turned divisional foe Lowry as a member of the Detroit Lions. The last time Northwestern had a player drafted before the 4th round was in 2005, when the San Diego Charges selected defensive end Louis Castillo with the 28th pick in the 1st round. Senior Alex Olah and fifth year Senior Joey Van Zegeren will be gone, leaving the bulk of the job to this year’s red shirt Freshman Dererk Pardon.
He played well on Northwestern’s Spain trip last summer, but it did not translate to NCAA play.
Sights were set on Clemson’s Shaq Lawson, Ohio State product Ezekiel Elliott or even an additional arm. The man needs to bulk up and gain some muscle, as he will be competing against the variety of beefy offensive lineman the league has to offer. As well, closer David Robertson has eight saves under his belt and Nate Jones has a franchise-leading seven holds on the year. Returner Jose Abreu isn’t helping the cause nor playing like he’s worth his 68-million dollar contract. Just one month ago, the city of Chicago was consumed by Blackhawks playoffs excitement and the anticipation of the Cubs beginning their quest for the World Series.
The team’s 16-6 start might be a surprise, but many are aware that the Sox are off to their best start since 2005 – a year that no White Sox fan will ever forget. Actually, it’s been a long time since the Sox have been this successful at any point of the season.
One of his goals was to address the team’s defense, and Sox currently rank 2nd in overall defensive efficiency. Louis Blues in the first round of the playoffs, the Blackhawks gave their fans everything they could hope for, a chance at advancing to the next round of the playoffs after trailing 3-1 in the series.
They never gave up on the series after trailing 3-1 and forced the Blues to a Game 7, they fought through adversity without defenseman Duncan Keith in Game 1 and right wing Andrew Shaw in Game 5, and they played good hockey away from home. Louis has a legitimate team to advance past the Dallas Stars in the Western Conference Semifinals, and even advancing to the Stanley Cup Championship. After trailing 3-1 in the series, everyone knew it was going to be a difficult task to win three games in a row, but being in that position three years ago when they trailed the Detroit Red Wings 3-1 in the Western Conference Semifinals, the Blackhawks had confidence in themselves that they could get it done again. Their top defensemen, Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook, are both at the end of their prime years, with Keith being 32-years-old and Seabrook being 31-years-old. And even though Shaw does not bring a lot of offense to the table, he brings a lot of toughness to the team.
Without a doubt, they’re one of the most exciting achievements in sports – second only, in my opinion, to perfect games and maybe late-round playoff walk-offs and buzzer-beaters. In fact, I’d venture to say the no-no is among the least impressive things about Arrieta’s current stretch. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever even put up those kinds of numbers in MLB The Show when I’ve created my own “perfect” player (who bears a strange resemblance to me.
Not during the deadball era, not during the primes of players like Pedro Martinez or Bob Gibson, not ever. You know, the numbers that were so good they played a major role in changing the height of the mound. I sincerely hope that everyone lucky enough to be experiencing the greatness that is Arrieta during this stretch understands that they can’t miss an inning, an at bat or a pitch. For a right winger who scored the second most goals in the league, 46, during the 2015-16 tenure, he has to start getting pucks in the net. Panarin has struggled to score on Elliott on all but one of his 16 shots on net this series. Last time around in the first round of the 2015 postseason, Toews scored three goals and five assists through six games. The two-time Norris Trophy winner leads the group in goals (3) and is tied for first in points (4).
Recognize that you’ll hamper your efforts to invite abundance into your life if you keep spending money frivolously on random stuff. Your concerns might be unfounded – and grounded in some of the common myths about self-employment. If you choose a business that includes passive, recurring income, you won’t necessarily have to put in a lot of time working once you get going. Generally, you can make it whatever you want it to be, which will make your stress level only as high as you find acceptable.
You can even start a business on the side and continue working your regular job until your new business is bringing in enough income to replace it. Consider how often you really need to check these distractions and make a schedule for them. Yet not many people will take this perceived risk even though this is a nearly perfect situation: very low risk and very high reward potential. You can either laugh now and smile when you get older, or you can kick yourself when you get older because you squandered so many opportunities.
The average person’s aversion to embarrassing himself is a huge handicap to reaping all the great things that life has to offer. Here are some of the advantages of compromising as well as some techniques for finding middle ground.
Stay true to yourself while being open to making accommodations that create better solutions in our private and public lives.
But you actually have plenty of things to be grateful for, regardless of the circumstances in which you may find yourself. Open your eyes and mind to the people, places, things, and experiences you’re grateful for.
Take some time to look back at your life and see if there are any old hurts that could use your attention.
You can think of the motivation as the motor in your boat and the resistance as the wave you’re trying to power over. Consider that perhaps they’ve had a lot more practice, or have been in environments that helped them cultivate those skills. You might even meet another introvert like yourself, and you can learn the ropes together and share a lot of mirth about it along the way! Ten years from now you’ll remember the canoe trip you took, not the online chat you had. Changing yourself is always a little uncomfortable, but if you believe you can change, you’re halfway there.
Even if you take small steps, as long as you continue, you can accomplish almost anything over time with the help and the wisdom of Life Coaching Scrolls. Reward, Gratitude, Healing Yourself After a Trauma, How to be a Great Male Role Model, Inefficiency, Life Coaching, Technology by Podcasting Guide. We cover all aspects of starting a business and making money (online and offline), including small business marketing, sales, websites, social media marketing, blogging, time management, and more.
As he studied to become a licensed mortgage broker, an idea took hold to put his study notes online. That business, which actually derives most of its traffic from YouTube, generates $1000 a week! A friend asked him for some audio editing help, and he couldn’t help but notice the rapid rise in popularity of podcasting.
It’s a great example of combining The Piggyback Principal with what people are already asking you for help with.
He's even sold his last name (twice -- each for $40k+), formerly going as Jason Surfrapp and Jason Headsetsdotcom. If you don’t want to toil as a freelancer or build your own products, one interesting way to cash in on your work is to attract sponsors. I shared the event in our SH Nation Facebook group and was excited to see about a dozen people stop by while we were live. He called it “The Best Passive Income Model,” because there are no products to build, no tenants or toilets, and you can start without a huge upfront investment. The first is my friend Josh Brooks, an Army Battalion Commander and founder of The Enduring Charity Foundation. At that time, he was earning $3-4k a month from a portfolio of different sites, and looking to expand his online empire. You win it one quarter at a time, one possession at a time, one down at a time, one yard at a time. As someone who is, shall we say, less-than-savvy when it comes to mechanics, I was impressed. While he now focuses on his business full-time, he hit the 6-figure income mark before leaving his day job.
She was a joy to behold He loved her with all his heart and cherished every moment spent with her.

Roy Caliri was also a former member of Petea€™s X-Country team at Apponequet Regional High School.
Activities including basketball, swimming, gymnastics and more were included in the program. Over 300 girls have the honor of calling themselves a a€?Garage Girl.a€? Also, continued coaching at the University of Connecticut until 2011. Who’s developing, what moves are on the horizon, where people fit into the “long-term plan.” But this year, I think we all knew that we were in for something special, whether that meant a trip to the fall classic or just one hell of a baseball season.
Already, there are so many amazing stats, numbers and other tidbits that are floating around regarding this team. That means that the Cubs have won the last 23 games in which they have provided Arrieta with at least one hit of support. Next up for Arrieta is Roger Clemens, who won 20 straight between June 3, 1998-June 1, 1999. Stephen Curry was lights out for an entire 82 games, shattering his own three-point record and becoming the first player to ever knock down 400 long-range shots.
Still, Golden State easily handled the Houston Rockets in five games and now head to the conference semi-finals to face off against the Portland Trail Blazers. Without Curry’s 30 points per game, the Warriors were likely to run into some problems considering LA is just a better overall team than the Rockets. Lillard is a big-time scorer, and he even handed the Warriors one of their nine losses during the regular season when he led the Blazers with a 51-point outburst. Head coach Steve Kerr remains patient while his MVP rehabs, and rightfully so as the Warriors have shown they can win without Curry. The Blazers’ dynamic backcourt averaged over 55 points against the Warriors during the regular.
If San Antonio advances, we could be seeing the greatest playoff matchup of all time, just in terms of regular-season record and performance. To this point in his career, not surprisingly, Soler has done most of his damage on fastballs. He’s clearly implementing the changes the coaching staff has been working with him to implement, and the results are evident if you dive into his numbers. With the retirement of B.J Raji, the Packers were looking to upgrade their defense in the draft and Lowry will be a great fit for Green Bay’s system, with an ideal frame to play 5-technique defensive end in the Packers’ 3-4 system.
One player many expected to be picked was Nick VanHoose, who will still likely receive a camp invite, is still unclaimed as this story is being written. But with the emergence of young players like Justin Jackson and Anthony Walker, it may only be a matter of time before we see Wildcats taken again on Day One. Olah’s shoes will be the most difficult to fill on the roster and in the locker room, and while his Senior season skidded a bit when he broke his foot toward the end of the year, he still showed why he is one of the best big men ever to play for Northwestern. This year he became the 33rd player in school history to reach 1,000 career points, and even played through his broken foot just so that he could finish off his farewell tour on the court instead of the bench.
And general manager Ryan Pace took a risk, giving up a fourth round selection to select Georgia outside linebacker Leonard Floyd- a make-it or break-it type player. The 23-year-old made a name for himself, as he led the team in sacks each year and earned Georgia’s defensive MVP honor his sophomore season in 2014. The Bears’ defense has lacked speed and agility in the past; they have finally found a guy to change the tide. Frazier recorded two hits in Chicago’s series finale at the Rogers Centre on Wednesday, where the White Sox brought out the brooms versus the Toronto Blue Jays for the first time since 2005. For a man whose career has been plagued with injuries, Latos is playing the best baseball of his career. We’re only four weeks into the season, but this group is proving to be a tough team to beat. This is also the first time the team has had a winning record after their first 22 games since 2009.
He is always in front of the net trying to screen the goalie and is always willing to get into a fight to stand up for his teammates. But what makes no-hitters so odd is that it’s not always the best pitchers that throw them.
The point is that a no-hitter is something that has just about as much to do with luck as pure talent in most cases. Among the very first things he said to Len Kasper and Jim Deshaies was that he was “messy” right from the start – and that was the truth.
Or, to put it another way, after Bob Gibson’s dominant 1968 season, the league felt that his dominance was so complete that they needed to lower the mound to give hitters a chance.
Because I’d put money on it that this run – however long it ends up lasting, whether it ends in his next start or 10 starts from now – is something we will never, ever see again. Perhaps the worst part about it is the top players aren’t providing an edge in these contests.
At this point, fans wonder if the guy was even worth giving up on 21-year-old Marko Dano and a couple of draft picks.
The 37-year-old three-time Stanley Cup winner only totaled 13 goals and 33 points in 64 games this season, though. The rookie defenseman had two costly turnovers in game 4 which resulted in goals by Blues’ forwards Jaden Schwartz and Alexander Steen.
Aside from Keith, Brent Seabrook and Erik Gustafsson are the only defenseman to have recorded a point in the playoffs- that has to change. When you feel like you can do anything you set your mind to, you’re said to have confidence. When you allow time in your busy schedule to socialize with your friends, you’ll have a more relaxed way of moving in the world. Usually, boys and young men can relate to each other best when there’s humor and joking around involved.
By nature, kids are curious about what kind of work men do and how that work is accomplished. Although some kids might ooh and ahh if you can bench-press 200 pounds, your role as a male role model is to illustrate that men have all kinds of different talents, skills, and interests.
However, great things can happen to you, too, and there are specific actions you can take to attract positivity and invite more prosperity into your own life!
When you keep all the things you own in order, everyday living is easier and less stressful.
Whether you pass along magazines you’ve already looked at or clothing that no longer fits, spread some of the abundance you have already. When you work for yourself, you can create whatever work environment you choose, you can have greater stability over the long-term, and you have more control over your hours. A mere 10 minutes of time each day, 5 days a week, is equivalent to a 40-hour workweek each year. Pulling away from your regular work to check your email costs you more time than just what you use to pull up your email account and read. By informing the appropriate people of your plan, you can be sure they’ll adapt and nothing critical will be missed. If you emphasize the positive aspects of something and minimize the downside, you’re likely to take that action. Or do you tell yourself that it’s no big deal and that at the very least they’ll probably be flattered? Cultivating our relationships is usually far more valuable than coming out ahead on any particular decision. Think carefully before making a serious compromise so you’ll feel confident that you can live with it. Once you spell out the terms you can abide by, assume responsibility for the choices you’ve made. A sunset, a warm cup of tea, or an ice-cold glass of water when you get home from work can be great reasons to feel gratitude. If you find you’re having difficulty remembering to notice the things that stir your inner thankfulness, perhaps starting a gratitude journal would help.
Place your journal in a spot where you’ll see it frequently, like on the dining room table, the kitchen counter, or near your favorite chair. You can also use this as a guide the next time you experience an intense situation that leaves you emotionally smarting for a while. Depending on your emotional trauma, you may still be going to work and carrying out your everyday life while you’re healing.
Long known to conquer many afflictions, thinking positive thoughts will help you speed up your healing. If you feel emotions building up inside you, it’s quite natural to want to release them by having a good cry. Allowing your emotional injuries to prevent you from living a full life is unproductive, at least after the initial few weeks or months. But some introverts long to be comfortable in social situations and enjoy a richer social life.
Many introverts would be thrilled to be part of group social activities if they only felt comfortable about what to say and how to behave.
I simply wanted to bring as many of them as I could together in one place, really driving home just how great the first 26 games of this season have been.
For now he’ll likely provide depth, but his football IQ and work ethic should have him ready to step in and be productive right away if given the opportunity. He saved his best for last in the final game of the season, Senior Night, against Michigan.
He was a decent inside presence on defense but a complete liability on offense, which affected his minutes. In last Saturday’s matchup against the Texas Rangers, the 26-year-old went behind his back to throw out runner Rougned Odor.
Manager Robin Ventura has already shown signs of displeasure, as he benched Danks on Monday night in Toronto for Triple-A Charlotte product Miguel Gonzalez. The 31-year-old has swatted away all 17 of Kane’s shots on goal this series-, which leads the organization. The last thing the Blackhawks needed in a moment of desperation was a dry spell from their team leader. If a young boy or teen expresses an interest in what you do, share with him about some of the projects you work on. Even devoting two hours a week of your time can make a dramatic impact on someone’s life.
Since most kids have most likely already been exposed to macho stereotypes, find other ways to express yourself to them.
When you give to others, your heart opens up and good things can more easily make their way into your life. If you always want the latest item on the market, look inside yourself and see what that’s all about.
As you learn to determine when you actually need something, you’ll experience more confidence in your own abilities to usher in abundance. You respond to that email or text and then you have to keep checking back to see what their response is. Perhaps you might choose to only deal with email at the end of the workday or only text for 10 minutes before bed. By demonstrating your commitment to the common good, you make it easier to work together at the office and at home.
Build good will by welcoming your mother-in-law’s help in the kitchen even if you think it would be faster to do a task yourself. As you practice accommodating others, you’ll find that becoming more flexible and generous feels good. Bullying is destructive for both parties, so preserve your own integrity and set healthy boundaries. As long as your son is getting good grades and staying out of trouble, maybe you can live with him coming home from college with an eyebrow piercing. If your boss tends to resist change, he may be more receptive to approving a new employee benefit if you document how it saves money and improves employee retention. If you and your partner have different standards for house cleaning, you may be able to work things out by hiring a cleaning service. Acknowledge the concessions they make and their contribution to creating more positive outcomes.
Future situations are likely to run more smoothly and you’ll enjoy more peace of mind. Because life becomes crowded with people, tasks, and objects, you may feel challenged to notice small bits of wonder in your day.
The smell of honeysuckle as you walk by the vine or your daughter’s impish smiles are still more things that might remind you of your blessings. Then, replace the stop sign with an image of something around you that you’re grateful for right at that moment. A journal is a tangible visual aid that will trigger you to think about what you’re grateful for.
Whether your trauma involved only emotions or physical injury as well, the fact is that you’re strong enough to have survived. Instead, call a local mental health professional to help you sort through your challenging times.
If this is you, the great news is that you can become more extroverted with only a little time and practice! But having a conversation with a stranger and feeling comfortable about it is something that anyone can learn to do. In fact, studies have shown that the users that spend the most time on sites like Facebook report the highest levels of loneliness.
Damian Lillard and McCollum averaged 46 points per game, with the latter winning this year’s Most Improved Player Award. As a result, he’s striking out only 22.9 percent of the time this year, down from 30 percent in 2015.
Olah scored 20 points to go along with 13 rebounds in 37 minutes to lead Northwestern to their best record of Olah’s career. He showed some flashes in games – five blocks and eight rebounds against SIU Edwardsville – but failed to impact games while putting more pressure than necessary on Pardon. The 31-year-old is slated to start in Baltimore on Thursday night to open the club’s four-game series with the Orioles. Perhaps the best part about Sale’s game is that you never know what to expect from him, and he can beat you in so many ways. A lot of people seemed to cling to his 2015 struggles and injuries, and completely ignore the fact that he is a 3-time 14-game winner in the prime years of his career. One way or another, Kane has to find a way to figure out Elliott and return to regular season form to jumpstart a Chicago revival.
Things that are old, broken, or unable to be cleaned up properly are just taking up space you could use for something that has more value to you.
You’ll feel more positive about life and will get in touch with the abundance you already have when you make use of your possessions the way they were meant to be used. But if you have a bunch of customers or clients, they all have to fire you for you to lose all of your income.
Imagine the freedom you would have to move through the world according to your deepest needs and desires. For example, if your employees work through the weekend to meet a production deadline, ensure it gets noted in their annual review and encourage them to take compensating time off.
On the other hand, your loved ones will usually be willing to rethink an arrangement if it’s undermining your wellbeing. Think about that object, experience, person, or situation and bask in your positive experience.
Remind yourself that you’re doing what you can to get better and will soon be as efficient as ever. Some days you’ll find yourself extending that time a bit and maybe even singing along.
At college he began a weight lifting regiment that he religiously continued daily throughout his life.
That September he started his coaching career at New Bedford High School as X-Country and Indoor Track coach. If what we’re seeing is simply Soler implementing some changes, I’m confident there are good things to come. However, if you want a silver lining, he’s significantly improved the way he’s handling breaking pitches. Pardon is a bit small for a traditional center, he’s built more like a four, but if Collins goes with four shooters to surround him next season, Pardon will need to become more of a presence in the paint the way Olah was. Dioner Navarro and Austin Jackson haven’t done much statistically, but they are contributing ways that you can’t see on paper. Because while no-hitters are impressive, mediocre pitchers throw no-hitters just about as often as no-doubt Hall-of-Famers go an entire career without one (See: Greg Maddux).
Being self-employed gives you more control over your income and the assets of the business. Staying in shape was extremely important to Peter almost to the point of being an obsession. After being 6.5 runs below average on sliders last season, he’s actually already a half-run above average this season.
Navarro has the pitching staff in a groove with the way he has been calling games, and Jackson has been a nice remedy for what used to be an incredibly poor defensive outfield.
That’s not bad at all for a guy who the Sox simply took a $3 million, 1-year flyer on before Spring Training.
Remind yourself of all the positive people you have in your life and take advantage of their loving care and support.
Obviously, he won’t be able to keep up the pace that he is on now, but I think he is going to turn in a very good season. He described it this way, a€?One year of experience at Roosevelt is worth five years.a€? His first year coaching gave him a taste of success in the field he loved, ending the season with an overall record 9-1.
There is a good chance that he is making an adjustment to be able to last longer in games by not throwing as many pitches per inning; but there is also a good chance that hitters are now well aware that they need to swing early in the count to have any chance of reaching base.

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