Coaching gives you the focus, encouragement, and support you need to clarify and expand your vision of what is possible for yourself, your business, relationships, or career. Coaching enables you to develop new plans, increase confidence and self-awareness, create effective new habits, apply new knowledge and skills, and improve performance. Alternatively you can  send me an email and I’ll get back to you just as soon as I can. As a Christian Life and Leadership Coach, I’m convinced that regular Bible study is the most important way you can invest in yourself. When it comes to Bible study, the NIV Life Journey Bible with commentary by Henry Cloud and John S. This translation builds on both the original New International Version (NIV) and Today’s New International Version (TNIV) in an effort to reach the global English-speaking audience of today. By way of disclosure: I received a free review copy of the NIV Life Journey Bible, Find the Answers for Your Whole Life from Harper Collins Publishing in exchange for writing a review—good, bad, or otherwise. The subtitle for this book is Determine Your Success by Cultivating the Right Attitude.   This book was written by John C.
Comparison can destroy the very things God has designed to set you apart and make you unique and valuable, so focus on being the best version of you.
People who are meek tend to be some of the most genuine, confident, joyful and appealing people to be around. In his book GOD of the UNDERDOGS, when the odds are against you, God is for you, author Matt Keller addresses the excuses everyone is prone to make when they feel like an underdog. Waiting can be challenging – especially when it feels like you’ve been waiting for a very long time!  Rather than resisting the waiting process, you can look at it as a stepping-stone to your ultimate success.  Listed below are some benefits that come as a result of waiting.
The problem with this is that one morning we might wake up flooded with regrets or realise that we have become comfortable with the ‘uncomfortable’. By re-designing our lives, in other words, by taking control of what we really want, we can achieve a less stressed, happier and a much more congruent life. Many people will not take time to sit down and think about their life, where they are heading, or what their goals and dreams are. To discover if you want to re-design your life then you must first decide how far you are from your ideal reality.
You can break this down into certain areas: Career, Finances, Social Life, Significant Other, Health, and so on.
The most important thing to keep in mind here is that you can only change yourself – you cannot change others.
We can’t change unless we begin to understand our personality type, our behavioural patterns and our true passion in life. Living a Designer Life is about going on a journey, a journey that is paved, designed and directed by you.

If you look at the 4 rules of thumb, you will begin to realize that the logical levels of NLP will actually be able to not only give you a better understanding of which layer each specific pattern operates on, but also help you with which tool to select. Generally speaking, banks and credit unions see pretty much eye-to-eye on their basic core values.
The most common core values cited by credit unions are depicted in the Wordle diagram at the top of this article (click to enlarge).
This isn’t the same thing as Partnerships, something that both banks and credit unions listed. The Environment was such an important issue to two credit unions that they listed it as a core value. Note: Dupage Credit Union, who had the brass to list their Image as one of the things they value the most.
Join over 1,000 of the brightest minds in banking at The Financial Brand Forum 2016 — May 16-17 at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas — for three days jam-packed with the latest trends, biggest ideas and innovative techniques that are transforming the industry today. While I understand that financial institutions SAY the same things, I think the true difference is in the execution. Credit unions, by contrast, have expanded as an industry to take care of many of the people left in the bank disaster’s wake.
Also, the unique combination of the core values plays a role in determining the cultural texture of an organization. The biggest concern I have is this: How many different ways are there to slice the same strategy?
What if, tomorrow morning when you wake up, all your problems are solved and everything you wished for had taken place. Are you looking for breakthroughs and desire to move forward in the pursuit of your goals and dreams? If you are serious about moving forward with your life or in your personal walk with God, I’d love to talk to you and give you a 30 minutes test coaching session—no obligation for you to continue afterwards.
Are you searching for God and want to have a deeper and more intimate walk with your Creator? It is designed to offer you a range of ways to connect with your ideal future career and life aspirations.
In fact, they will spend more time organising a dinner party or a summer holiday rather than thinking about their future or their goals or even who they are.
It’s not about conforming, but about doing things that are in sync with your highest values. We determine our values, set our goals, design tasks, milestones and propel ourselves forward into change. Both give high rankings to Honesty, Commitment, Respect, Excellence and Service, and both put Integrity at the top of their lists.

Financial institutions complain frequently about the commoditization of their industry, yet they have the same values, the same slogans, build similar branches that offer the same products, etc.
They are both linked to the CU image, rather than the one on the left being linked to the bank results. Life Coaching will help you overcome obstacles and piece together some practical strategies to get you from (a) where you presently are to (b) where you really want to be in life!
During this free session I’ll do my best coaching you to find YOUR tailor-made solutions.
Whether you are passing through a difficult life cycle or you’re charting life with relative ease, you might simply want to experience more of God and His love in your life through the gentle probing of coaching. Through one-to-one coaching sessions we establish a confidential, collaborative and supportive partnership, and we create a safe environment for you to develop new ideas, explore options, and gain clarity on the course of actions needed to move you forward.
I own the content on this Web site from 2009 – 2015 and it is copyrighted in my name. But over the years, we can lose sight of our dreams and our goals, and become focused on the day-to-day of running our lives. With the centre of the wheel as one and the outer edge as ten, draw a line across each segment to see where you need change the most.
What is important to keep in mind is that change has a logical hierarchy … not just for NLP based change, but for any change.
Though it is common to learn how to do a parts integration, it is less common to learn how to do core change work, deep values based work, and bringing those on to a deeper level of timeline work. What’s sad about this is that only two financial institutions out of 100 believe in Fun. Then, you can finally be free to explore some of the more interesting core values that your organization could be considering.
It is ideal to know these logical levels and to ask the right (meta model) questions in designing an action plan. However, there seems to be fewer and fewer good examples of credit unions exercising their democratic processes. But dig deeper and you might find that what you really want is a sense of peace or security.

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