I would like to share with you a reminder of one of the things that's important, probably the most important part of Christmas, and that's to love one another. Most of all, the spirit of love and the spirit of giving is something that should be shared on a daily basis with everyone.
Spirituality and Health Connection: The Health of a Marriage – Is Individual Wholeness the Key? A guide and rationale to living as disengtangled from capitalism as possible, being free and not needing to earn or spend money for materials and resources.
Amazing facts: You know when you’re reading a pamphlet about something and they include some amazing fact like how it would take 630 Olympic swimming pools to fill the Melbourne Cricket Ground, to illustrate their point?
The other kink that struck me in the zine was how the zinemaker made sense of land ownership and private property.
I like the fact this zine exists because: Even though I find a lot of it objectionable and nieve, it does invite you to think about your relationship to money, your dependence on an income stream, where you fit on the socio-economic scale, if you could take on these suggestions in your life and how necessary it is to buy a new t-shirt. Yes, it's Christmastime and we're looking forward to Christmas Day, here at the Sosusa family household! Although previously famous for its tourism and a frequent haunt of Ernest Hemingway, it is now in the news for having a significant elderly population of centenarians – people who have lived to the age of 100 and beyond!

A six-month project led by a joint US-Italian research team will observe these centenarians and conduct a full genetic makeup to test this hypothesis, with the hopes of applying the knowledge worldwide.
I kind of like the fact that the zinemaker must realise this is a highly unfashionable thing to do on page one and just ploughs on.
He hasn’t managed to completely live without currency himself, but encourages everyone to seek out alternatives as much as possible. Everything has clear headings in times new roman bold, and the only images are insert photos, kind of like the zinemaker posing in action shots like it’s a lifestyle catalogue.
It makes you think about what freedoms you have and do not have in your own life, your own relationship to authority, and also? Yes it's nice to open your heart at Christmastime and give to others things that you normally wouldn't do all year long.
If you’re feeling ambitious, rosemary can be added to an apple crumble or panna cotta for an extra oomph. In the meantime, add a little fresh rosemary to your daily routine, and with any luck that routine will last for years to come! He’s less into bartering than sharing your resources and utilising neglected resources.

Most of the pics are dark and blurry, …so maybe not so much like a lifestyle catalogue.
Or is it going to be a how-to-scam-shit-without-paying-for-stuff-ever-again (aka Abbie Hoffman) kinda zine? I think it does pay to worry about your life, what you will eat, about your body, and what you will wear. There is a collage reproduced in here, but a mysterious one that has been clearly lifted from an Australian squatting zine from the 1980s. I do set my heart on what I will eat and drink and I’m not about to surrender my possessions anytime soon.
The ultimate miscalculation is to try to make out that living on the fringes of society is something everyone can do in their daily lives and that it’s no biggie.

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