I have found that the causes of low self esteem fall into 3 main areas and I am going to discuss those areas during this article. Most of us are familiar with the law of cause and effect, many times what we focus on are the effects of low self esteem i.e. Generally, we are all born with a healthy self esteem but somewhere along the line something happens. These "things" that happen to us is what I have categorized into the 3 main causes of low self esteem.
You might even blame yourself for the abuse and think you deserved it; low self esteem will make you feel like it was your fault.

The second category of causes of low self esteem is misinterpreting events and things that people have said to us. Sometimes, the root cause of the low self esteem isn't so much what was said or done to us but how we interpreted it. It is important to rightly interpret the things that are said and done to us and not assume the negative interpretations we associate with them.
The final category of the causes of low self esteem is when we feel that we don't match up to the ideals created by the media. Often this leads to fearful and shy children who become targets of other kids because of it.

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