Since this health blog we orient yourself and you are still known to be essential, which are the main food ingredients, along with his ideal quantity of consumption. The main sources of magnesium are the corn flakes and the green, the last especially, which are of a green leaf. But if you really want to supplement with a good menu as magnesium primary source, we can do it with one liter of mineral water (which always make magnesium and brings other micronutrients), 15 grams of hazelnuts, 250 grams of strawberries, four apricots, two Kiwis, three figs and 100 grams of bread.
Because you see, are the dry fruits one type of foods that contain a significant proportion of magnesium in its composition. Die Calcium Magnesium Kapseln von Best Body Nutrition enthalten hochwertiges Calciumcarbonat und Magnesiumcarbonat.

Calciumcarbonat (61 %), Magnesiumcarbonat (22,6 %), Gelatine (Kapsel), Trennmittel (Siliciumdioxid, Magnesiumsalze der Speisefettsäuren), Farbstoffe (E 171, E 172). There are other foods, the large quantity of magnesium in its composition, as have the pipes of sunflower, almonds, hazelnuts or snails. In general, the dry fruit is an important source of magnesium, a very necessary nutrient for our body.
So you could eat in a day, a bar (for example, a good on a hot metal plate roasted with parsley, two slices of smoked salmon, accompanied by 100 grams steak) of lentils, a cluster of grapes, 20 almonds, 15 pistachios to 100% magnesium, and namely, to eat the recommended daily quantity (CDR).
Magnesium is a mineral that works in our body against the nerves and stress, which is believed to be a good sedative.

Die Calcium Magnesium Kapseln von Best Body Nutrition stärken diese und leisten so einen wertvollen Beitrag zur Gesunderhaltung von Knochen und Muskeln.

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