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Magnesium serves hundreds of functions within the body and is an important part of bone health, heart health, a healthy nervous system, cellular energy, hormone regulation and the relaxation and activation of muscle tissue. And, for those who experience side effects such as diarrhea when taking oral supplements, transdermal magnesium is available, which makes increasing magnesium intake as easy as taking a bath or applying a lotion.
Learn about types of transdermal magnesium products available, including magnesium bath salts, magnesium lotion, and magnesium oil spray.
There are a number of types of magnesium available, which vary by delivery and form of magnesium. These forms of magnesium are typically minerals or salts found in nature, such as magnesium chloride, a common component of sea waters.
Another term used for these types of magnesium supplements is “inorganic”, however this can be misleading as this form is often closest to the forms of magnesium actually found in nature.
Magnesium chloride has been found to have the highest bioavailability of the above types of magnesium, due to its superior solubility in water. Magnesium oxide is a common compound in the earth’s crust, comprising 35% of its content by mass.
These forms of supplements represent acids bonded with magnesium, typically in a laboratory environment, to form a complex between magnesium and a compound of hydrogen, oxygen and sometimes carbon and nitrogen, known by chemists as an “organic compound”. These types of magnesium are often referred to as “organic salts” of magnesium, as they are organic in the manner defined by a laboratory chemist, not in the manner defined in agriculture. Chelated magnesium supplements are a type of biological acid complex in which the magnesium is bonded to an amino acid containing nitrogen, one of the basic building blocks of proteins. Due to the complex chemical processes required to produce amino acid magnesium chelates in the laboratory, chelated supplements tend to be among the most expensive choices in magnesium supplements. Acid complexes of magnesium and their subset, amino acid chelates, are generally more readily absorbed by the body. Only magnesium chloride, a magnesium mineral salt with extremely high solubility, has been found in medical studies to match or surpass the absorption of these forms of magnesium.
To learn about factors that affect how magnesium is absorbed in the digestive system, read Magnesium Absorption. Magnesium applied to the skin can be absorbed directly into your cells, bypassing the digestive system.
Transdermal magnesium is becoming more and more popular amongst those struggling to achieve a healthy daily intake of magnesium, especially those who experience side effects associated with oral magnesium and the GI tract. Unlike oral magnesium, transdermal magnesium does not produce negative side effects such as diarrhea. Many users of oral magnesium have found that they experience intolerance and side effects after relatively low doses, limiting the amount of oral magnesium that can be taken daily.
Transdermal magnesium has provided a convenient solution to this dilemma, and a powerful means of increasing magnesium intake.
For those who seek massage treatments as a part of their health regimen, transdermal magnesium is also available as a magnesium gel and magnesium lotion, specifically formulated for use in massage. Transdermal magnesium therapy is typically delivered using magnesium chloride, due to its stability, bio-availability and naturally occurring abundance.
Magnesium bath flakes are relatively self-explanatory in that they’re a solid form that can be diluted in your bath water. Watch magnesium video interviews, featuring expert commentary on the advantages and applications of transdermal magnesium.
Learn about Ancient Minerals Magnesium Products, the #1 recommended brand for topical magnesium therapy.
Given an increasing awareness of the problem of low intake and its accompanying impacts on health, magnesium supplementation has become more and more common among health-conscious adults. Magnesium is a member of the group of essential vitamins and minerals that cannot be manufactured within the body.
The positive impact of magnesium supplementation has been linked to many troubling conditions, and may prove an unexpected solution for those still seeking help. For those experiencing the symptoms of magnesium deficiency and those suffering from chronic diseases related to magnesium deficiency, supplementation of magnesium is often recommended by health practitioners as a first line of treatment, and in many cases problems will resolve upon receiving adequate intake. For more complete information on magnesium and health, see our section on Magnesium Benefits, a collection of informative articles on magnesium’s use in the body.
Read testimonials on magnesium’s results, including the personal stories of people suffering from chronic pain, sleep problems, and other conditions. Though magnesium has been used in acute treatments for decades, such as the use of intravenous magnesium for high blood pressure during pregnancy (preeclampsia), many doctors are unfamiliar with the potential of magnesium except in these emergency scenarios.
Meanwhile, many researchers believe increased magnesium intake could drastically lower rates of chronic symptoms related to insulin resistance, heart health, nervous system disorders, and pain from muscle cramps and tension.

A solution has been published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition by Doctors Dierck-Hartmut Liebscher, MD, and Dierck-Ekkehard Liebscher, MD. In their paper, entitled, “About the Misdiagnosis of Magnesium Deficiency”, they recommend lowering the threshold for diagnosing magnesium deficiency.
And for those who fall in high risk groups for magnesium depletion, magnesium supplements may be a necessary element of maintaining good health. Disclaimer: None of the above statements have been evaluated or approved by the Food and Drug Administration or the American Medical Association. Helps Nerve and Muscle Function- Magnesium is also essential in the formation of bones and teeth and in converting blood sugar into energy.
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PERSONALIZED SERVICE means you can call our Customer Care Team to add a product, update the quantity or change your delivery date at any time. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. To guarantee fast shipping and a service closest to your location, please choose your country. PurePharma M3 is created using only the most absorbable organic forms of magnesium and zinc.
More than 300 enzymes require the presence of magnesium ions for their proper function, including all enzymes utilizing or producing cellular energy. Magnesium and Zinc plays a central role in the recovery process (protein biosynthesis) of rebuilding muscle tissue after exercise. A unique blend of malic acid and vitamin b6 ensure maximum absorption of the zinc and magnesium minerals.
PurePharma M3 is tested and certified to be completely free from GMO by the independent laboratory IFIT (International Fitness Ingredient Testing).
PurePharma M3 is certified and tested for banned substances, purity and concentration by the independent laboratory IFIT (International Fitness Ingredient Testing) and is awarded 5 out of 5 stars. More than 300 enzymes require the presence of magnesium ions for their proper function, including all enzymes utilizing or producing cellular energy in the human body. Take three capsules immediately after physical exercise or before bedtime - or as directed by your health care professional or pharmacist.
Friend of the Sea is a non-profit non-governative organization with a sole mission to conserve the marine habitat. The International Fitness Ingredient Testing Program (IFIT) is a third party testing and certification program for sports and fitness supplements. By using only the most absorbable and organic forms of Magnesium and Zinc combined with a proprietary absorption enhancer (Vitamin B6 and Malic Acid), we have created a product without compromise, designed for restoring and replenishing depleted intercellular magnesium and zinc levels, thus improving athletic performance.
Extracted from a natural source, and also called magnesium salt, it is used to ensure that the active ingredients are equally mixed in the M3 formulation that is inserted into the capsules.
Extracted from a natural source, microcrystalline cellulose is used as a bulking agent expressing some of the same properties as magnesium stearate, ensuring the equal distribution of the active ingredients.
Avoid magnesium glutamate; it breaks down into the neurotransmitter glutamic acid, which without being bound to other amino acids is neurotoxic. Avoid magnesium aspartate; it breaks down into the neurotransmitter aspartic acid, which without being bound to other amino acids is neurotoxic. Besides these two forms, it's best to avoid Magnesium Oxide because of the very low bioavailability.
Some experts even suggest that athletes competing in high-intensity sports have a 10-15% increased requirement for magnesium. Green vegetables such as spinach are generally good sources of magnesium because the center of the chlorophyll molecule (which is what gives green vegetables their color) contains magnesium. Sign up for our monthly newsletter and recieve special offers, crossfit articles, news and keep yourself updated.
Tested levels of absorption of oral magnesium supplements vary from 4% absorbed to about 50%.
However, it has been found in medical studies to have one of the lowest degrees of bioavailability, as low as 4% bioavailable in one study.
Since they are typically not derived from food or plants, they cannot classify as “organic” by USDA standards. Adding magnesium oil spray, magnesium bath salts or magnesium lotion to a normal morning or evening routine is simple and straightforward, and does not require the swallowing of pills or coordination with meals. Magnesium chloride is the most soluble and absorbable magnesium of the various ionic salts, and is derived in a natural state from seawater sources. So, despite its viscosity and texture, the “oil” is water-soluble and contains no oil at all.
Usually consisting of an extra ingredient to provide that extra gliding ability, the gel is used mainly in massage applications.

Since magnesium is required by the body’s cells for energy production, enzyme activity and a host of other functions, its use not only improves the symptoms associated with deficiency, but also supplies every cell in the body with a vital and much needed nutrient. Adequate magnesium is necessary for proper cell function, so correcting a deficiency in magnesium can have reverberations throughout the body’s systems. In other circumstances, magnesium can provide an affordable adjunct to other treatments, helping ensure that the body is functioning effectively alongside other therapies. More and more research and information is being made available regarding the benefits of magnesium supplementation, and scientists are beginning to understand the factors that link, for example, magnesium’s use in preeclampsia and its benefits toward heart health.
Doing so, they state, will capture the great many people whose low magnesium levels often go unrecognized.They then recommend magnesium supplementation therapy whenever symptoms or diseases potentially related to low magnesium are present. Magnesium supplementation therapy is recommended by both researchers and health practitioners when encountering common signs of low magnesium.
For the best combination of convenience and bioavailability, seek a combination of foods containing magnesium, a transdermal magnesium product for convenience that bypasses problems associated with the GI tract, and a dosage of oral magnesium that does not produce side effects. The information provided on this site is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. Elsewhere, Ben (Ken Baumann) wrestles with guilt concerning a fire; and Adrian (Francia Raisa) prepares for college.
It offers great heart and cardiovascular support, regulates calcium absorption to help maintain bone strength, and helps maintain proper muscle and nerve health. Magnesium helps regulate the levels of other common electrolyte minerals, such as calcium, potassium and zinc.
Magnesium plays a fundamental role in many cellular reactions where food is broken down (catabolized) and new products formed, such as carbohydrate metabolism, fat oxidation, protein synthesis, ATP synthesis and the second messenger system. Magnesium and Zinc is essential for normal muscle function and plays a central role in the conversion of carbohydrates into energy.
Products and their origins are audited on site by independent international certification bodies, against strict Friend of the Sea sustainability criteria. Basically PurePharma M3 is a much more potent and healthy version of the better-known standard ZMA product.
It can be found in various meat, egg, and legume products and is especially high in oysters. Some legumes (beans and peas), nuts and seeds, and whole, unrefined grains are also good sources of magnesium.
It helps improve muscle function and recovery, reduce fatigue, increase work capacity and much more. Therefore, most experts do not recommend magnesium oxide as the magnesium supplement of choice.
The purest forms of magnesium chloride are sourced from the ancient Zechstein sea, an underground source which has been protected from modern impurities. And because sufficient levels of magnesium are both required and actively regulated by the body, supplementing with magnesium has almost no side effects. Magnesium also plays a fundamental role in neuromuscular, cardiovascular, immune and hormonal function. Zinc is known as an aphrodisiac and Testosterone Booster, although the former is anecdotal and the latter only applies to the deficient.
Bread made from whole grain wheat flour provides more magnesium than bread made from white refined flour. Our products are naturally produced, scientifically proven and are designed to improve health and athletic performance. Magnesium oxide is used in most store -bought brands of magnesium supplements due to its low cost. Diarrhea, which may be encountered with oral supplements, is not experienced when using transdermal magnesium. Only 1% of magnesium is found in blood, but the body works very hard to keep blood levels of magnesium constant.
Vegetables and fruit absorb magnesium from the soil, but due to over farming the natural volume of magnesium has been significantly lowered. Depleted soil of minerals we need prevents the adequate amounts available from our food; an example is the amount of magnesium in potatoes and carrots, which have declined 75% from 1940 to 2000.
Intravenous magnesium sulfate treatment for acute asthma in the emergency department: a systematic review of the literature.

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