If you could access a hidden power inside you to attract ANYTHING your heart desired in 90 days or less, what would you choose to manifest? In this spiritual awakening, I received a sacred template containing with the most precious information for manifesting anything I desired with effortless ease. We have hundreds of thousands of people from 65+ different countries around the world instantly download our Super Manifesting Program and experience AMAZING results in their lives!!
Are you ready to stop working sooooo hard to pay your bills and learn the ancient secrets for tapping into the infinite source of manifesting energy hidden inside you? It does not matter how old you are, how tired you are, how uneducated you are, how deeply stuck in debt you are, or how many dark personal emotional issues that you're facing. If you're a human being with any desire to learn and grow, this program is like your personal Manifesting Mastery University. Follow my Super Manifesting Program daily, and in less than 90 days you will graduate with the most amazing outcomes you could ever imagine! Some people who were stuck for months in a financial rut, suddenly attracted thousands of dollars in just one week! At this point, my best advice for you is do whatever you can to let go of any limiting beliefs you've got about what is possible in your future. I know this whole manifesting thing might sound a bit wild and crazy, yet I don't believe in ANY coincidences.
Experience the 8 Secret Habits that allow anyone to easily and effortlessly attract ANYTHING their heart desires. 14 Guided Manifesting Meditations that will reprogram your subconscious mind and dramatically increase your manifesting abilities! The proven steps to remove negative thinking, self-doubt, self-criticism and emotional saboteurs blocking you manifesting the life of your dreams.
A powerful healing meditation that will help you restore your body to optimum energy and health. 1500 year old manifesting formula from India that's 100% Guaranteed to turn you into a Manifesting Master! Perhaps the idea of Manifesting ANYTHING your heart desires with effortless ease is a big stretch for you. This is the 21st century, and we now have a proven Manifesting Technology which has been researched, tested and fine tuned to ignite the most powerful results in your life.
You'll receive an entire University of online educational videos, manifesting meditations on MP3, PDF ebooks, email e-courses, and enlightening articles to retrain your brain so that you abide in a powerful manifesting mindset 24 hours a day. The real shift in your energy will begin to take root the moment you are 100% committed to changing your life. All the products in my Super Manifesting Package are there to help you make this commitment to yourself.
Yes, thisprogramis a science and truly does work, and my life is living proof that the Super Manifesting Program is for real! If you need more proof that this is for REAL, you can check out my personal website and read my autobiography about how I discovered how the power of manifestation from the age of 25!
In 2001, there was a point after my life where I just stopped applying the spiritual download I had received in India.
I spent most of my days lying around, gaining weight, making excuses, doing nothing and hoping that my life would change. I was living a very unhealthy diet and lifestyle that gave me very low energy and made me constantly grumpy and tired.
To top it all off, I had borrowed $20,000 from credit cards which was all lost in the stock market crash in 2001!! One cloudy afternoon in the deepest pit of my depression and despair, I had hit rock bottom and was about to have an experience that changed my life forever. For the first time in many years, I felt genuinely happy, excited about my future and literally everything in my life. I woke up in the mornings with deep appreciation for myself, my life and all the wonderful people in it. I realized that once ANYONE applied this information they would experience the same shift in energy, enthusiasm and consciousness that I did!
This program has the most grounded manifesting technology that's designed to quickly skyrocket your life in the most positive directions. First of all, it's important to know this Manifesting Science is based on the merging of Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction. We are always sending out an emotional Energetic Blueprint into the Universe, emotionally communicating what we want and what we don't want.
The main problem that most people have is that they get stuck in impossibility thinking, and are always focusing on what they DON'T WANT. Perhaps there are a half dozen emotional memories from your past which are still causing you to FEEL energetically blocked and not totally 100% jazzed about creating the amazing life that you truly desire. When you increase your consciousness, energy and manifesting vibration using our Manifesting Meditations and Daily Manifesting Routine, you'll reprogram your emotional brain to only focus on the positive feelings, messages and signals.
Some people have told me that they receive their deepest spiritual guidance when listening to my manifesting meditations.
Working with the Manifesting Meditations alone will help you to reveal a portion of your manifesting powers. I want you to understand how easy it actually is to start magnetizing the life of your dreams. I've created the Super Manifesting Program so that anyone can experience how amazing life is and how powerful and divine we truly are. By teaching the mind how to focus, be still and meditate, you'll begin to harness the deep power of the subconscious mind to work for you. The 90 day routine you'll experience will hit you on a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, financial and sensual level.
By applying this manifesting technology for 90 days, you will be sending out the HIGHEST manifesting signal into the Universe!!A  It's simple math. The manifesting principles which I teach come from an ancient yogic science that tells you exactly how to access an unlimited Source of Creative Energy and Power that is hidden inside everyone and everything! This ancient yogic technology will help you tol start FEELING better about yourself, noticing just how amazing you actually are, and be able to implement this energy in your daily life. This is one of the fastest and most effective manifesting meditations you'll find on this planet! Some people have been able to see specific physical results show up on Earth in just a few hours after doing this guided meditation one time!
What I find really makes my Super Manifesting Program sooooo effective and radically different than any other program out there, is that it I'll teach you the secret meditation techniques I learned in India that will show you how to master your mind. You will know how to find the solution to any problem, transcend any dis-ease, liberate yourself from any emotional wound, and unblock all that amazing sensual energy inside you! Perhaps you have a strong skeptical voice inside you who is trying to figure out if this manifesting stuff is real, or this is all some big scam. When you follow the Super Manifesting Program for just 3 months, you will AWAKEN the clarity and true power of your mind and radically ignite your life!
One of the manifesting secrets you will learn is about knowing how to train your mind to visualize and FEEL that you are ALREADY receiving what you want. When you start practicing the 8 Secret Manifesting Habits, you will without a doubt KNOW and FEEL that you are a powerful, magical manifesting being, and know ANYTHING is possible to manifest at any time!
Did you know that thousands of people around the world right now are already applying these simple manifesting principles and manifesting outrageous success in their lives right now? This manifesting technology truly works, and when you follow the manifesting program you will experience unbelievable results very quickly!
When you apply the 8 Habits Daily Manifesting Routine, your energy will become soooooo high that you won't be able to think a negative thought. Through the years, people have told us that The Super Manifesting Program is the most practical, comprehensive, spiritually evolved and effective manifesting program they have EVER found.
Even after the first 24 hours on the program I guarantee that you will start to feel something shift inside. The Manifesting Mindset empowers you to know and understand HOW you can effortlessly attract anything you want with effortless ease. Many people who did the Manifesting Routine for even a few weeks soon realized that more money began flowing into their life. He became soooo inspired and on target with his life mission that he invented and marketed an invention that helped heal thousands of people around the world, got to meet Oprah on an island and became a multi-millionaire in the process! As I've mentioned before, there are tens of thousands of people from 60+ countries around the world who have already experienced extraordinary REAL LIFE results from using this powerful Manifesting Technology.
The moment you instantly download this program, a 10,000 watt light bulb is going to turn on in your life! After doing Jafree's manifesting meditation techniques the first morning I felt an ever growing ability to manifest my hearts desires.
The Manifesting Manual has been described by many as the most comprehensive and complete manifesting guidebook on the planet.

The reason my program has become the most effective manifestation programs in the world today, is because it's roots stem from this life changing spiritual awakening I had in India in 1995. Many people's hearts have become INSTANTLY turned on after a few minutes of applying our Manifesting Technology.
I am soooooo confident my online Super Manifesting Program is going to create miracles in your life.
There is an unlimited power ready to burst forth and it will allow you to manifest the dream life you've been hoping for.
Whatever dream you desire to manifest will start effortlessly coming your way.It is all possible by increasing your Manifesting Vibration which happens within 90 days through applying my proven Manifesting Technology below.
Check out some of these 150+ Testimonials from people who ALL spontaneously decided to email their manifesting experiences to me! Try to imagine that your future has infinite possibilities and you have absolutely NO limitations. This online Manifesting University is a life changing opportunity every child, teenage and adult should have received.
I gained $500,000 from a TV show, bought my dream car and I am engaged to the person that I feel is my soul mate! They have proven in their labs that wherever you focus your mind's attention, atomic particles physically move there! It will open up and increase the Manifesting Vibration inside your body that will turn you into a Manifesting Magnet! When you're living in this higher state of mind, you see how one can EFFORTLESSLY attract the anything that you feel you deserve to have. When you take that first step towards creating a more empowered you, the Universe will follow. They will support you in taking this first intial step and get rooted in the manifesting mindset. They will reprogram your subconscious mind, and feed it with NEW enlightening information which will resurface throughout your week.
Do you honestly think I could keep doing business with people since the year 2004 and plaster my face and name and facebook page all over the internet if I was a con-artist or a phony? I received an enormous download of information that felt like it came from the highest loving intelligence in the entire Universe.
It is 8 essential habits that raise your vibration and turn you into a manifesting magnet! I then mysteriously started attracting the most amazing people, situations and soon some very dreamy manifestations. I went from being penniless and in debt, to moving to my dream island of Bali, meeting my soul mate, and having a thriving love life that is deeply satisying! When you have increased feelings of energy, joy, self-worth, inner peace, motivation, you too will realize that anything is possible! I want us all to experience how wildly creative, amazing, super powerful, unstoppable, and magnetic we human beings naturally are. Anyone who can understand English can digest this information and know exactly how to apply it. When you only send positive thoughts and feelings into the world, and you'll attract positive results back. When negative thoughts and feelings become the main radio station played, this stops this magical positive flow of energy, and we end up attracting things we don't desire.
These blocks can make your mind behave like it was a negative news broadcasting tower that is stuck, and thus only attracts more negative news to you.
Yet, there is sooo much more to this program which will get you in touch with who you are, why you are here, and what truly inspires you.
I learned that when we have the right vibration, intention and state of consciousness, I could attract anything I wanted into my world.
I've tested this manifesting technology on myself and my personal coaching clients for 15 years, and I am living proof that it works! You've manifested this enlightening opportunity to increase your vibration and consciousness. Since I created it in 2004, I've heard and seen some incredibly miraculous things from people.
They decide they are ready for a change and want to experience what it's like to ignite their manifesting power and awaken the Super Manifestor within. I feel that manifesting the life of your dreams is meant to be as easy and relaxing as this video above. It has the proven formula to unblock your mind and unleash your natural ability to remain focused on what you want all day long. Yes, it is inside everything including your own body!A  Once you are consciously implementing and applying this empowering knowledge, you'll increase your vibration to such a HIGH level that you will transcend the negative pattern you once had. The more you use this energy, the greater it builds until you see that you've started to MAGNETIZE your desires to you!
Many cannot believe the things they've attracted into their lives just from using this one meditation alone.
However, one of the biggest reasons why you're not manifesting everything you want is because the mind is very distracted, scattered, always busy thinking about something and chronically unfocused. It's amazing, yet once this manifesting knowledge is integrated into your life, you will NATURALLY begin attracting your heart's desires and your life will never be the same again. By consistently increasing your consciousness, energy and vibration everyday, you will expand your mind's power and ability to experience this.
You'll understand that whatever you want can be manifested instantly if you increase your vibration and consciousness high enough. Whata€™s more amazing is that they are sharing it with their families and teaching their loved ones how to become a manifesting magnet who is filled with happiness in their heart! No matter how stuck or lost you may feel in your life, no matter how many failures you've had in the past, no matter what your age is, your energy level, your health, attitude, religious background or current financial situation is, you STILL have the magical manifesting power inside you. You'll discover there's many superficial manifesting programs out there that don't actually work. I realize this may sound impossible, yet within 90 days you'll see what I'm talking about. I purchased the Super Manifesting Package and within a week of listening to money manifestation meditations I received a new construction listing at $3,995,000 in Bedford, NY! In 2003, one of my clients was $90,000 in debt, struggling with his business, self-esteem, energy and his personal relationship for many years. It's soul purpose is to give people direction, clarity, confidence and hope in this painfully challenging world.
The manifestation exercises you'll be doing tomorrow morning when you wake up are going to cause you to attract the most extraordinary people, energy and circumstances that you can imagine!! Within this 257 page e-book you'll receive 21 powerful manifesting meditations, 13 proven visualization exercises, 200 inspirational quotes, and the world's greatest secrets to manifesting! Inside this enlightening download you'll get to experience 27 Enlightening Videos that Jafree has personally recorded and speaks about everything we need to know to increase our natural manifesting ability and effortlessly attract everything our heart desires! Perhaps the most enlightening aspect of the Super Manifesting Package is a compilation of the most inspiring and empowering articles on enlightenment and conscious manifesting. This powerful 106 page e-book contains 101 enlightening ideas that when put into action they will spark a spiritual awakening in your life!
This powerful online e-course will jumpstart your manifesting engines with the basic essential manifesting secrets. Our every thought is being released to the universe and that’s what universe is bringing back to our life. You may not believe it yet, when you follow this program for just 3 months your entire life is going to dramatically improve forever!! I am going to give you my personal 100% Guarantee that if you follow this program, you will be able to magnetize anything your heart desires in the next 90 days or less! When you start living at this higher vibration, whatever it is that you want will be magnetized to you faster than the speed of light!
I believe these testimonials alone are living proof that my program is very real and truly work!
Try to believe that there is an amazing UNIVERSAL power inside you that is soooo BIG it can easily break through any fear, block and limitation you have. They have also discovered that when you increase your vibration, the outer world FEELS that and responds accordingly. You will naturally begin to think, feel, and breathe like the unlimited abundant being you truly are! I was totally still, the body unmoving, completely relaxed into the floor, and I fell into the essence of my soul. They were practical and powerful enough that they could help anyone (like myself) who was at the bottomless pit of despair.
You can learn how to heal your body, increase your energy, improve your sex life, manifest your soul mate, save your marriage, and all of this can happen in a matter of a few months or less!

This world would be a much better place if we grew up with these manifestation secrets at school! I want every human being to experience how good it feels to be unstoppable in ANYTHING they decide to do! Teenagers have even used my program and benefited greatly from the manifesting techniques, seeing how quickly amazing results can show up in their lives! When you are always feeling great, happy and perpetually focused only on what you want, you're blasting waves of positive energetic blueprints out into the Universe telling it exactly what you desire. They will all assist you to create exactly what it is you desire, because when we are blocked, learning how to hold your mind on visualizing what you want can be tricky. You'll find out what is the most important thing you need to do THIS WEEK so that you are living your soul's life mission and purpose on Earth!
It all comes down to raising our Manifesting Vibration which is what I will teach you how to do in this program.
I have an AMAZING life traveling the world, teaching what I love and am living in the paradise island of Bali! Just doing this routine for a few weeks, you begin to liberate your mind and feel LOADS of new energy coming in!
When your positive thought energy and frequency is higher than your inner negative blocks, you will start manifesting positive physical results into your life. Your heart's desires simply HAVE TO show up in your life because your vibration becomes sooooo high that you become as magnetic as the SUN! You're taken on an inner journey where you'll increase your body's energy and Manifesting Vibration.
With mind mastery you can use negative emotions to create positive emotions, and you can step above those hidden negative thoughts that are stopping you from receiving your greatest desire.
Allow that voice to be there, and also know that it is the one stopping you from believing in your most outrageous successful self!
The more often you read and apply this magical material, you'll find it awakens an Enlightened Manifesting Being within you, who allows you to have unstoppable confidence in yourself and your relationships.
These people are living out their greatest dreams, not because they were lucky, more educated, or smarter than everyone else, but because they did one simple thing.
The great secret to their success is that they are WILLING to continue learning, growing and learning something new every day. This shift can occur in a short amount of time, and when it does you'll be amazed at how easy it was to make this change. You will soon see that The Super Manifesting Program is very different than all the others. You'll notice the positive effects it has on your thinking, no matter what state of mind you were previously in, this material will open your mind to new dimensions. You will naturally become a magnet for the financial abundance you want, profound energy, unstoppable confidence, inner healing, enlightened loving relationships and even tapping into a divine spiritual state of bliss! Believe it or not, after only 6 days, we have received an offer very close to the list price! He started applying just a few of the 8 secret habits to his life, yet truly stuck solid to his commitment to follow them daily for several weeks.
The simple habits and actions of the Manifesting Routine are the essential backbone to the Manifesting Manual and raising your manifesting vibration. This powerful 187 page e-book contains the most inspiring articles that we have sent out to thousands of our readers since 2003. It contains 300+ enlightening affirmations that will reprogram your mind, body and your life for instant success! Our mind works like a Polaroid camera which takes pictures of our thoughts and sends it out to the universe every moment. Whatever name you put on it, it brought you to this website to elevate your consciousness and radically improve your life.
You'll have more energy, clarity, focus, motivation and be able to sense what real success feels like!
I would love to see all this enlightening information about our natural manifesting power integrated in every school systems around the world. After 90 days, you'll understand why they say it is a true healing experience for the soul.
The Universe hears this message and responds back with a physical response that you can see, touch and feel. I later found in my journeys to India how to increase my body's Manifesting Vibration through meditation and I instantly started seeing very magical things occur. Yet, my biggest dream is that everyone on this planet has the knowledge and skills to manifest their greatest life possible. As you keep reading through this web page, you'll notice there are many gems hidden inside that will increase your manifesting abilities. Yes, it really sounds crazy, yet some of the emails I receive are very touching to the heart and soul.
The 90 day Super Manifesting Program I've created is GUARANTEED to awaken this power and show you just how easy it truly is.
My program is meant to touch you on the deepest emotional levels, dealing with your personal relationships, money issues, and health problems.
In 90 days or less following my program, you will have mastered your mind and will know how to be totally liberated from it forever!
You can let go of the doubter and trust that there are somethings in this world that are beyond belief. They applied this 8 habit manifesting formula, practiced it everyday, and started seeing results instantly!
You can choose to access it and stop thinking thoughts you were conditioned to think from your past. You'll discover this manifesting routine inside chapter 9 of your 250+ page Manifesting Manual. In addition, I obtained a listing for $1,850,000 in Greenwich CT and presented an offer of $950,000 on another Greenwich property. By following the 8 habits manifesting routine for 90 days in a row we guarantee that you will create a massive transformation in your life! So, we have to be very careful when we think because what we are thinking is what we are allowing the universe to bring into our life. You'll be jumping out of bed tomorrow morning feeling totally turned on and excited about the future you're going to create!
When you are committed to the greatest possible future, you will have already increased your natural ability to magnetize anything that you desire. I know it sounds crazy yet amazing things can begin to materialize in a matter of hours, minutes or seconds!
Which is why I've personally created an entire series of 14 guided manifesting meditations which will naturally strengthen all the weakened subconscious muscles in your brain.
Thing can instantly become crystal clear in just a few minutes about what you actually want to manifest. One is that you are a manifesting being who can attract any dream or desire you can imagine having! This chapter alone will enlighten your mind in more ways than you can imagine and transform your life from the inside out! I also closed on two properties one for $837,500 in Norwalk CT and another for $420,000 in Stamford, CT. Your mornings will be so exciting you'll be jumping for joy at the results you're manifesting. Get ready to take an enlightened step towards learning how to attract anything your hearts desires into your life!
Trust your gut on this one, and give yourself permission to grow, evolve and increase the level of energy that you're sending out and receiving.
Perhaps you can let the belief pendulum swing today in the other direction because very soon you're going to realize that you are a believer in the power of manifesting! Thank you Jafree for sharing the Universal wisdom to those of us who are ready to take on the responsibility to transform one's life. All 14 mind blowing chapters inside this one e-book will transform all your problems into opportunities and pave a path to freedom in your future ahead! Get ready to shift your life into high gear and start living the life you didn't think was possible to have!

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