Have you spent time, energy and money on therapy and personal growth seminars and still haven’t gotten the results you desire in your life? Right after my 37th birthday in June of 2011, I was paralyzed by anxiety, worried that after a series of unsuccessful relationships with non-committal men, I would be alone forever. It felt like my entire life, and all I was working toward was at an immovable standstill, and I HAD WORKED SO HARD ON MYSELF. One day that Sept, I had the realization; if the Law of Attraction was true, and I was attracting non-committal men, I too MUST be noncommittal! Since then, over the past 3 years, I met and married my husband, opened my dream studio, and almost tripled my gross income in my first year of business! You CAN have anything you want if you believe it is possible, and that is both the problem and the answer!
If you don’t have what you want now, it’s probably because you don’t quite think its possible on a physical and subconscious level. All those wonderful personal growth classes didn’t work, because intellectual knowledge about our problems is not enough.
Opening a successful business with clients I adore, and getting married to an amazing man who is everything I ever wanted. So that’s why I created this workshop because It would be my deep honor to support you in YOUR journey, and help you get what you want sooner then later. I am hosting a full day workshop in which I will help you break through your emotional and energetic blocks to having love and money, the relationship and life of your dreams. An intimate, interactive full day class experience with Lara, in which you will discover the subconscious beliefs, which may be blocking you from having money and love in your life, and how to upgrade those limiting beliefs to more positive empowering ones. Exercises to help you release all kinds of stress, so you can train your brain and condition YOUR nervous system to have the life you want!
BONUS: A travel set of three essential oils, which you will learn how to use in class, so you can clear fear and get grounded in your greatness in seconds anywhere! Private sessions with Lara are now $250, so take advantage of this amazing offer to spend a full day with her. Lara is limiting the class to 16 people, so she can muscle test everyone and provide a much deeper exploration of these amazing tools for everyone in the room! All of my other workshops have sold up and the one request from virtually EVERY attendee is that they wanted MORE time with me and the group, but consolidated into just ONE day AND to be reasonably priced. I was struggling with finances and my business and in a place where it seemed like nothing was working out, and I was beyond stressed. Lara has an impeccable ability to tap (literally and figuratively) into the mind, body and soul of those who she works with. I went to see Lara from The Lara Touch during a very challenging time in my life and our work together was a game changer for me. I’ve worked with Lara one on one and in class settings; and she is not only wise and supportive, but she has helped me to shift the anxiety that I used to wake up with every morning.
Join The Lara Touch Community and instantly receive 5 free videoTips & Techniques to overcome stress in minutes. Have you convinced yourself that you'll never get what you want so you may as well not think about it anymore? One of my favorite manifesting techniques is fostering a strong sense of gratitude in my mind and heart.
Pray to the angel of finances – Anael ask to be blessed with money to solve your money problems. To remove negative energies that are preventing money from coming in sprinkle salt around your house making sure you you sprinkle some in the corners of your house and on the window sills.

And, I was stuck in my career too, waiting in total frustration for a partnership deal to be worked out, so I could start my dream business with a friend. Having cured myself of chronic fatigue syndrome with energy work a couple years before, I turned to the same techniques in hopes of curing my non-committal state too!
Or, like me, you are afraid of what you believe goes with what you want- I wasn’t attracting men who were looking to be married, because unbeknownst to me, I had a fear of trusting men. We have to remove the fears in our physical body (often subconscious) before we can attract what our soul deeply wants.
This unique hands-on experience with Lara comes complete with handouts and how-to videos of the exercises covered in class, so you can duplicate the process on your own! A digital Download of Lara’s entire Stress Relief Video which includes easy exercises for stress relief of all kinds including relief from frustration, overwhelm, anger, insomnia, PMS stress, anxiety, and depression, 14 videos in all! Get individualized attention, plus the benefit of the manifesting power and the cheerleading of a group. So this is like a crash marathon course to put you on the manifesting fast track to get rid of your blocks faster and easier.
If you are unhappy with your decision to take the class at lunchtime, Lara will gladly refund your money, no questions asked. In using the energy work and affirmations she provided, I have been able to increase my self -confidence and own my power as a performer and dramatically improve my relationships with my family.
In class, Lara helped me let go of my stress by reminding me of asked me what positive action I could take every day to put me in alignment with the way I WANT to FEEL. I had full faith and confidence in her ability to facilitate a Spirit Workshop for the Bella Life community and the response from the attendees was exceptional – they were blown away by her technique coupled by her charisma and caring nature. In the last decade, I have referred many of my psychotherapy clients to Lara, with amazing results.
Through the techniques she taught me, I have learned that I am able to release any feeling of overwhelm and trust that I can handle everything with ease. I know people that have done this and although they lost jobs over and over again, jobs quickly became available to fill the void. Visualize it green and spirit-wise you have magically changed the color of the white candle. I had worked with virtually every teacher under the sun, and bought every book in the Barnes & Nobles self-help section, and I was still stuck thinking, what gives? Through energy testing, I realized I had fears about trusting men, intimacy, not having enough money and being able to support a business on my own. This is the very fastest and most effortless path to creating your most amazing life, which is what I want for you!
We will be doing a deeper dive, and getting more specific in terms discovering your specific blocks based on your past — and spending an entire day discovering and clearing beliefs which have been solidified since you were 6 yrs old. The exercises helped me let go of my performance anxiety- I went from being hesitant to sing one line of a song in front of the class to feeling confident while auditioning several times a week!
Her work is life enhancing and truly a gift to anyone who gets an opportunity to work with her.Lara thank you for presenting at my Workin It out event. Lara has the incredible skill to help remove the blockages in our systems that are holding us back from living our dream lives.
I have never known a more intuitive healer, who can quickly and accurately get to the core issue and offer real solutions.
This is a testament to the power of this work, and a commitment to doing it, which can create miracles in your life too! So regardless of the fact that you’ve taken the initial workshop, this one-day workshop will truly take you to that next deep level.

After participating I was able to rid myself of the fears and realized that we all were participating and supporting one another and also dealing with a lot of the same struggles. Lara also helped me let go of the negative emotions, which were making me feel like I needed to keep my distance from my family and set healthy boundaries with them. I was concerned about being judged.What I loved best about this class is honestly— EVERYTHING!! It has been such an honor to work with her and witness how her work is changing lives on the local scale and in turn making the world a better place. It was very good to know that I could receive encouragement and positive feedback from my class mates… I learned so much and I truly believe Lara is a God send. I had overwhelming positive feedback from participants that felt a positive shift after just one hour of our group work together. I have also tripled my business by using the manifesting exercises I learned from Lara!Lara spoke at a recent Goddess-On The Go event, and everyone loved what she had to say – we all learned so much. She taught our women how to raise the energetic vibrations in their bodies, and that simply shifting our internal conversation could change the way we looked and felt about any person or situation.
You may suddenly find you over paid a bill and will therefore have a credit for several months. I have saved all the emails that I received from class and I continue to refer back to everyone’s phrases to clear different things when I need to.
The exercises she gave were valuable, unique, and fun and people were energized and interested in learning more! If unemployed or in need of other types of supportive services that have been delayed, you can find a quicker resolution than expected.
Lara’s techniques are simple, useful for everyday life, and you get instant results – experiencing what can happen when we shift our energy and point of view. Another might be a repayment of a loan you made a friend that suddenly arrives in the mailbox. Since taking the class I have finished a short film that pretty much took me almost 3 years to complete.
In twenty minutes, I worked out a structure, offered it to one of my most favorite clients and in one hour, she said yes.
So, having a reality check on how money spells work here are some easy spells that can be of some help. I have also been attracting more men into my life when I felt at one time that I would never find anyone and be single for the rest of my life. I also released my fear about relocating and have begun communicating with people about my move and been trying to find employment.
Lara helped me clear the underlying issues and simply think differently, and this all just happened.
I actually am now looking forward to moving and have an extremely positive outlook about the success I will have there (in ATL). The results of Lara’s class and learning to harness the law of attraction are worth so much more than the investment I made to take it.

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