Amoghasiddhi Kadampa Buddhist Centre is a special place of peace and refuge in the heart of Norfolk, it offers a wide range of classes, courses and retreats on Meditation and Buddhism. We are a Registered Charity and offer classes in meditation in various venues throughout Norfolk and also one in Suffolk.
This half day course will focus on helping us familiarise our mind with the process of meditation. This eBook Modern Buddhism – The Path of Compassion and Wisdom, in three volumes, is being distributed freely at the request of the author Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. The Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Academy is a delightful Cultural Centre for Education, Meditation, Psychotherapy and Counselling, situated in Letchworth Garden City (First Garden City of the World) in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. The Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Academy is a delightful Cultural International Community Centre for Education, Meditation, Psychotherapy and Counselling. This Buddhist centre came into existence due to the dedication and resolute desire of the local community in Letchworth and London to practice the Buddha’s teachings. We organize different Buddhist Studies Classes, Language Classes, Meditation sessions with Psychotherapy and Counselling, Multi-religious forums, Buddhist Rituals and cultural activities for the benefit of our community. Venerable Akurala Samitha with Right Honourable Mr Richard Howitt (MEP) Member of European Parliament at a visit to the Centre in 2004 to appreciate the work. Martin Lewis (Former BBC Newsreader) Reverend Akurala Samitha (President of the charity) Marilyn Fleischmann (BAA employee Charity Fundraiser) and BAA Chief Executive Mike Clasper. Visitors also took the opportunity to have a chat with Karol Sleczek, an experienced Buddhist teacher and close student of Lama Ole Nydahl, who took part in the open day.

Our new Brighton Buddhist centre is the first Diamond Way Buddhist centre in the UK that occupies a converted shop.
Our Brighton Buddhist Centre will hold a regular guided meditation on the 16th Karmapa on every Monday and Thursday.
Diamond Way Buddhism UK is a charity registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales under charity number 1093406, and a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales under company number 04459822, with its registered office at The Beaufoy Institute, 39 Black Prince Road, London SE11 6JJ.
It is situated in Letchworth Garden City (First Garden City of the World), in Hertfordshire in The United Kingdom. Today this centre stands out as a success of their struggle to establish a Buddhist temple near their homes since the actual inception of their Buddhist Organization in 2000. We used to rent the property till 2006 and now we maintain the centre as a mortgage prooperty to fulfil our spiritual developments by practising the Buddha’s teachings. Our Centre has highly spiritual natural environment with a beautiful shrine room of the statue of Samadhi Buddha.
Three Sri Lankan Buddhist monks who are highly qualified especially with Theravada Buddhist tradition reside at the centre to guide our activities. Although our Buddhist Centre is a small place we trust that benefits of this centre are enormous and if you could visit our centre you would suprise to experience the peace and tranquillity in our centre.
Some also took part in guided meditations and received an introduction to Buddhism where they found out more about Buddhist meditation and the methods of the Karma Kagyu Lineage that are taught at the new Diamond Way Buddhist Centre in Brighton. It is based in the London Road area, which will see a major redevelopment over the coming years.

On Mondays we meditate at 8pm and on Thursdays we will offer an introduction to Buddhism at 7.15 followed by a guided meditation on the 16th Karmapa. Our services are being further strengthned and continuous with excellent progressive benefits as a UK registered Charity. In order to celebrate the move to the new premises the members of our Brighton Buddhist centre organised an open day for the locals to meet their new neighbours. He gave lectures in our new Brighton Buddhist Centre on Saturday and Sunday evenings, as well as enjoying the sights of Brighton together with our sangha friends. There was plenty of time to go more into detail with questions about Buddhism and meditation, or to enjoy the company of the friends who came visiting from London and elsewhere in the UK for the occasion. On Sundays we will run sessions for Diamond Way Buddhists who have already started the Four Foundational Practices (Tib. With the new centre, the friends in Brighton hope to make a meaningful Buddhist offer for the local community.
Our Brighton Buddhist Centre will also offer monthly Buddhist courses by travelling teachers as well as the regular meditation classes.

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