Learn new cooking techniques (or hone the ones you have) at the CIA’s two-, three-, four- or five-day boot camps, which are offered all-year-round.
Price: From $895 for a two-day camp to $2,195 for a five-day camp (varies depending on program and type of food).
This one is just for women, but it is a camp in the truest sense of the word — campers sleep in cabins and eat their meals in the mess hall. If you grew up watching rocket launches on grainy black-and-white TVs, you might have harbored a long-held desire to be an astronaut.
You can join Gold Medalist Dorothy Hamill for five days of ice skating, conditioning and private lessons with Hamill herself (and other coaches). Welcome to Austin Progressive Vegetarians! Together we learn about the benefits of being a vegetarian.

We especially encourage people who are interested in vegetarianism to come to one of our Meetups and have a vegetarian meal.
In the last few years, adult camps have sprung up around the country; some are offered during summers, others during other times of the year.
Be sure to bring your appetite, as you’ll choose from camps that focus on barbecue or wine, desserts or even comfort foods.
They play (think wheelbarrow races, pass-the-orange, campfires and singing games), challenge mind and body on a high-ropes course (optional) and get serious with workshops about everything from changing careers to meditation to health and wellness. We enjoy dining at vegetarian-friendly restaurants, having potlucks, and attending happy hours and cooking classes together. They offer an array of experiences and are sure to bring out your childlike sense of enthusiasm and fun.

And you’ll get to eat in the extraordinary restaurants for which the Culinary Institute of America is noted. 16, 2015 (Price does not include lodging or meals, which are available on the campus of Interlochen for an additional fee of about $27 per day for three meals, or $9 per meal. Choose from hotel rooms, residence halls or cabins, ranging in price from $110 to $190 per night.
Coaches for 2015 have yet to be announced, but past coaches have included former Olympians such as JoJo Starbuck, Peter Carruthers and Randy Gardner.

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