With holy basil and licorice root to improve memory and focus blended with rich black tea, bergamont oil, lavender and a touch of sweet vanilla. Innovative three-piece crescent Zafu developed over many years of experimentation and practice to give optimal support in Burmese and ~ quarter, half and full lotus..
The Anahata Meditation Chair, the most recent creation from Zen By Design, is considered one of the most luxurious chairs in the world.
Finding Meditation Teachers & Centers is easy by searching our trusted network of top-rated Meditation Teachers & Centers. About the AuthorWorld-acclaimed author, recording artist, and teacher Layne Redmond has been a student of yoga since 1970. Global Vipassana Pagoda Dhamma Pattana; Goraigaon, near Essel World, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
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The Global Heart Awakens offers a masterful prophetic vision—indeed, a bold new myth for our time. Through a tour de force visual journey, combined with music and group participation this evening will mirror the initiatory process into the heart. At the meeting point of mind and body, the seven chakras spin along your deepest core, guiding your beliefs, behaviors, and experience. During the workshop, you will participate in group and partner exercises designed to lead you to direct, tangible experiences of the skills that are presented. For thousands of years, ancient wisdom traditions have taught us that there are seven heavens, seven planes of experience, or seven dimensions of consciousness that must be awakened to obtain spiritual enlightenment. She teaches healing rhythmic and drumming practices which draw upon yoga, pranayama, and Buddhist meditation and percussion techniques from around the world. Nehru Stadium, Behind Swargate Water Works, Near Anand Mangal Karyalaya, Dadawadi, Pune 411002, Maharashtra, India. By digging deep into the past, and ranging far ahead into a visionary future, Anodea Judith will guide you through an understanding of humanity’s initiation from our current cultural adolescence to the next era: our emerging adulthood. Yoga is the spiritual language for conversing with these sacred centers of the self through opening and aligning with the divine.
This is the first workshop in a series of self-development courses that also leads to professional certification in energy healing techniques. They are said to exist within our own minds and bodies, and are known in the Indian yogic tradition as chakras.Now, Layne Redmond—acclaimed author gives readers an interactive journey through these seven vital energy centers with Chakra Meditation. A recognized master of the frame drum, she was one of only two women featured in Planet Drum, the book about ethnic drumming by Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart. This workshop fulfills the Energy Awareness course requirement for the Sacred Centers Certification Program. Accompanied by an interactive CD, she teaches us the traditional practices used to balance each of the chakras. This class grounds the principle of Energy Healing and the chakras with potent and advanced techniques of clearing, opening, and balancing chakras, as well as energy hygiene for selfprotection and more.12 CEU’s possible for therapists, social workers, and yoga teachers.
Evening concludes with a 30 minute audio-visual meditation through the chakras from the award-winning chakra video, The Illuminated Chakras: A Visionary Voyage into Your Inner World. More about CEU’sClick Here to Join Anodea at Kripalu I have continued to gain deeper insights into myself vis-a-vis the many powerful exercises that we shared. These practices are designed to remove energetic obstacles and blockages in order to transform and revitalize our tissues and cells, not only to create a radiant body and mind, but also to increase that internal flow of energy that will dissolve troubling and repressed memories of the past, cleanse our minds of anxiety and tension, and increase our natural intuition.Hardcover.

Often misunderstood by ascension-oriented New Age philosophy, we ignore these chakras at our own peril. In doing so, we lose our connection to our bodies and the earth, to each other, and lose our power to make change.This work reclaims the essential foundation of the Chakra System by focusing on the elements of earth, water, and fire.
Through chakra one, we will reclaim the sacred temple of the body, learning skills for grounding and rooting ourselves in the Earth.
In chakra two, we will reclaim the mysteries of sexuality and emotions, as powerful agents of connection with ourselves and others. In chakra three, we will reclaim our personal power and will, fully supported by the foundation of the chakras beneath.
Techniques used will include yoga and bioenergetic exercises, interactive lecture and guided meditations. This workshop focuses on letting go of old patterns so that we can move forward into the future.
In exploring chakra four, we use yoga stretches, breath, and meditation to expand our capacity for love and connection. And in chakra seven, we explore the mysteries of our own consciousness through connection to the divine within and without.14 CEU’s possible for therapists, social workers, and yoga teachers.
All Sacred Centers workshops are pre-approved in California by the Board of Behavioral Sciences PCE 2208.
You are guided on journeys of deep relaxation and movement within a safe context, connecting with inner wisdom. You will learn a basic framework for creating sacred space, a flexible structure for working alone or with others, moving back and forth from words and images to somatic expression and movement.
In this workshop you will discover states of expanded awareness and generative approaches to shifting the patterns in your life, and bringing a more conscious and intuitive resence to your life and relationships. All Sacred Centers workshops are pre-approved in California by the Board of Behavioral Sciences PCE 2208.307 - Sacred LeadershipSacred Leadership This workshop begins with the heart and through experiential exercises, personal coaching, and group cohesion, participants will uncover their own unique and inspiring leadership style. Each will leave with an embodied sense of their own aliveness and their unique contribution in the world whether it is teaching, healing, parenting, or inspiring others through their own modeling. Participants will deepen their connection to their intrinsic values, soul purpose, and discover ways to express this with passion and power.
This workshop offers one of the steps necessary in order to understand energy work clearly, namely, an explanation and an experience of two different levels of the energy field.
In addition, step-by-step techniques will be taught for how to expand your presence in a way that sharpens your energy skills, how to bring in energy in a clean and clear way, how to clear both levels of the energy field, how to remove unwanted signatures from the energy field, as well as how to work with the energy dynamics of the common cold. Graduates learn to work with clients using disciplines that span body, mind, and spirit, within their existing scope of practice.
Unblocking the unconscious conditioning that has limited us, we can move creatively into our full potential. For therapists and teachers, the art of creating a context in which this can occur is essential.
Using the tools of trance, movement, and ritual, and a structured framework for creating sacred space, you will learn to work deeply with students and clients in a contained and safe way. A balance between inner work and interactive experience provide opportunities to deepen your own process while you practice using these tools for yourself and others. Explore your inner terrain, touching neglected parts of yourself, as you deepen your understanding and ability to guide others into their inner experience. Selene, who has taught with Anodea for over 20 years, covers a lot of ground in this workshop.

Guiding the Journey is primarily about guiding hypnotherapeutic trance journeys, but also includes movement, group dynamics and creating sacred space as experienced each day in the Psychology of Chakras. You will gain the tools necessary to begin guiding your own trances, either with a private client or a group, and learn the ethics, principles, dangers, and techniques necessary to do so. A balance between inner and outer work will provide opportunities for participants to deepen their own process while learning to guide others. Students will watch Anodea work therapeutically with other students and then will conduct their own sessions on each other with Anodea’s guidance. This is a chance to both do your own work as well as enhance your skills working with others.
It is open to anyone with the pre-requisites, however, preference is given to those in the Sacred Centers Certification Healer Track.
Each iteration of this course is different because we learn from the issues that show up in the students.
If you have taken this class before, you will find a completely new set of therapeutic examples to learn from AND you will receive 50% off the workshop cost!
Sacred Centers Certification Professional Level: Healer Track Requirement 30 CEU’s possible for therapists, social workers, and yoga teachers.
This Chakra Healing Bundle will nurture you physically, emotionally, and spiritually.In Yogic tradition, the human body has seven energy centers called chakras. When these energy centers are healthy and open, so are we--physically, emotionally, and in our relationships. But when they are blocked through injury, illness, or disconnection from others, we are blocked from being our best selves.In this unique and inspiring program, renowned author, workshop presenter, and the world's leading authority on the Chakras, Anodea Judith guides you through easy poses, affirmations, and mantras (simple chants) that open and balance the chakras.
You feel a new sense of happiness, peace, and wholeness.This bundle of information and techniques for working with your chakras offers you a wide pallet for your personal and professional transformation. With practices you can use the rest of your life, this valuable resource helps you navigate your way to better health, expanded awareness, and joy.
Click below to watch a video teaser and find your many bonus items along with 7 Chakra Awakening Videos to take your chakra learning to the next level!Click here to find out more! One that allows mutual personal growth and supports you in sharing your gifts with the world. For many people this level of support and intimacy remains a dream.Poor communication, emotional immaturity, lack of alignment, power struggles, fears and doubts, all get in the way of the kind of relationship you desire. Discover and Release Your Barriers to Deeper IntimacyActivate Your Natural Ability to Communicate and ConnectFind Ways to Create Relationship Magic   In 4 modules, Anodea and Ramone will teach you simple, accessible, and exciting processes to clear your programming, activate your power centers, and enliven your archetypes that will catapult you into intimate satisfying co-creation with your partner.
7 Keys to Transformation: 8-Module Course 7 Keys to Transformation Teleseries 8 Module Course with bonus items! Then sign up for this teleseries: 7 Keys to Transformation with Anodea Judith so you can evolve your learning into new behaviors that transform you and your environment! Join Anodea Judith as she takes you on a journey over eight incredibly transformational teleclasses where you will learn how to connect with your chakras energetically. Experience chakra-specific techniques utilizing journaling, meditation, yoga, and other healing postures.
Assess each chakra's excesses, deficiencies, and learn how to balance them, integrating personal practices for you to experience increased joy, creativity, and fulfillment.

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