This is a weekly meditation group that explores different forms of meditation from various faiths and traditions. The purpose of this group is, as the Buddha said, to seek out "wise & beneficial friends" who support us and our Meditation practice. This group is open to all schools of thought and meditation formats, and also for anyone willing to co-organize or suggest events. The Introduction to Mantra Meditation class is given in 16 branches of the public libraries in Chicago, Evanston, Wilmette and Winnetka - once every three months in each location. Experience compels us to point out that, although we always welcome questions, our class is not a discussion group.

The Diamond Way Buddhist Center of Chicago is part of an international network of over 678 meditation centers in the Karma Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.
Meditations are guided in English and involve visualization and mantra recitation, allowing space, clarity and joy to naturally arise.
Namely we are looking for a group of beginning & advanced students, and anyone interested who is willing to learn, to motivate each other by coming to (and becoming a regular part of) a weekly sitting meditation group.
The development of Wisdom through regular meditation practice can lead to a decrease of "suffering" as well as an increase in Inner Peace and Compassion for oneself & others. Learn a relaxing and enjoyable practice that you can easily apply, which will give you peace of heart and mind, answers to your troubling questions, and spiritual awakening.

Occasionally, someone tries to take over our class and "enlighten" our students by promoting their own path.
These centers were founded and are directed by Lama Ole Nydahl according to the wishes of H.H.
This is disrespectful, especially to our students who have come to learn Mantra Meditation, not some other process.

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